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Chapter Review: Black Clover (204)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on May 15, 2019 20:15

Black Clover - Chapter 204 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Wish for Demise

Last time in Black Clover we got to meet THE Legendary Magic Knight in the flesh,more or less at least: The First Magic Emperor! Who's actual name is Lumiere as we learn in this Chapter,which is the French word for "Light" which is ironic because Licht's name is the german word for "Light" as well so they share a connection beyond their friendship. Their names have the same meaning in 2 different languages. However,this Chapter we go on a trip back in time to 500 years ago as Lumiere and Nero,whose real name is Secre remember what happened not too long before they got sealed away. Due to her Magic being mostly useful for opening and closing "things" she had been deemed worthless and got appointed as a servant for the mana-abundant and bright,yet highly talented Prince. She expected him to be a snob but as she assures us straight away Lumiere surpassed her expectations and was way different than she expected at first. At the same time she enters the Prince's chambers and is greeted by him,while he is researching Ancient Magic.

Lumiere questions Secre about her Magic and its usage,as she reluctantly explains it to him she notes that her magic is rather crude which the future Magic Emperor denies as he finds it very interesting and filled with many possibilities. He asks her to help him create Magic Tools and other Magic related inventions for every day usage by people less proficient or without any sort of Mana and Magic,the goal was to push for a more equal society. Something which caused the rest of Lumiere's family to view him in a negative way as their Superiority would get questioned in such a society,but he wouldn't worry about it and continue pushing forward in order to realize his dreams. Something which Secre,whom he made a dress for even,admired him deeply. One day she would trail the Prince and his Sister,Tetia out of the Kingdom's Walls as they have been rather frequently sneaking out and nobody knew where. To her surprise Lumiere and Tetia would frequently go and meet with Licht and the Elves who were just as blessed with Mana as someone from Royalty in Clover.

Licht and Lumiere shared a special bond,both were blessed by Mana but from different races,both wielded a 4 Leaf Clover Grimoire and they were on equal footing as Licht is the Chief of the Elves while Lumiere is the Magic Emperor. The Humans had invented tools that can store and share Magic with whoever uses it while the Elves have the Magic Stones that amplify Mana and have a connection with the Spirit World. Thanks to their frequent meetings and exchanges of gifts they made quick and solid progress on the Magic Tool invention as well as the Humans relationship with the Elves,they were getting closer to a Human society that co-exists with the Elves. As Licht and Tetia were about to be married Lumiere had received a summoning from his Father so he'll be late to the ceremony,apparently his Family was not happy about Tetia marrying an Elf and bearing his Child to boot but as we know now that was because of the Devil holding the threads in his hand for the most part.

The Day of the Ceremony came and Lumiere seeked out his father in the Throne Room but as he enters the chamber he realizes that nobody is inside,out of nowhere he hears the words "Prohibit" and several black strings bind Lumiere where he stands making it impossible for him to move,suddenly the Minister steps out of the shadows. Lumiere is shocked but not by the Ministers presence but the evil and dark Mana inside him,he asks who he is and suddenly a dark spirit appears smiling at him. The Devil. He answers that the Prince can pick a name for him as he does not have one and he is the symbol for hatred and despair,he goes on to reveal that the Royal Family has gone to the secret location where the ceremony is to be held in order to massacre the Elf Tribe and take their Mana for themselves. The terrible twist is that only Lumiere was supposed to know the location of the Ceremony and will by extension be branded as a Traitor to his friend Licht and his sister Tetia.

As he hears this the Magic Emperor tries to free himself but to no avail as even someone of his calibre cannot break these restraints,the Devil made sure of that beforehand. Once he has obtained a Body and Grimoire he'll face him again,gladly at that. As Lumiere screams for help Secre shows up in shock,notifying the Prince that the Magic Tool to store and share Mana has been stolen. As the Prince hears this he hurries Secre to undo his bindings with her Sealing Magic,she follows the order and uses her Sealing Magic : Inverse Dispel! and the bindings disappear,they fly off immediatly to stop the Massacre but as they approach their target destination Lumiere notices that his Magic Tool is activated and collecting the Elves Mana already. They are too late,as they arrive they are met by nothing but a huge amount of dead Elves and Licht who is holding the also dead Tetia in his arms. As Lumiere and Secre faintly call out to Licht they are met by a cold gaze and a smile of their Friend.

Licht states that he knew the entire time that it wasn't Lumiere's fault that this massacre occured nor his aide Secre's,the latter notes that Licht now wields a 5 Leaf Clover Grimoire. We can also see that Licht is about to undergo the transformation into a Dark Elf as one of his turns Black already,however,Licht is in control of his body as he managed to gain the upperhand against the Devils Control. He apologizes for doubting his Friend while the Demon urges him to give him control of his body completely,he continues by telling his friend that for their dream to continue and come true he remains as the last hope. He reveals that he has to keep absorbing all the Negative Mana in the Area in order to keep the Devil from getting his hands onto his Body and Magic,that will end up turning him into a Devil as well but he still has a single final request: "Lumiere,please...kill me!!!"

This Chapter was pretty good,a bit short as always but still,i liked it. 8.5/10 from me here. I'm not too fond of Flashback Chapters most of the times but this time it's different because this is a Flashback that shows us the other and real side of the Legend that everybody from present day only heard and knows about. We knew that the Magic Emperor became a Legend by beating a giant Demon but not that the Demon was his former Friend and an Elf as well as there having been a Mastermind pulling the strings all along,the Devil. I found it sad to see how they were used and in the end technically forced to fight to the death with one another,especially Licht who had lost his entire Tribe and his Wife to be Tetia for nothing but the Devil's schemes. Lumiere i found very similar to the Magic Emperor Julius and the Candidates aspiring to be like him or take over his post,a bit dorky,talented,powerful and very curious about all sorts of Magic while at the same time being small like Asta. I was surprised by the different expressions of Nero/Secre in the chapter too,since we only know her looking down and depressing but in this chapter she was shocked,she smiled and she was in despair. Perhaps this event turned her mindset back the way it used to be? We'll see. Licht vs Lumiere is probably going to happen in the next Chapter and i can't wait for it,the First Magic Emperor is a Hype Beast despite the fact that we only saw him fly to the Kingdom in a matter of seconds...Fanboying intensifies. See you next time everybody!

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