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Chapter Review: Black Clover (205)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on May 24, 2019 13:39

Black Clover Chapter 205 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: The Truth of 500 Years

We pick up from last week where Licht has transformed into a huge demon. The citizens of Clover Kingdom are panicking and running for their lives when Prince Lumiere appears before the demon. Lumiere believes he’s finally found the reason why he was born with so much magic power, and for that reason he won’t allow Licht, his best friend, to become a murderer. He creates a huge light sword and proceeds to go head to head with the demon.

Secre watches the battle from afar. She’s lost in her guilt because she thinks the magic items they made with her magic is responsible for what’s happening. As she wonders if there’s anything she can do to help, we see Lumiere’s magic punching holes through the demon. The Devil wonders what Licht was trying to accomplish by becoming a demon, stating that he should have just surrendered his body if being beaten by Lumiere is all he was going to do. He goes on to say that if he had gotten Licht’s body then Light Magic would not have worked on him. Both the Devil and Lumiere realize that at the rate the demon is going there will be nothing left, even if Lumiere manages to block the massive amount of power it’s preparing to launch.

Secre arrives and interrupts the fight riding on a magic object. She tells Lumiere that the magic item meant for peace and equality can be used to absorb the magic the demon was preparing to launch. Despite their efforts, the item breaks in the face of the demons intense power. Lumiere is not surprised by this, but the demon suddenly stops and they realize its negative mana is thinning. Licht’s voice calls out to Lumiere telling him to hurry. Lumiere tearfully pierces the demon with the huge light sword ending his rampage. The people of Clover Kingdom rejoice and call Lumiere their savior and messiah.

The Devil takes the opportunity while everyone is distracted to try and steal the 5 leaf clover Grimoire. He seems satisfied with that for now, despite failing to acquire Licht’s body. Secre stops the Devil and demands he hand over the grimoire. The Devil scoffs at her attempt, telling her that if she, one who is not beloved by mana, attempts to use the magic stones, she will lose her human form. Secre doesn’t care about that and proceeds to use the stones to boost her power. She uses Sealing Magic: Eternal Prison to trap the Devil much to his shock. He’s surprised Secre doesn’t care about the kickback in using the forbidden magic but shrugs it off and continues to plot reincarnation despite being imprisoned. He thinks of sowing more seeds of disaster, this time in Patri, and summons the Magic Stones from around Secre’s neck. For the sake of his eventual resurrection and incarnation, he uses Forbidden Magic: Noad Nephesh to send the souls of the elves to the future, promising to work more slowly and carefully next time in an era where people like Lumiere and Secre don’t exist.

A badly injured Lumiere checks on Secre who tells him the seal she placed on the Devil will be undone someday and the peaceful future they’ve worked so hard for will be stolen from them. She comes up with the idea to seal Lumiere with the Magic Stones, stating that while it won’t be perfect his life will be preserved. Lumiere warns her that using the stones will strip her of her humanity, but she reminds him that he’s the hope of the future so she can’t let him die there.

Years passed before Secre awakens after sealing Lumiere in Stone. She realizes she would need the help of the mages in the future since she was now the bird we know as Nero and was helpless in that form. She watched over Licht’s Grimoire that had been excluded from the natural realm, for 500 years until it was finally summoned. We see flashbacks of the moment Asta uses Licht’s Grimoire for the first time, to the current events happening with the Devil. Secre vows that they will put an end to this long fight today.

We switch to Asta, Yuno and Patri confronting the Devil. He’s surprised that Patri broke out of the Dark Elf transformation but declares he has no interest in toys he’s done playing with. Contrary to his words we see that he’s actually getting a bit worried by Asta’s Anti Magic. At the same moment, Lumiere and Secre arrive on the scene, to the shock of everyone present.


I liked this chapter. 8/10. I really like the reveals. With this chapter a lot of our questions have been answered, from the mystery of the huge demon we learned about in the very first chapter, to the first Magic Emperor, and how things have reached their current climax. I’m not sure how the author will handle the First Magic Emperor since it’s clear he’s actually still alive. He was sealed while alive and preserved for this moment. Although I’m not sure if the seal healed the awful wound he received fighting the demon. Perhaps that will come into play when it’s all over, but while I don’t mind some instances where the “dead” come back to help, we’ve seen it in other manga with Naruto being the obvious one, I don’t like it if/when they stay. Their time has passed. So I’ll wait to see how this author handles the situation. Also the Devil sending the souls of the Elves to the future could explain how Yuno and/or Asta could end up being the actual child of Licht and Tetia and not just a reincarnation. This isn’t 100% but we can definitely see the signs beginning to point to it. I’m looking forward to the upcoming chapters. I’m quite tired of this Devil so hopefully they can defeat him and we can move on. With all the reveals during this war, there are so many avenues we can take and I’m ready to explore them.

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