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Chapter Review: Black Clover (198)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Mar 23, 2019 14:20

Black Clover - Chapter 198 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: The Five-Leaf Clover Grimoire

This Week's Chapter of Black Clover picks up at the heated Cliffhanger from Last Week's Chapter with Asta and Yuno's combined attack having hit it's mark,the Devil or at least part of him. They landed an attack on his wrist,which seemed to have disintegrated from the impact or Asta's Anti Magical Sword,however any attempt at rejoicing at this feat is shut down as the Devil effortlessly heals his wound by using his Word Magic by uttering the words:"Heal yourself" while smiling in a creepy manner obviously enjoying his adversaries struggle. He recounts what just happened and wonders how Yuno,an Elf loved by Mana as well as a chosen one by the Wind Spirit and Asta,the owner of the Grimoire of Despair that should have belonged to him managed to strike him with an attack. His attention remains on Asta,he wonders what "kind" of Devil rests inside that Grimoire and his origin but he'll know soon enough as he is going to take the Grimoire back into his possession again.

Standing inside the Entrance to the Chamber we can see Rades and Valtos,the former subordinates of Licht that had sworn revenge on him,both are sweating all over obviously in fear of the Devil fighting the 2 Magic Knights. Rades wonders if Licht was nothing but a pawn to this Devil just like they were pawns to Licht,which means they were essentially all used by this Devil and their suffering and pain was caused by him as well. The scene goes back to Patri who is still impaled by the Dark Spears and falling deeper and deeper into Despair,much to the Devils joy as he is about to receive a new and powerful Grimoire of Despair from him. Rhya looks on as his friend is more and more falling into Despair,at the same time his grimoire is starting to change shape,it turned into a Five Leaf Clover Grimoire.

The Devil voices his happiness as he now aquired a Grimoire of Despair and a physical body,he can now return to the Real World and wreck havoc like in the Days of Old,with his Original Form and Power returned to him...
He continues his speech as he remembers how back when he turned Licht's Grimoire into one of Despair he felt resistance before he could take hold of it,that's why this time with Patri he made sure he would go for an Elf that has the necessary Grimoire and was revived with the Reincarnation Magic since it tainted his very Soul with Evil and wickedness. He continues to ridicule the Elves and praises them for being good little Stepping Stones for him to achieve Power. He looks at an angered Rhya saying it was a lot of fun to witness,as he finishes Asta and Yuno make their move and attack him.

The Devil doesn't even bother with turning around and announces that their Opponent is not him anymore,he whispers into Patri's ear to just let loose of his anger and rage knowing that an Elf that is overtaken by their Despair and Hatred is going to turn into a Dark Elf! Asta recalls his fight with the possessed Luck and remembers how he was about to lose himself completely before he dispelled the Reincarnation Spell on him,this is what could've happened to Luck as well. As the Magic Knights continue their charge they are immediatly stopped in Mid Air by Patri's newly achieved Demon Light Magic: Light Swords of Judgement! The Power of the Spell was strong enough to send them both crashing into a Wall,Yuno was barely able to dodge with his Manazone claiming that the Black Light is even faster than his normal Magic while Asta only managed to avoid a serious injury due to the Anti Mana covering his body. Patri has gotten much more powerful than before.

As the Devil makes for the Exit of the Palace he looks back a final time,claiming that Patri is now nothing but a puppet controlled by it's Emotions and will keep them busy while he makes for the Real World. He hopes that the illegitimate Child of an Elf and a Human as well as the "Magicless Defect" that wields the Five Leaf Clover Grimoire will meet their end here,now this is where things get a bit confusing,the Devil seemingly has an interest in Asta's body and not just his grimoire saying he should steal it before it dies with the other Devil inhabiting it. As Asta attempts to stop him he is attacked by Patri who tries to strike him with a Black Light Blade,he can block it in time and just as he blocks it Yuno strikes Patri with his Mana Zone: Spirit Storm! But Patri dodges it thanks to his Light Speed Movements.

Asta tells Patri to get out of his way as he blocks another incoming strike,he understands that the Elves cannot forgive the Humans despite the unfortunate circumstances on both sides. He also cannot forgive the Elves,but he knows they could understand one another if they really tried. As he finishes his Speech he sends Patri flying,who stops in Mid Air uttering the word "Hate" over and over to himself. He charges himself with a big amount of Mana and attempts to use the same attack that Licht used against Yami and Asta back in the Cave after their fight with Sally. Knowing the Danger incoming Asta is left sweating in fear,meanwhile Yami and Nozel arrive at the Chamber sensing the Mana emitted by Patri knowing exactly what is to come. Will they be able to arrive in time?

This Chapter was good,i'm not too much a Fan of how the Author is throwing more fights our way to draw things out in this Arc but at the very least i appreciate that there is story development happening with the Devil being introduced. I had a feeling that Dark Elves could be a thing ever since,ironically,the Asta vs Luck fight which was recalled in this Chapter as well. I did not think they'd aquire another Type of Magic though,it seems so convenient with Patri to be honest given that he has Light Magic by nature so it is easy to turn it into an evil,darker form but what if say Rhya had been manipulated like this? Demon Copy Magic? I'm not sure how this works entirely but what i understand makes sense enough i suppose. The Chapter also had me wondering about Asta's own origins,a fellow user and reviewer pondered with me if he could be a Hybrid as well but instead of having attained 2 Magics he received none at all. Which would be interesting given that we do not know the particulars behind the Hybrids and their Magics. I'd rate this Chapter an 8 out of 10 mostly because the Power Gap didn't get closed between Asta,Yuno and the Devil/Elves. I'm guessing that we'll get Yami and Nozel interferring next,possibly taking over the Fight for Asta and Yuno so they can chase the Devil again.

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