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Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (104)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on May 20, 2019 21:44

Dr. Stone - Chapter 104 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: CSI Men

This Week's Chapter of Dr. Stone starts off serious as Gen and Soyuz in utter shock and fear notify Senkuu of their sightings on the Perseus,the entire Crew has been petrified with angry or surprised looks on their faces! At least so it looks,unknown to them,Ryusui managed to save Suika by throwing her off the ship when he got petrified. Making her the sole "survivor" of the attack by the Why?-man. We can't see any of their conversation but as Senkuu hears the news he is visibly angry,while Kohaku is in shock. She immediatly rushes off to try and save the Crew but is stopped by Gen who predicted her reaction and tied a rope around her leg and the other end around his wrist to keep her from rushing off. She wonders why Gen wouldn't let her go to which he responds that even if she went there she'd just be turned to stone as well if the Enemy is still there.

Suddenly Soyuz covers in fear,telling his comrades not to go near the Ship because when he saw the petrified crew he remembered something else from when he was a Baby,seriously this guy's memory is something else ,everybody was running away from fear of being petrified and he was the only one to be sent away from Treasure Island. Senkuu concludes that while this may be rather few information it is worth a lot,as this means that there is an Enemy on the Island petrifying the entire Kingdom of Science-Crew as well as a "friendly" force trying to help them escape this fate by having scattered these shells they found in the last chapter on the ground to follow their trails. If they manage to find one friendly person on the island willing to show them where the Treasure Chest is they can create the Revival Formula as much as they want and can eventually save all of Humanity with this Method.

Kohaku tells Senkuu that whoever left the shells behind only took the good ones ready to be eaten with them and left the hard to eat and bad ones behind,Gen notes that this could indeed be a trail to follow for them,Senkuu replies that this could be a ten billion times easier way to reach the Treasure Chest than wandering around aimlessly over the Island. If they hurry up they can still catch up to the Mysterious Person,which shocks everybody,but Senkuu immediatly explains how he can know that which is because of the Green Bottle Flies. They have the ability to smell any carcasses within a 16 Kilometres wide area,considering the size of Treasure Island they should be able to gather almost immediatly after the shells have been dropped to the ground. The fact that they have gathered only now means that they have been dropped 10-20 minutes ago. Kohaku,Gen and Soyuz are in awe of Senkuu's conclusion.

The Scientist gets serious and reveals that it is "CSI Hero Time!",Science will them the location of their suspect,he readies some of his tools from one of his bags on his belt and starts his investigation immediatly. They grab a Pan and start a fire to erase any dirt and bacteria by heating the shells up,at the same time he dribbles a few drops of Cyanoacrylates onto them. An adhesive,which he also used when doing surgery on Tsukasa as we remember. When the adhesive gets heated vapor erupts from the shell,if you hold the shell into the vapor now and shine a blacklight onto it you can see the clear surface of the shell and by extension any fingerprints that have been put on it. Senkuu can now conclude,due to having knowledge of common traits and forms,who this fingerprint belongs to. A woman of medium height and medium build.

As Gen fakes interest in Senkuu's methods he is reminded by the Science Detective that it's about time for him to start profiling as he is the Mental Detective among them,he quickly gets to work as well by trying to give the group a clearer image of the suspect in question. He concludes that the suspect is not just a Woman but a younger and inexperienced Woman,because had it been an older and skilled person they would not have collected the bad shells in the first place while someone younger and likely to skip out on lessons would collect some and then discard the bad shells after inspecting them throughly. He notes that the woman dropped her shells while walking because she was carrying too many,it also wouldve proved difficult to brush the bushes aside with barely a hand free for her. She must be about 160 cm as she damaged one of the branches around that height.

And not just that...our Mental Detective also found a young girl's hair on the branch which is quickly collected by Senkuu as Evidence,and once that's done they'll put it into a centrifuge. As Gen wonders where he would've kept a centrifuge Senkuu points at Kohaku and says she was with them all the time,he puts the test tube into a bamboo container and hands it to Kohaku who starts flailing it around wildly and quickly to Gen and Soyuz shock. He takes out a newly aquired Microscope and starts investigating the components and finds out that these are pollen of a Lily,which don't grow at the coast meaning that the person lives near the mountains further inland! Kohaku praises Senkuu and Gen for their incredible teamwork and runs off to look for the girl with her incredible eyesight and by following the trails left behind. Shortly after she makes a sudden stop,asking the others to be quiet.

As the others reach her location,Kohaku gets ready to draw her blade while Soyuz tries to remember something's about the Population of Treasure Island again,while Gen and Senkuu weigh the likeability of how this girl in front of them found by Kohaku could very well be the Person that turned their friends into stone. Senkuu mentions that the only way to find out is to make contact,all or nothing. We finally get a look on the mysterious girls face and it is revealed that she has rather warm and charming yet at the same time mysterious and suspect air around her,she wears rather ceremonial clothing and has a big orb on top of her head garment. She also has hair reminiscent of the ancient greek creature Medusa,who was known to turn anyone running into her to stone. Suddenly 3 Warriors arrive in front of her going onto their knees and proposing to her simultaneously and curiously enough while Senkuu,Gen and Kohaku remain unfazed by this display Soyuz points out that she seems very cute to him.

This Chapter was really good,8/10 from me. I would've liked for Senkuu to stay a bit more realistic and serious about their situation actually,i mean yeah it makes sense to not let Kohaku run off alone since losing any more people wouldn't benefit them but then going off on their way and tracking this girl down only to confront her with everybody anyway despite admitting that she could be the culprit too? That's a bit risky for me to be honest,i didn't think of it before but after someone pointed out that she resembles Medusa a bit i couldn't help but check up on that and she really does seem to look like how Medusa is described in Ancient Greek Mythology. At least her hair and clothing,although she could always end up as a Priestess similar to Ruri that is meant to pass on some sort of message to the People arriving from Ishigami Village. I find this interesting because this could mean that the Why?-man is infact not a man but perhaps a Why?-woman? That'd be funny for me but also concerning,a spirited woman easy and quick to petrify anyone coming near her Island and its treasure won't be easy to outwit,so i really hope they'll put up a decent struggle before achieving their goal on the island.

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