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Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (106)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on May 26, 2019 09:37

Dr. Stone - Chapter 106 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: The Secret of the Petrification

This Week's Chapter of Dr. Stone starts with a Flashback to when Amaryllis,the girl we met last time,was just 5 years old and playing with some of her friends. They wanted to board a kayak together to cross the ocean together,despite Amaryllis repeatedly warning them not to do it because of the Great Leaders Rules that state nobody is allowed to leave the island. Something her friends would make fun of her for,but her worries would proven to be justified because as soon as they headed out on the ocean another kayak was heading towards them at incredible speed with the great Leaders strongest Warriors on board. Their names are: Mozu,a muscular man of average height with bearing a rather arrogant smile and Kirisame,a beautiful Woman wearing an almost fully transparent dress with a rather cold expression. Mozu voices his disappointment at the Kids soon to be sealed fate as some of the girls on board seem rather cute to him and he can tell that Amaryllis in particular will be incredibly beautiful just 5 years down the road.

Kirisame tells him to save his analysis for the Harem Selection Meetings but is asked by Mozu if there is anything more to Life than just evaluating little cuties,i dislike this guy already ugh, something which his colleague calls him disgusting for but she already knew how he is. During their conversation Kirisame pulled out some sort of rope dart-like weapon but it's hard to say what it actually is because the moment she takes it out she starts flailing it around at incredible speed,as their dialogue ends she throws the weapon up into the air but her angle is a bit off which is why Mozu tells her to adjust it by giving more rope to it. As the Weapon reached a certain height it suddenly starts lighting up,and a flash of light similar to the one that petrified Senkuu and Co. 3,700 years ago appears. The Children immediatly form a "shield" to protect Amaryllis who was the youngest among their group. The scene cuts back to the current time where Senkuu and Gen discuss the "Light" that Amaryllis spoke of,which is without a doubt the same that petrified them once.

Kohaku wonders how Amaryllis managed to avoid the petrification and as she does,we switch back to when her friends are about to be petrified. As the Light closed in on them they got petrified one by one and even Amaryllis was about to be petrified but it only reached to a couple of her hair strands,meanwhile Kirisame announces that all of the targets have been successfully turned into stone but unknown to her as the light closed in on Amaryllis she grabbed her petrifying stands of her and tore them off to stop the process from spreading. She was very lucky that the light stopped right in front of her,as her kayak flipped over she took her chance and swam back to the coast. That's how she survived,now back to the present. Amaryllis explains that the Petrification is "Sorcery" that has been passed down through the Great Leaders Family for generations,but until she saw Mozu and Kirisame use the Weapon she believed only the Leader could use it and that's why everyone bent to his will and order.

Amaryllis explains that she wants to steal the Weapon from the Great Leader,and for that she'd like to get the help from Senkuu and his friends. She gets a bit flirty with the guys again but to no avail as it only works on Soyuz again,Senkuu reassures her that she doesn't need to pull this "act" since their interests align. Senkuu reflects on what Amaryllis told them and compares it to what everyone thought of the Petrification from 3,700 years ago,given what she said and how the Petrification was being used against the Tribes on the Island he concludes that the Petrification follows a pattern,or rules if you will which are:
1. It has an effective Range,that can be adjusted or is limited to the device/weapon it is used with.
2. In Weapon Form it has to be a Thrown Weapon,like a Rope Dart for example,so the User does not get petrified as well.
3. If you tear off an affected part you can break the chain reaction that occurs once the light shines on you.

Senkuu claims that if something follows a set pattern and rules then it is science and if they are up against science then they will not lose. Kohaku asks Amaryllis who and when the Great Leaders Warriors come to pick her up,which she replies that it is tomorrow and they will take any and every girl with them that is above 18 years of age and that they do not care if you're married or engaged. Amaryllis is certain she will get selected and reach the inner palace but her charms won't work against Kirisame the Female Warrior. Meaning that she needs a Cute Female Warrior at her side as well,the guys turn around in shock looking at Kohaku who is ready to take this mission by being selected as cute. Something Gen cannot get around to, Senkuu laughs and says that with science making Kohaku(Who is already pretty as it is) can become even more of a "Cutie". Senkuu is in charge of Science, Gen is in charge of the Psychology,Amaryllis is the Cosmetics Expert and Soyuz is the Test Subject to work her charms on. The "IT Factor" Project begins!

This Chapter still doesn't exactly make me trust Amaryllis but at the very least i'm leaning more towards her being legit,i mean,she could've still made this story up and is secretly working for the Great Leader. After all,she did not even shed a tear or anything for her past and still petrified Friends when telling the story while she went and faked tears to reject her admirers before. Feels a bit iffy to me but it could also be that she more or less accepted her friends fate,but at the same time i don't get her plan to steal the Petrification Weapon since that won't give her a solution on how to save everybody from the petrification. But at least nobody else will be petrified then,although i strongly believe the Great Leader can mass create these Weapons when he wants to.
What i found interesting about this Weapon is that the entire Island seems to be under the impression that it is "Sorcery" passed down through the Great Leaders Family,that makes me think that he is really is from 3,700 years ago and came to the Island to keep anyone from reaching the Spacecraft because since Amaryllis hasn't said a word about it yet we can guess that it is with the Great Leader and under his protection at the moment. I also feel like their Journey will continue after Treasure Island towards the other side of the World because i think that this "Family" of the Great Leader is nothing but the Group of People behind the Petrification back then and is now creating these Weapons for themselves to petrify anyone in their way and exercise strict control over their given area of Authority. Which leads me to believe that the petrification 3,700 years ago was to give this Group/Person the control over the World,one of the oldest ambitions for a villain to have but it is incredibly executed in this case if it's true i'd say. Like really. I'd rate this Chapter a 8.5 out of 10.

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