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Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (100)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Apr 15, 2019 21:36

Dr. Stone Chapter 100 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: Origin of the 100 Tales

This week’s chapter begins with everyone exclaiming over the completion of the ship called Perseus. Perseus is a fitting name because that was the name of a hero in Greek Mythology who defeated the Gorgon Medusa who had the ability to turn people into stone. It’s also a bittersweet moment because now that the ship is completed it’s time for them to split into two groups. The Globe Trotting Team that will solve the petrification mystery and the Civilization Team that will stay behind.

Ryusui gives a speech about wishing he could take all of them which Senkuu interrupts by pointing out that humanity would go extinct if the ship sank not to mention it doesn’t have enough space for everyone. Ryusui continues by pointing out the dangers of the mission stating that some of them might not make it back, so even if their name was on the list they were free to refuse to go. Everyone is taking this very seriously, feeling insulted that Ryusui would even think they’d refuse. Ginrou doesn’t agree as he’s secretly hoping he doesn’t get chosen. Senkuu and Gen interrupt again stating they’ll trick everyone on the list into coming along, even though Gen also secretly hopes he’s not chosen. Ryusui points out that while he has no doubt they could do that, if there was anyone unwilling on the voyage they might endanger the ship.

Ryusui proceeds to call out the names of the chosen. First the Engineers: Senkuu, Chrome Kaseki, and Yuzuriha who is surprised she’s considered an engineer. Ryusui confirms she is in charge of the sails, which makes sense since she helped make them with her sewing skills in the first place. I was surprised Kaseki was chosen simply because of the length of the voyage and his age. Maybe I’m underestimating him though. Next up on Sonar and Radar is Ukyo, which was pretty obvious. The Ship’s Cook is none other than Francoise. Then we have the Power Team: Taijuu, Yo, Magma, Nikki, Kinrou, Ginrou and Kohaku among others, who don’t even wait for their names to be called before excitedly boarding the ship. Well Ginrou wasn’t so excited because he thinks a trip to the other side of the world is too dangerous for him. Ryusui stops his panic by reminding him it’s a choice and he only wants willing crew members. Ginrou opts to stay behind. Surprisingly Kohaku does as well but for a more selfless reason. She’s worried that with the power team gone, the prisoners Homura and Hyouga might escape and with no one to stop them they will take over Japan. Much to everyone’s surprise it turns out they’re also on the ship in a cage. Senkuu explains that it’s no trouble hauling them along and while it’s risky, there might come a time when they would need to play their strongest cards. This is some foreshadowing I think.

Gen attempts to rally the remaining villagers to say farewell to the chosen, when Ryusui tells him to stop playing dumb since he’s the last on the list. Gen asks if they really want to take frail, weak, lil ole him along, and Senkuu tells him with the enemies unknown they don’t want to regret not having their mentalist around. Gen is resigned to his fate stating if they’re attacked he prefers to be with Senkuu’s Science Empire anyway since they’re the safer bet.
The ship finally sets sail with everyone wishing them a good trip and begging them to come home some day. Tsukasa’s sister reminds them that her brother is counting on them. As the villagers watch the ship sail in the distance, Kinrou sadly laments that he’s always known what sort of man his brother was. Ginrou suddenly dives off the cliff into the water, begging Kinrou and the others to wait for him. He says that no matter how risky it is he wants to fight for everyone’s sake. Everyone is in awe of his bravery and he wonders if they’re getting a good look at his dramatic, passionate change of heart, even silently urging them to take pictures. Turns out this is all a ploy and that he’s counting on the waves and distance to drown out his screams so that not even Ukyo can hear him. He’s doing it to get girls, figuring they’ll remember his bravery and that he at least tried to go on the voyage and he’s not like some of the cowards that stayed behind. He is actually daydreaming about this scenario where the girls are clinging lovingly to an older, more ripped version of him.

Senkuu is always ten steps ahead though, and urges Ukyo to point the radar in Ginrou’s direction because he has a hunch. When they pick up something, they wonder if it’s the Why man but Senkuu says someone is trying to catch up with the ship to come aboard. To Ginrou’s shock, Taijuu jumps overboard and pulls him back onto the Ship. Everyone is happy and admits to underestimating Ginrou, minus Kinrou, who claims to have believed in his brother all along. While they celebrate him being there, he sits in shock, calling science a pain in the butt since his plan backfired so horribly.

Senkuu eventually halts the festivities by proclaiming the first destination on their mission is a Treasure Island where they would retrieve a Godly item that would help save humanity. The Island where his dad and his friends made their emergency landing. The place where the astronauts and Soyuz capsule slumber. The place where the 100 Tales began.

This chapter was good. 8/10. The team has finally set sail. I’m happy about this because things have been slow with the manga recently. So hopefully this is the start of many great adventures. The ones chosen were pretty obvious but still the confirmation was nice to watch.

One thing I took special notice of was the Hyouga/Homura situation where Senkuu thinks he can just use them as he sees fit. I mean if he plans to have them join the adventure eventually, he’s going to have to start softening them up. Hyouga especially is very prideful and I have a feeling he won’t help them without proper incentive. It reminds me of the Aizen situation in Bleach where they encountered such a powerful enemy that they had to release Aizen for a little while to help them. Only a monster can kill a monster and all that. So that’s a development I’m looking forward to seeing.

To discuss and share your thoughts on the manga, you can visit our Dr. Stone section.

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