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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (134)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on May 21, 2019 20:34

The Promised Neverland Chapter 134 Review by Elusia


The chapter ominously starts as Ray wanders in the middle of nowhere. He does not know what is going on, where he is currently located, and what year he is in, but aware that Emma is gone when he called for her. He wonders as well how much time has passed and who he really is.

Flashbacks come in from after as Emma and Ray went inside the manhole, along the way they find numerous things, and stumble upon the shelter. Though, Emma expresses that the amount of doors is inconsistent with the real shelter. Ray concludes that it’s another game from the demon god. They recount back from the message that Minerva left in the pen as they need to fulfill all the conditions for the walls to appear. Emma is sure that the riddle left in the message is the key to cross the current place to meet the demon god. Ray then assures her that, according to instructions, they have to go ten miles north first, so he asks her how to do it. She replies that they should try the north side of the door and see what happens after it. She also comments that the compass they’re currently using is working and it’s pointing to the door just as it is from the shelter.

It leads them to an upside-down monitor room where they are walking completely on the ceiling. Ray tells Emma to be careful and she reassures him and says that they have to make sure to stay together this time around. They look around the room as Ray asks himself why nothing happens at all. He tells her to go back and check on all the doors in the corridor from the shelter and she agrees. They open the corridor door but realize that it no longer leads towards the corridor but into the dining hall and that the walls are on the floor. They keep on searching, opening one door after another, which keep leading them to all kinds of different rooms. Emma stumbles on the monitor room again, but turned around another way, now facing sideways. She then confirms that each time they open and close the door, they went to a different room. They are all warped just like the Grace Field house they went before it. She deduces that they are in a real maze. An idea pops in her head, makes her call out Ray and tells him that in the monitor room, an arrow had suddenly appeared. They guess it was part of the riddle and that they have to investigate the place.

The flashback stops abruptly as Ray states how he really thought he could solve the puzzle, clear the maze and defeat the darkness they saw in the roof painting a long time ago.


The chapter, while short, manages to keep the weird yet creepy atmospheric vibes from the last chapter. It is shaping up to be some sort of a mental test from the demon god to the two kids to see if they are able to find the answer before they can talk to him and finally forge the promise.

All of the things that happened in the chapter, from the gloomy atmosphere from the first few pages to the shelter maze, are either an illusion set up by the demon god or something else entirely, like time dimensions, forms of magic or other supernatural things, but either way, it definitely took a toll on Ray. The same can be said about Emma even though the readers haven’t seen her current state yet.

I am looking forward to seeing how they will be able to overcome the harsh situation they are in, as well as the transitions between those events and the present outside world.

Overall, I give this chapter a solid 8/10.

To discuss and share your thoughts on the manga, you can visit our Yakusoku no Neverland section.

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