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Chapter Review: Black Clover (195)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Mar 5, 2019 23:30

Black Clover - Chapter 195 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Complete Change

This Week's Chapter starts out intensely as the possessed Rill seems to have barely taken any damage from the awakened Charmy's direct attack,as Rill taunts Charmy that this won't be enough to satisfy his rage and hatred towards the humans with the latter continuing her attacks. As she continues her barrage of punches she tells Asta and Mimosa to go on ahead as she'll stay behind to continue the battle with the Captain. Meanwhile Noelle continues her struggle against Fana,none of her attacks seems to land so she seems to be out of options. Noelle laments the fact that Asta isn't with her in this battle and is close to giving up as Fana gets attacked all of a sudden,the Attacker turns out to be Jack the Ripper. Noelle didn't expect him to save her and asks him why he had to aid her in battle,hinting that she had hoped for Asta to arrive in time.

Back to Asta and Mimosa,right as they entered the next Chamber they find an unconcious David lying on the ground who is a Member of the Golden Dawn who was possessed by an Elf as we remember. Mimosa wonders who could've been the one to defeat him and as she finishes saying that she notices faint remnants of Mana in the Atmosphere left behind by something that is not Human nor Elf but something else...Concerned by this turn of events she calls on her Flower Guidepost to overview the entire Chambers at once again and is shocked to notice that in the Center Room right below Licht's Chamber is a pedestal like object and that there are at least 3 Elves inside along with a familiar presence to her...Yuno is also in said Room. Asta decides to join Yuno as well and starts running,meanwhile,Yuno is greeted by the Elves that are pleasantly surprised by his presence.

Yuno having already entered his Spirit Dive,is ready to battle whereas his Opponents Patri,Rhya and an Elf named Ronne calmly reflect on Yuno's journey to this Dimension. He defeated Ado and the other Subordinates sent to take his Magic Stone and is now here to face the 3 of them,Rhya mentions that he is truly glad for this turn of events and Patri announces to take the Magic Stone from him right away while Ronne keeps mumbling to himself.
Patri starts his attack with Light Creation Magic: Light Sword of Judgement! which is used by Rhya as well thanks to his Imitation Light Magic, Yuno dodges almost effortlessly with his Mana Zone: Spirit's Silent Dancing! which allowed him to dodge all incoming Light Swords which shocks Patri. Yuno returns the favor by attacking Rhya and Patri with his Mana Zone: Spirit Storm - Double! resulting in 2 massive currents of wind to hit them both.

Rhya is left speechless as he recognizes Yuno's exponential Growth in the time it took him to reach them,his natural ability and innate Talent might even surpass Licht's. Both his Human and his Elf powers have grown massively since their last encounter! Suddenly the Elf named Ronne appears behind him close to taking his Magic Stone away but Yuno reacts quickly enough to outrun his grasp,he realizes that his Opponent does not use High Speed Movements and he wasn't able to notice him entering his Mana Zone either. He was just there. As Yuno tries to outrun him he realizes that his Opponent is able to swap the positions of 2 Physical Objects he's touched,it was not Yuno that moved but his position was swapped with a pebble on the ground and only his Body was swapped but not his Pendant with the Magic Stone.

Yuno warns Ronne that while he does not care about Magic Stones he is going to take that one back because it's his,Rhya praises Ronne for his quick action and notes that there is a reason that he never beat the latter in tag. Ronne smiles and tells Rhya that they will finally be repaid for all their suffering,Rhya immediatly concludes that his old Friend is lying and continues to ask him directly why he lied just now. Patri seemingly unsure of what is going on questions Rhya's behaviour,but Rhya continues. This Time he asks another surprising question,asking Ronne: Who are you?. Neither Yuno nor Patri seem to be following Rhya however as he finishes his question Ronne starts smiling in a very creepy and malicious way and as he does Rhya is dealt a fatal wound through his stomach causing him to collapse with Ronne looking on with his sinister grin...

This Chapter was loaded with hype,8.5/10 for me, If Ronne turns out to be a Demon or perhaps an Elf that is inflicted with the Side Effect of the Reincarnation Magic that we got to witness when Luck was about to lose his mind against Asta,Magna and Vanessa before. Perhaps since it technically brings the Dead back into the Realm of the Living it breaks one of the common and natural taboo's which is to not bring back the Dead no matter how dear they are. They need to be left in Peace otherwise they will return differently as they were remembered. I was suspicious of the Reincarnation Magic anyway,since not only was the Spell forbidden it was also used without all the Magic Stones in their hands so it is incomplete. I wouldn't be surprised if the Elves ended up realizing that they signed their own Death sentence with this Magic,if that isn't the case and this is infact a Demon which i am basing on Mimosa's statement that the Magic is neither Elf nor Human then we're in for an incredible 3-way Battle and the Elves accidentally woke up an even greater Evil than themselves with the Demons that house inside the Palace. There had to be some reason that the Humans were left in charge of protecting the Other Dimension might as well have been the sealed away Demons,there is a lot of potential for the next Arc in this Battle. I can only say that i'm hyped and looking forward to its continuation.

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