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Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (107)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Jun 4, 2019 23:21

Dr. Stone Chapter 107 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: Ace in the Hole on the Ship of Science

This week Senkuu and his remaining crew are planning to take the petrification weapon from the master, but it’s a mission only Kohaku can accomplish. With the help of Amaryllis, they plan to give Kohaku a makeover that will be sure to get her picked for the master’s harem in the upcoming selection. Kohaku tries on a dress which she finds comfortable enough but difficult to move in. While the others are trying to help her prepare for a beauty contest, Kohaku is focused more on the practical side of things, like being able to maneuver and fight once she’s in enemy territory. After scolding her about a sword and shield not being suitable accessories, Gen tells her that changing clothes is simple, but it’s the scientific makeup that will be the real challenge. Senkuu bursts his bubble by informing him he would need the lab for that task. The lab is currently on the petrified ship, so getting to it might be a bit of a problem.

From the top of an incline, Senkuu notes that the enemy has already hijacked the ship, even acknowledging that they weren’t complete idiots. High praise from someone like Senkuu indeed. Kohaku is angry at seeing their petrified friends, but while Gen shares her sentiments, he cautions against a direct attack. An older man on a boat approaches the ship and Senkuu asks Amaryllis if he is the master. Amaryllis tells him the master is younger and identifies him as Minister Ibara, someone who consults with the master and relays orders to everyone else.

Minister Ibara compliments Kirisame on finding such a magnificent vessel in the Perseus, noting the Master will be please with such a gift. Kirisame doesn’t share his enthusiasm and admits that they don’t understand the equipment on the ship, figuring that it is perhaps sorcery from those who escaped the island. She suggests destroying it at once but this upsets Ibara, who angrily asks if she presumes to offer advice when she knows it’s the master who decides these things. She apologizes for being out of line which calms Ibara. He then notices the clothes on Chrome’s statue and compliments them, figuring they can refashion them for the girls in the harem. Unfortunately he says this while breaking Chrome’s statue, which infuriates Kohaku who charges towards the ship. Gen panics but she reassures him that she has no intention of ruining the plan. Her plan was to get closer to the ship because she figures someone might have survived the petrification, so she wanted to be within shouting distance.

Kohaku underestimated her opponents however, because Kirisame suddenly appears behind her asking who she is and village she came from. Kohaku is shocked because she didn’t sense Kirisame, who she notes is prepared to battle. Kirisame and Kohaku proceed to fight, but because of the dress Kohaku is wearing she’s inhibited, and this allows Kirisame to gain the upper hand. Kohaku is severely outclassed and acknowledges that Kirisame is probably one of the village’s fiercest warriors. Everyone watches on in dismay as Kirisame completely dominates Kohaku, who admits she’s too much to handle barehanded and that if she was going to fight back it had to be now. She suddenly screams out “LAB!” much to the surprise and confusion of everyone around her. Soyuz realizes that “lab” isn’t a word these people would know, only those from their village, so it’s like Kohaku is speaking in code. Gen catches on quickly and does what he does best by working it to his advantage. Gen turns to Senkuu and calls him Lab, spinning the story that he’s Kohaku’s boyfriend and that she’s clingy and gets into a jealous rage when there is another woman around and starts brawling. Kohaku backs up Gen’s story by claiming she and “Lab” are romantically involved and proceeds to prove it by grabbing Senkuu and kissing him. Everyone goes red at seeing this, except Senkuu who is completely unaffected. Even Kirisame is flustered to the point where she actually buys into their story and orders them to go home and stay away while she runs back to the ship.

Senkuu tells Kohaku that the little farce was pointless if there are no survivors on the ship, to which she agrees but insists there must be someone. On the ship we see some barrels on deck, when someone suddenly acknowledges they heard Kohaku and knows she needs the lab urgently. This person turns out to be Ginrou, who had abandoned ship at the last minute before the Petrification beam could reach him. He briefly debates with himself about whether to keep hiding or to help, but ultimately decides his friends are in trouble and they absolutely need his help. Something he is not very happy about.


Good chapter. 7.5/10. I find it hard to believe Kirisame would just let them go with that story of Senkuu being a guy named Lab and he’s Kohaku’s boyfriend, but that’s what happened. Also I’m not sure how to feel about the “shipping” moment. I like the possibility of Senkuu/Kohaku, but this just proves Senkuu is not interested in anything romantic in the least. A bittersweet chapter for the shippers overall. Also I was shocked Chrome’s statue was broken and I totally expected Kohaku to go berserk. But the fact that they only have to put the pieces back together before reviving him made the whole thing more bearable. I thought for sure that the survivors on the ship would be Homura and Hyouga with them being so far below deck, but Ginrou is fine too. The upcoming chapters should be hilarious as anything with Ginrou always is, so I’m looking forward to his antics. The makeup used on Kohaku better work miracles because Kirisame will remember her face and that might ruin the infiltration plan. I like Kirisame though. She’d make a good ally/sparring partner for Kohaku. Of course the dress stopping Kohaku from properly defending herself might make it easier for her to beat Kirisame next time they meet, when she’s not restricted, so she could also be a stepping stone for Kohaku getting stronger. We’ll see soon.

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