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Chapter Review: Black Clover (201)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Apr 13, 2019 23:11

Black Clover - Chapter 201 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: The Shadow Palace - Top Floor

This Week's Chapter of Black Clover switches back to it's action-rails with the Devil reaching the Shadow Palace's Top Floor,where the exit of the Palace is located as well. To no surprise there is also a final obstacle to overcome in his way,that being noone other than Licht who despite not being fully awakened is intent on stopping the Devil. The Malicious being laments that Licht won't accept him,but understandably so,not only did he receive the Grimoire of Despair from someone else it was from someone that is precious to Licht: Patri. He looks ready to battle,pointing his sword towards the Devil in a challenging manner Licht takes his stance. The Devil praises Licht for his efforts,despite his soul being unstable he was still able to enter the Shadow Palace and almost complete the Reincarnation Magic,as a Reward for his hard work the Devil will do his best to get rid of him for good now.

The Devil starts his attack by using his Word Magic,he calls "Lightning Fang!" and a Lightning Halberd appears out of nowhere flying straight towards Licht who absorbs it with his Demon-Dweller Sword and sends it back with a quick slash. The Devil isn't short on defense as he proves next,he calls forth "Earth Shield!" and a Stone Wall erupts from the Ground to block the Lightning Halberd immediatly but that's not all as he goes on the Offensive again by calling "Blade Storm!",the same move that he used against Asta and Yuno before to prevent the formers Anti Magic from working. Licht effortlessly deflects and dodges the blades even as the Devil calls "Be crushed!" making the ground under his feet shatter he does not fail to defend himself or at least up till now as the Devil calls "Be bound!" and Licht is immediatly stopped from moving as his sword and body get bound by numerous black strings from the ground.

It's looking dire for Licht as his opponent readies an "Iron Spear!" aimed at him,the Devil explains that his Word Magic is capable of summoning Physical matter out of nowhere and that Licht won't be able to deflect this move with just 1 Sword in his hand. He bids the Elven Chief farewell as he shoots the Iron Spear towards him but his attempt is doomed to fail as a huge amount of Thorns catches the Spear and throws it into the Wall behind Licht. The Devil voices his surprise as he did not expect another Elf to be closeby apart from Licht,the Elf that appeared is Charla. The Elf who is currently inhabiting the body of the Blue Rose's Captain Charlotte Roselei,she explains that she was only able to find him due to the collapsed Baval she found in the hallway but not only because of that but also because of the traces of his Negative and wicked Magic Power in the air.

However,Charla is not the only reinforcement for Licht but to our surprise Yami found his way into the Chamber as well voicing his disbelief in beings like a "Devil" existing in their World. We learn that Yami and Nozel split up so they could follow both of the bigger Magic Powers in the Shadow Palace,Nozel ended up at Asta and Yuno's location to fight Patri while Yami ended up facing the Devil. Charla asks Yami if he plans to get into her way again only to be met by Yami freeing Licht from his bindings explaining to her that he has a lot of Questions for her and things to say but before any of that takes place they need to take down this "Thing" in front of them because there is one thing both parties can agree on: This is pure Evil. Charla agrees to work with Yami but only if he doesn't get into her way,Yami warns Charla not to get Charlotte's body hurt and they go for the attack.

Charla attacks using her Thorns again but the Devil counters her by calling "Flame Wave!",a wall of Flames consumes her Thorns rendering her attack ineffective,Yami uses his Dark Magic: Black Hole! to suck the Flames remaining Thorns in to make way for his own attack. He uses his Dark Magic: Dark Cloaked Avidya Slash! to attack the Devil but just as he is about to get hit he dodges the Captains attack by flying upwards and calling forth his Storm of Blades again which is countered again this time by Charla's Thorns. The Devil tries to create an opening by calling "Be withered!",which as expected results in the Thorns withering and just as they are about to dissolve Yami comes jumping out of the Thorns ready to strike the Devil who didn't anticipate his attack and left himself wide open.

The Captain of the Black Bulls attacks the fiend with his Dark Magic: Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash! in midair succeeding in hitting his target,it's unclear to say wether Yami severed his arm and wing of with this attack or if he just got slashed by this strike. The Devil praises Yami and Charla for their Teamwork given that they are supposed to hate each other,Yami can't help but wonder why he thinks that would be the case. We get a switch of scene to the House of Kira outside of the Shadow Palace,specifically Finral who is fully recovered now. Just as the Healer get ready to focus on Langris Nero flies to Finral and wakes him up by picking on his forehead. When Finral wakes up the Anti-Bird asks him to take them to where the Demon's bones are!

This Chapter was alright, 7.5/10 ,we didn't get much other than the fight against the Devil and the explanation on how Nozel ended up alone at Asta and Yuno's place. I pretty much expected Yami to fight the Devil given that his Magic shouldn't be too effective on him due to his nature,i'm not sure if these traits matter in Black Clover fights but i don't see any other reason why 3 Captain Class and beyond Combatants should fail to stop him to make way for Asta,Yuno,Patri and Nozel. Then again,his Word Magic is a counter to pretty much anything we know since he only needs to call something out and it starts existing. Nero is a 50/50 scenario in my mind right now since i've been suspect of this bird for a long time now,he could either be an aide of the Devil and wants Finral to take him to the "Devils Bones" because of the Magic Stone Tablet(Perhaps to open a Portal for the Devil to cross through?) Or for himself to reach the Shadow Palace since he initially wanted to enter with Yuno. Or he is doing it for Asta's sake and there is some sort of PowerUp for him waiting inside that Cave,which could be another Sword(Which would be sort of boring for me) or his actual/true Grimoire which i'd prefer. That is only if it really is a PowerUp though,i'd find it pretty cool if he was an aide for the Devil actually but we'll see.

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