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Chapter Review: Black Clover (200)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Apr 12, 2019 09:46

Black Clover Chapter 200 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: World of Light

This week picks up directly where last week left off with Dark Elf Patri utterly defeated by Nozel. Rhya laments that he’s now reached the end and looks to succumb to his wounds when Mimosa suddenly appears at his side and starts healing him. When Rhya questions her as to why she would do that, she calmly tells him she doesn’t need a reason to save someone, even if they’re an enemy from a different race. Rhya is a bit annoyed by this, noting Mimosa’s resemblance to Licht’s wife Tetia, and wonders if all humans are like that no matter what era they’re in.

Nozel prepares to kill Patri, but Asta stops him saying that’s not how it’s supposed to go. Nozel reminds him that Patri is the leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun and while that’s enough reason for him, Yuno intervenes by mentioning that Patri’s body actually belongs to William Vengeance. Nozel points out the extreme differences between the two, but Yuno assures him that with the way he currently is, meaning his elf form, he can tell. Yuno goes on to suggest that Asta’s sword may be the key to returning William to Normal. Despite Nozel’s protest Asta is determined to try.

Asta proceeds to unleash his Anti Magic and realizes that he has a lot more than he’s ever had before. He suddenly remembers the warning the elf possessing Gauche told him before, that actions come with consequences and there was no getting around that. Suddenly Asta starts seeing Patri’s memories; whatever the sword absorbs was now flowing into Asta. All his hate, rage, and despair were being projected to Asta and it’s during this moment that Asta shockingly realizes that Julius has been killed.

Patri is having some sort of internal crisis where’s he’s wrestling with two beliefs. He keeps thinking humans are evil and cannot be trusted, but the other side of him remembers that he and William did manage to understand each other. Before that thought can fully take root, another surge of dark emotions engulf him and once again he reiterates his previous mantra that humans are evil and everything is their fault. Asta suddenly appears before Patri and introduces himself, noting that on the inside Patri is basically just a kid around Asta’s own age. Patri is shocked at his appearance and angrily asks him what he wants. This is where Asta drops some truth bombs. After laying out how wrong everything went for Patri, from being tricked by the devil to not being able to protect anyone or find his light, Asta urges him not to give up. He tells Patri that he was only running away, taking the easier road, which infuriates Patri who tells him to shut up because he knows nothing about it.

This is where it gets real. Asta grabs Patri and lays out his sins. He accuses him of killing the Wizard King, a man they all looked up to and aspired to be like. He accuses him of taking everyone hostage and the reincarnation hurting innocent people all over the kingdom. Asta hammers his point home by pointing out that the same way he can’t forgive humans is the same way Asta will never forgive him. Patri tries to stutter out an excuse but Asta cuts him off by asking where he got off on acting like he was when he did all that stuff mentioned before. Thank you Asta! This is so on point.

Anyway Asta continues to slap Patri with facts, telling him that despite everything that happened to him, with being used by the devil and going down a path opposite of what his friends and family would want, that he should not give up. He should actually want to help take down the devil because of those things. Patri is stunned by Asta’s persistence and asks why he’s trying so hard. Asta remembers his plan for when he becomes Wizard King, where everyone can live and joke with each other. He tells Patri that he is going to be the Wizard King so he won’t give up on the elves either. In that moment Patri realizes that Asta is exactly like the first Wizard King. He starts crying and grabs on to Asta. In that moment the spell that gripped Patri dissipates, returning them to the real world, much to the relief of Asta’s friends and to the shock of Rhya who can’t believe Asta brought Patri back.

We now see Patri fully restored and healed, albeit with one eye still reminiscent of his dark elf persona. After admitting he’s never seen such a stupid human, referring to Asta who calls him a jerk, Patri vows to stop the devil from getting what he wants. He asks Asta to stay with him until it was all over to which Asta agrees.

I loved this chapter. 9/10. There wasn’t a lot of action, with the chapter focused on Asta and Patri coming to some sort of understanding, which they did. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea and understandably so, but I loved the talk Asta had with Patri about not giving up and basically telling him to get over himself and actually be useful. I loved that Asta pointed out the hypocrisy of the way Patri and the other elves are acting when they’ve done equally despicable things. This is definitely something that needed to be mentioned so kudos to the author. Also I might be in the minority here, but I don’t mind the incoming Elves/Humans team up that’s about to happen. They have a stronger common enemy, and now that they know they’ve all been manipulated it’s only fitting. It might not be a popular decision but it makes the most sense and opens the way for a bigger storyline in the future now that we have Dwarves and Devils in the mix.

A side note, this chapter proves without a doubt that Asta is well on his way to becoming the Wizard King. He’s far from ready, and most likely there will be one or two before him, but this chapter he reminded me a lot of Naruto in the way they overcome intolerance and reach out to their enemies despite having every reason to hate. It’s why I’m more convinced when Asta screams about being the Wizard King than I am when the likes of Yuno or Nozel calmly state they will become the Wizard King. Like in this chapter Nozel wanted to kill Patri and Yuno was only concerned about saving William’s body, but Asta actually cared about the lost Elf trapped in his own negative cocoon. I guess that’s why in the end Patri asked Asta to stay with him, which was kind of sweet. Looking forward to the upcoming chapter now that the elves and humans seemed to have worked out their issues. Time to put a stop to the current battles and focus on dealing with the devil.

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