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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (132)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on Apr 27, 2019 13:32

The Promised Neverland Chapter 132 Review by Elusia


The chapter starts in a castle somewhere in the demon world where Queen Legravalima had called the Five Regent families about the robberies that has been going around. They note that the incidents have increased and the consequence of it resulted in local riots and started obtaining meat in other farms. They conclude that soon they will need the military to suppress the masses, even commenting on two families that have been hit hard the most and that there’d been a disaster - though one member of the family of Noum was annoyed by the sudden remark. Furthermore, the problem was beyond the families’ reach as they stated that while it is currently unknown to the public, the Lambda farm and others that fall in the same category have also been destroyed. The damage done in the facilities isn’t a trivial matter to them as the matter of how the robbers were able to destroy them flawlessly, particularly on high-level intelligent farms. The families present the notion that while they don’t know how the common folks had acquired to do such things, they were still able to eat meat from those farms and their power and intelligence already surpass a normal demon commoner. In the end, the common folks have immense power to go against them. The Queen agreed saying that she doesn’t care where they came from, but their opposition won’t be tolerated. They will find the robbers, capture and put an end to them. The word spread to the army as forms of executions will be made. Then, the Queen asserted that there’s already hints about the robbers’ headquarters and the matter expanded in various domains, so every one of them will join forces to crush them and settling on the problem before the Tifari ceremony.

While the executions take place, one member from the shelter warn Norman’s group about it. They understand that the event had started according to their plan. Norman revealed that the raids they executed has caused a sudden increase of dissatisfaction from the demons and forced the monarchy to attack against the raiders. The plan has gone smoothly since their goal is to destroy all the royalty and the five families whose armies are massive even clashing the Gilan demon clan. In their scenario, they will divide the army’s forces by forcing them to capture the raiders even though they are in a trap because they believe that the raids have caused by demon robbers. Norman comments that they should be thanking Smee for making it possible. He also remarks that the next attack will be their headquarters. Vincent asks if Norman is asking the demons for a visit and he replies that he isn’t going to reveal the current hideout and that the demon army will be targeting a different place instead. The Lamda was targeted and destroyed, the army will be using as many soldiers as they can and it’s all great for Norman because the army won’t ever target them. He then said that the Tifari will occur after that and the Queen and the families will gather inside a hall for the ceremony, noting that there’s few soldiers guarding them. But, while it happens, they will go and assassinate the Queen and the families. Barbara aggravate in excitement as she exclaims that they will change the world as the next move starts. Vincent intervenes at the moment, saying that there’s still the issue about the demon girl with cursed blood. He says that the plan can’t go with her around. Cicero asks about it, but Norman already had something in mind and called Don and Gilda to come and meet him.

Meanwhile, Emma and Ray seemingly stop in their tracks. He asks if they are after the Seven Walls and they passed through the entrance. She nods on both. He continues asking if they’re beyond it and they’re now at the place. She nods again, but he asks why, but she doesn’t know why or how they’re both suddenly at the Grace Field house.


This chapter was good in setting up two upcoming meetings in the manga: The Tifari and the Grace Field House meeting, which I didn’t expect out of all places to be where the Seven Walls are. I’m not particularly excited for Norman’s plan since it’ll likely succeed, but eager to see Emma and Ray’s. The possibilities are endless in it and I anticipate that will be great.

There are tidbits that bug me, specifically about the demon family meeting and how they didn’t assume that the humans were the ones causing it and Norman’s plan have gone too smoothly again, but other than that, I don’t find major issues with it.

Overall, I give this chapter a solid 7/10.

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