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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (131)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on Apr 16, 2019 19:11

Yakusoku no Neverland/The Promised Neverland - Chapter 131 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: The Entrance

Last Week's Chapter 130 of Neverland was more of a Farewell Chapter for Emma and Ray,after telling them the particulars of Norman's plans,his desires and their resolve to "save" him from himself. They won't let him become a God nor will they let him be a Monster to the Demons,they took Norman up on his offer to leave and find a different solution before he eliminates the Nobles and Queen of the Demons. They are willing to take a journey to meet the Supreme Leader of the Demons and try to forge a new Promise with him. While at the same time trying to figure out a way to return from the Seven Walls,something which only the first Ratri has ever succeeded in.

This Week's Chapter of Neverland starts with Emma and Ray starting their journey to meet the Supreme Leader: . In order for them to go there they needed the Golden Water that they brought with them from their previous adventure to find the entrance to the Seven Walls,a few drops of their blood and a Vida Herb that are put inside the Container with the Golden Water. What is also important for the Journey to start is that there is a Full Moon out,First comes the Golden Water then their Blood and after that they have to put as many Vida Herbs into the container as the People that are going there. 2 for Emma and Ray. Some of the smaller kids wonder if this will really work only for Don to confirm that this method has been tested by them to work,and this method has been achieved through researching the ceiling paintings that they found in the Temple.

Gilda looks on worried as the herbs start glowing and their Friends departure seems imminent. As the Herbs start glowing brighter and brighter Emma bids her Friends farewell as she and Ray touch the herbs ready to be transported to the Seven Walls,and within an eye's blink they vanish out of their sight. They seemingly arrived at their destination as they find themselves in front of a huge Gate with several ancient carvings as well as what appears to be a text/writing at the middle of the Gate. We learn through a Flashback that Gilda was able to read the Letters at the Door while Don mentioned that he never saw writing like that before. The 2 friends remember their first time travelling to the Gate and that everything so far has been exactly the same and even the writing on the Door is the same which means their Journey has been a success. The Writing on the Gate says the following:

"Beyond here is no return If ye should like to go back, ye must at once pull open this door backwards. Welcome to the Entrance."

Ray looks on as Emma remembers her first brief meeting with the Supreme Leader who told her to visit him again but through the actual entrance this time,Emma is certain behind this Gate lies the Supreme Demon Leader and is waiting for them meet again but she is also concerned because the 5th mural that they saw at the Temple showed "Pitch Black". Emma gathers her courage,claiming that travelling to the place of Day and Night isn't easy at all but she's fine with it. They may have turned around the last time but this time they mean business,they'll go forward and meet the Supreme Leader together for the sake of all their Friends,Phil and Norman. As Emma and Ray push open the gate they're engulfed in bright dazzling light,making it impossible to see anything inside the doorway. Emma and Ray look surprised and their scene closes off.

A switch of scene, It is November 2047 inside the Royal Demon Capital,a throne room with 5 Demons in royal garments stand in line or at least 4 of them. One of them,a Demon named Lord Dozza is sitting on the ground earning him a scolding from a fellow demon. What is interesting about these 5 Demons is that all of them wear a different kind of traditional clothing from Europe and Asia,but not only that Dozza is a rather rare kind of demon because he has 4 arms. Anyway,it is revealed that these are Demons of Noble Lineage/Standing and that they have been called together by their Majesty,Dozza asks his fellow Demon why he should get up as he'll have to kneel in a few minutes anyway. The demon that disciplined him is revealed to be Lord Bayon's Son,who is ironically called "Lord Bayon" as well.

Another Noble Demon named "Lord Pupo" raises his voice lamenting the loss of the former head of house Bayon as well as Archduke Lewis who is revealed to be the younger Brother of their Majesty. But not only them, Dozza also mourns the loss of Nouma and Nous of House Noum as well as "his" Luce. We remember,these were all Demons that met their end at the Hunting Ground Goldy Pond! They were all of royal heritage. Speaking of the House of Noum,there is a representative of the house present as well introduced as "Lady Noum" however her relation to Nouma and Nous remains a mystery. Dozza wonders if all of these High Rank Demons going missing could be a coincidence and asks for Bayon's opinion on the matter who mildly angry asks him what he is trying to say but just as Dozza is about to share his deductions he is shut down by Lady Noum who is out of patience with him.

Bayon and Popu remain quiet as Dozza is about to tell her his mind but he is shut down again this time by the biggest Demon in the Throne Room who is introduced as the Head of House Ivelk,he is "Duke Ivelk". He tells Dozza in a commanding tone to be quiet as he is before Royalty now,all of the 5 Royal Demons get down on their knees as Queen Regula Valima enters the Chambers allowing them to raise their heads.

This Chapter was pretty nice, 8 out 10, interesting to see that these murals they discovered in the Temple actually showed how to meet the Supreme Leader of the Demons. Their method of travelling was rather interesting,when they had returned to the Shelter they had only brought the Golden Water with them but said nothing about the Flowers or the standing of the Moon. Good that the Author picked up on that and confirmed the conditions on how to get to the Seven Walls. The Final mural stating "Pitch Black" lines up with what we knew of the place that Emma briefly saw before,with black water and nobody but the Supreme Leader in there. However this Chapter was mostly setting things up for a huge load of information that is about to be dropped on us,or at least it seems to be implied to me. This meeting of the Nobles seems to either be in response to Norman allying himself with the Giran Clan/Former Nobles,to discuss the happenings of the World in the past 2-3 years or because of something concerning the Queen's own desires. I'd be happy with any of the 3 Possibilities actually. But i'm more curious as to how they learned about these movements in the World/Normans actions,i definitely think that Peter has his hands in this since he has to make his Re-Entrance at one point or another i guess.

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