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Chapter Review: Black Clover (207)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Jun 6, 2019 20:54

Black Clover Chapter Chapter 207 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: Ultimate Magic

This week the fight continues between our heroes, old and new, and the Devil. The Devil attacks Asta with a spear that usually breaks down everything it touches, but doesn’t seem to be working on Asta. The Devil uses Get Back to push Asta away from him. He follows this up with Storm of Blades, dismissing Asta as of no account when he’s on his own. Licht, Lumiere, Yuno and Patri all step in to deflect the blades from a relieved Asta. Yuno notes that Licht’s magic is overwhelmingly vast now that he’s fully awakened and wonders why he feels warm and nostalgic around Licht.

Lumiere’s arm is injured in the aftermath, and he’s healed by Secre using Sealing Recovery Magic: Closed Sorrow. Asta is impressed at what she does and admits to her that it doesn’t feel like the first time they’ve met. He tries to figure out what it is about her that feels so familiar but she pinches his cheek and tells him to focus on the fight. The Devil also seems impressed by Secre’s magic, remembering the seal she used on him as well even though she’s not even in possession of a four leaf clover grimoire. He quickly dismisses it as worthless against him now that he has a body . She interrupts his random speech and tells him to be quiet. We get a flashback of Secre and Lumiere talking about magic. Lumiere doesn’t think he’s anything special for having a four leaf clover and tells Secre that everyone’s magic is special and if they could all use their magic to help each other it would be a good country. This resonated with her because now she stands up to the Devil and tells him he can only exist by stealing from others, and that the same ones he looked down on, toyed with and stepped on will be the ones to defeat him.

The Devil finds Secre’s speech amusing, like he finds everything else, and tells her if that’s the case she better hurry because the otherworldly magic he unleashed a few chapters ago will continue welling up no matter how much they break it apart. Defeating him is the only way to stop it and the only exit is in the room on the top floor. He continues to taunt them by telling them if they take their time their friends on the lower floors will be engulfed and killed. This angers Asta as Patri notes that even Licht and Lumiere’s attack barely did anything. Licht dismisses the Devil’s warning as unnecessary as he and his companions will now launch a spell to wipe out the Devil. He asks those around him to lend their powers as well.

We’re now shown Fuegoleon on Salamander carrying the bodies of his defeated opponents up and away from the otherworldly magic, wondering what it is. So this is confirmation the he won his fight, something we were left wondering about for a few chapters. We see Charmy has emerged victorious against Lira which is a bit shocking, but also has potential. We move on to Yami and Charla who are still holed up together, defending against the otherworldly magic. Charla begins to glow in response to Licht’s magic which confuses Yami. Licht’s spell seems to be gaining power, because Mimosa senses an astronomical quantity of magic on the top floor, strong enough that it shocks even Nozel. Rhya recognizes the Magic as Licht’s as he and all the other fallen elves suddenly begin to glow. Licht has called on the magic of his companions, or more accurately, the wrath of the elves, just as he’d said, and launches Ultimate Sword Magic: Demon Dweller Sword Conquering Eon and proceeds to eviscerate the Devil. This shocks everyone around him, with Yuno even noting that the spell was in a whole different league.

Their attention is drawn to a mass floating among the debris of the attack, and they realize it’s the Devil’s heart. The heart suddenly forms a mouth that says Heal and everyone watches in horror as the Devil regenerates in front of their eyes. He laughs at them and tells them they can’t kill him. As everyone struggles with the fact that they’re possibly outmatched, Licht glances at Asta. Asta, still in awe of the power Licht unleashed with his sword, wonders if perhaps his sword is capable of something similar, some sort of power he has yet to access. He reflects on what happened earlier when his anti magic blocked the Devil’s spear. He deduces that while the anti magic was weak it still had an effect, so if he could fight like Licht and his companions then there’s a power he can use because he has no magic.


This was an intense chapter. 9/10. We got answers to some open questions, like the outcome of some of the previous battles. Victories for Fuegoleon, Nozel and Mimosa and Charmy. I mentioned that Charmy’s defeat of Lira has potential because if we really consider it, Rill is a Captain class Magic Knight. Charmy isn’t even Vice Captain level. With the elf takeover/power up, Rill’s power got a significant boost pushing him above captain class. With Charmy’s now awakened Dwarf blood, she also got a power boost, which at her previous level should have pushed her to captain level at most. Unless Dwarves are stronger than Elves. Or Hybrids with their dual magic in general are stronger than Purebreds. Because it makes absolutely no sense that she should be able to beat someone of Lira’s level. That’s something the author can explore in an upcoming arc, both Dwarves and Hybrids.

Then we had that little moment where Yuno felt nostalgic around Licht. We can put it down to Yuno being possessed by the spirit of Licht’s unborn child, but we know Yuno wasn’t possessed at all. The child itself never awakened in Yuno, only the power. Unless of course, there was nothing to awaken because Yuno is the child. This is an over-analyzed theory but until we get concrete evidence that says otherwise, it looks like the author is subtly pushing us in this direction.

This now brings me to the interest Licht seems to have taken in Asta. He seems to have known, after his attack failed, that there was something Asta could do. We know Asta is in possession of Licht’s Grimoire, so it might be that he knows something Asta doesn’t about the power Asta could unleash. I’m looking forward to the next chapter to see what ace Asta pulls out of his sleeve. We know the Devil is wary of Anti Magic, so whatever happens now might spell the real end of him, which honestly can’t come soon enough.

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