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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (133)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on Apr 30, 2019 19:16

Yakusoku no Neverland/The Promised Neverland - Chapter 133 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Come Play!

This Week's Chapter of Neverland brings us into a whole new Dimension,Emma and Ray have entered the Door that was supposed to lead them towards the Seven Walls but instead of finding they ended up at Grace Field House with no means to return since the Door disappeared and their minds going wild over the image in front of their eyes the 2 Friends make their way inside the House in which they spent most of their Childhood in once more. Emma is in shock after they enter their old home as everything looks exactly the same as always,Ray wonders if it really is the same Grace Field House and not just an illusion but he quickly realizes that something is different...There is no noise in the entire House...is it empty? Suddenly they hear a scream from upstairs,reminiscent of these moments when you enter a haunted house in a movie and the first murder is about to unfold. Or at least that's how i felt seeing it...

But before the 2 can go up the stairs a black ball falls down the stairs,rolling before their feet...AS IF! The Ball is soon to be revealed as an eye ball,inviting the Friends to play with him. Out of shock Emma makes a step backwards,suddenly a door appears below her feet opening resulting in her falling downwards. This all happens so quickly that our Ray cannot even hope to grab her in time,as he tries to jump after her the door vanishes into nothing and he suddenly hears Emma scream from upstairs. He quickly makes his way up,calling out to his Friend but to no avail as the entire house seems to be changing,suddenly Ray who is completely in shock hears his name being called out...as if what he's been seeing so far hasn't been crazy enough he gazes upon Isabella,his very Mother. She welcomes him home and walks towards him to give a hug,she tells him how much he's grown.

But Ray isn't dumb,he frees himself and asks Isabella and the other kids around her who they really are but he is met by only one response: "Come and play,Ray." over and over. If that wasn't enough he suddenly finds himself shrunk down,he is roughly the size of Phil now,meanwhile Isabella and the kids show their "real" faces as their skin and eyes melt to reveal their skeletons. They start chasing Ray who is running for his Life while looking for Emma,who is currently inside what i'd like to call a hell of Doors. She keeps running and entering different doors but she ultimately always ends up in the same hallway,she reminds herself that she and Ray need to stay together. She aims her rifle at a random Door and shoots through it,the sounds of her shots are noticed by Ray who runs into her direction while she kicks the door down. She ends up in the same staircase as Ray.

Just as the Friends reunite they literally lose any and all ground below their feet,Emma now too encounters the Skeletons and living toys and is left in utter shock as she and Ray fall towards the ground. As they made their landing Emma wonders how Ray became so small,they have a brief comedic exchange with Emma being turned into her smaller self as well for a moment until both return to their Original size. As Ray wonders what exactly is happening in this House the toys start to surround them again,continuing to ask for them to play along. Emma seems to recognize the voice of the toys to be the one of who she met before on her own,She tells the Supreme being that she has followed his wishes and entered the entrance but she also declares what she came for which is to forge a new Promise but for her to do so she needs to know where the Demon God is in this moment.

He responds that he is where he always has been,Beyond the Seven Walls,the Seven Walls are hidden inside the House. The Game he wants to play is "Hide and Seek" and he wants the 2 Friends to come and find him,as he declares the start of the game an entrance by their feet reminiscent of the shelter's entrance opens and inside we can see a ladder leading down and a couple of canned goods and preserved vegetables and fruits which again reminds us of the shelter and its reserves of Food when they first entered it.

This Chapter was good,but felt overall short to me. 7.5/10. We didn't get much other than the Demon Lord messing with Emma and Ray's minds and hearts,by showing and turning their actual fond memories of Grace Field into a trip through a haunted house with actual Monsters and grotesque displays from another World. His nature might be a problem for when they reach him and actually get to forge a new promise,he may be too playful to just let them have what they want. I honestly predict that one of the 2 will have to die for this Promise to be realized as a sacrifice or something for Peace between the races,the fact that the Premium "goods" are to be reserved for this Demon God have me iffy. He invites Emma and Ray,who are both food for him into his base of operations just like that? I wonder really,but we'll see. I'm looking forward to it and when the time comes i'll be breaking this down again for you all,Until next time everybody!

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