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Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (101)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Apr 18, 2019 12:00

Dr. Stone - Chapter 101 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Treasure Box

This Week's Chapter of Dr. Stone continues on a high wave because Senku's Science Crew is taking course for the Treasure Island,Takarajima. They are finally setting sail in order to save the rest of Humanity,naturally there are some doubts about this high goal set by their Scientist since they will need a huge amount of Revival Fluid for this to happen and even with the Cave of Miracles still intact it took a couple of days to gather enough fluid to revive a single Person as mentioned by Taiju. Senku replies that they're indeed way past relying on Mother Nature if this is supposed to work,which is why they are going to Takarajima to find a God-Tier item which will allow them to produce an infinite amount of Revival Fluid. It is stowed away in a very special treasure chest,a statement that motivates everyone bar Gen who is as always more skeptical and confused by Senku's announcement.

A flashback starts to 3,700 years ago where we see Byakuya,Senku's Father,offer his wedding ring to be put into the Treasure Chest. At their time the Diamond on the ring is nothing but a sturdy mineral but it'll be worth something in the future which makes it worth saving it for Future generations. The astronauts start throwing any sort of minerals and jewellery that they have with them into various bottles,waiting for their time to come. The location of the treasures will be passed down by them onto their Children and from them to their own Children so the Scientists of the Future will find them and use them to Humanity's benefit. We skip ahead in time to 3,700 years in the future after the Village Games,Senku is asking Ruri to tell him the 100 Tales in their entirety. Ruri doesn't mind telling the 100 tales to him but she wonders if he really is prepared for them,she starts with her tales.

After an entire Night had passed,Gen made his way to Senku and Ruri while carrying something to drink for them. He wonders if they're holding up well since they've been at it an entire night,before he arrives in Ruri's room he hears her telling Senku about Poisonous Fishes and concludes that this must be the series on Poisons. He praises Byakuya for having left behind a huge amount of knowledge and wisdom to the future generations of Ishigami Village allowing it to survive for decades,however,to his shock Ruri has only finished telling the 7th tale and Senku has almost passed out asking for a break.
Senku jokingly states that perhaps the 100 tales were the reason that Ruri collapsed from her Pneumonia to which she replies that it is the duty of a holy maiden to recite these tales over her entire lifetime.

Senku asks her to tell him all the passages that involve any sort or form of minerals,he knows that his Father must have left something behind regarding Minerals since nearly all of the Villagers are named after minerals. Ruri grants Senku's request and tells him about any passages involving Minerals and starts with Amber which in japanese translates into the word "Kohaku" but to the Villagers it is only known as a Mineral that has the same color as the Sun. She proceeds to tell Senku about Gold which translates into "Kin",there is no Villager named after Gold but someone with gold in their Name: It is Kinrou whose name translates into Golden Wolf. Similarly Ginrou's name translates into Silver Wolf,Ruri proceeds to tell Senku about Diamond which she was told that it is a clear sparkling Mineral of immense hardness and as the minerals mentioned before it too slumbers within the treasure chest.

Senku asks her about Platinum with a confident smile on his face,Ruri replies that Platinum is a mineral that is much more rare than Gold. Back in the present Senku reveals that with just a tiny piece of Platinum they can create an infinite amount of Nitric Acid by using it as a Catalyst,Taiju comments that this fact really makes it a god-tier item as described by Senku while Kohaku questions if Chrome didn't have any in his Collection to which the latter replies that he'd be super lucky was that the case. Senku says that the original process was far too slow and even though they could produce it little by little they should hold of on that thought,the reason being explained by their Mentalist Gen: The amount of People that can properly work within a group is 150,that is the limit of the Human brain's capacity when it comes to recalling and keeping up mutual relationships with others.

Gen states that even the Military works under this concept by dividing their Manpower into Squads of 150 People at most,the mentalist questions his fellow Crew Members just how many People are part of the Kingdom of science to which Yo and the Village Chief reply that Ishigami Village originally had about 40 People living in it and that Tsukasa's Empire had a population of at least 100 people. As these are vague estimates Gen rounds it up to a 150 People population,he also reveals that he adviced Senku to not increase their numbers any more than they have due to this concept which earns him praise from Ukyo. If Senku was to create Revival Fluid by the original method then many Villagers or people of the Past would want to decide who gets revived first and who last which could result in another disaster like Tsukasa or Hyouga all over again.

Senku states that if they aquire Platinum then this fear factor becomes void as there won't be a limit to the amount of people possible to revive anymore,they could free all of Humanity from their Petrification at once. Back at the Kingdom of Science we see Ruri recite the Tale about Platinum:
"Platinum. A Mineral also known as White Gold,it is a sparkling ore with the color of the Moon. It slumbers within the treasure Chest."
Chrome wonders where exactly the treasure Chest is hidden,Ukyo adds that even if there is a treasure like that what container or chest could possibly withstand the test of time and nature for thousands of years to which Senku replies that it is the Spacecraft Soyuz as there doesn't exist anything with more defense and better constitution. A perfect treasure chest.

The Crew concludes that if they find this treasure chest they'll achieve their goal,which is literally what Senku has been trying to say the entire time,a funny moment, Kohaku says that even if they don't know where it is hidden they can just use Human Wave Tactics to find it. They're ready for this Adventure to find the treasure of Takarajima. Suddenly one of the Power Team's Members enters the Room,asking for Gen,he is of tall stature and has a scar similar to a cross on a treasure Map on the top of his head. He looks visibly shocked,Gen states that he has something to tell Senku who recognizes him from the Crew List they made before. Nobody can remember his name,which as Kohaku states is no surprise as he does not have a Name and even on the List he is stated as "Nameless". The Nameless Passenger is fine with any name given to him but reveals that originally he isn't from Ishigami Village.

He reveals that when he was a Baby he drifted along the shore waters of the Village and was found by his Village Parents who initially lied to him saying that he is their son. But he knows that his real name is "Soyuz",for some reason he feels like he's capable of guiding them to his birthplace and by extension the treasure chest they're after. Something Taiju gets excited about. Senku says that wether this is good or bad news is left to be seen but they just got their hands on 10 billion percent reliable and certain Information: The Island Takarajima is not deserted at all,there are people living on it and perhaps protecting the Treasure Chest. He is grateful for these wonderful news. The Chapter ends with the Crew of Science spotting Takarajima on the horizon,their adventure to save Humanity begins now!

This Chapter was great,Dr. Stone gets back into high gear at full force it seems as we learn that there are indeed other Humans outside of Ishigami Village. It was a sudden and rather convenient reveal from Soyuz but i'm fine with it,what i have more grieves with would be how he remembers and knows of these particulars when he was just a Baby. He claims to be able to guide them to Takarajima but he was only a baby when he drifted along the sea,he claims that his real name is "Soyuz" which he shouldn't actually know if he was really just a baby raised by adoptive Parents. Which leads me to believe that there was some sort of note attached to him when he was found explaining all this or he really does remember these things,as far as i know there are rare cases of Humans that remember their entire Life even from when they were still babies with all particulars so perhaps he is one of the blessed? We'll probably learn how he does remember/know all this soon enough. The new Characters we're going to meet might bring a surprise for us,mostly regarding their names since Ishigami Village names its Villagers after minerals and Takarajima seems to name them after Objects as well or give them actual names. Perhaps we'll meet a descendant of Senku's Father having Ishigami as his last name? It would be a weird moment,especially for Senku. Either way i'm looking forward to it for sure,i'm giving this Chapter a clean 8.5 out of 10.

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