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Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (108)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Jun 9, 2019 20:58

Dr. Stone - Chapter 108 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: The Second Trump Card

This week in Dr. Stone we are sent back a few hours in time to when the Crew on the Perseus was petrified,it is revealed that it was Kirisame that was observing the crew from above on the Cliffs. When Ryusui asked who she is she ignored his question and immediatly threw the Petrification Weapon into the air leaving the crew only a few seconds to react and take any counter measures, Ryusui analysed the Weapon quickly as well as how it seems to work. The crew thought that she had thrown some sort of Bomb or Grenade towards the Perseus,which Ukyo tried to steer of it's course by firing an arrow at it which only managed to hit it back slightly. As the light begins to shine upon the Crew the Captain Ryusui takes desperate measures and decides to save Suika by kicking her away like a Football,as she flies towards the cliffs Ryusui tells her to live and alert Senkuu of what happened on the ship. As the attack happened Ginro was still underwater and had just come up for air,when he saw the light he dived again and swam as fast he could to get away. The light stopped right infront of him,thanks to Ukyo's arrow hitting it back a bit he was saved. He makes his way on board again,to check on the crew only to find everyone petrified including Kinro which brings him to tears but unfortunately he is not given the time to mourn his friends as the Natives already make their way onto their Ship. He decides to hide in the barrel that Suika hid in before.

Back in the present Minister Ibara praises Kirisame for her quick reaction to the invaders,meanwhile,Ginro manages to spot Kohaku outside and tries giving her signs by waving quickly. Senkuu catches a glimpse of the movement through the binoculars, and is left disappointed alongside Kohaku and Gen as they realize that it is Ginro that survived the attack. Someone rather unreliable for them in a situation like the one they're in right now, Kohaku mentions that even he can be counted on when everything goes down on them and as she says so Senkuu notices that Ginro is trying to give them a message. By reading his lip movements Senkuu realizes that he was spelling "Help"...very much to the dismay of everyone as they need his help first. Suddenly Minister Ibara notices a faint noise and turns around,forcing Ginro to go into hiding again,as Ibara makes his way over to him he asks a guard if he noticed any movements at the barrels as one of them has been moved about a pinky's difference from where it stood initially. Something that proves the Ministers memory to be rather detail focused and accurate. As he bows down to start inspecting the barrel with the scared Ginro inside a sudden loud noise comes from inside the greenhouse where the Kingdom of Science was growing fruits and vegetables for their journey. As Ibara makes his way into the Ship alongside Kirisame they're met by some goats and fruits grown by the Crew.

However,they do not call them goats they call them "Beasts from the Hundred Tales",the Soldiers keep up their guard around the animals as they're still beasts but the sound they heard was not a goat but rather a crash-like noise. Ibara mentions that they made a great catch as there are many fruits and vegetables that they have never seen as well as the animals to eat for them,the Great Leader will be happy about this. Next to some of the vegetables on the shelf we can see Suika hiding,she must've made her way back onto the ship after being kicked out by Ryusui, outside Senkuu and Kohaku wonders what could've happened,only to realize that it was Suika who managed to survive as well,she is super reliable in this case. Senkuu tells the others that they'll go and hide the boat they used to travel towards the Island so the Natives won't know that there are invaders on the Island while Suika and Ginro will have to team up in order to get the Science Lab to them. The Master of Infiltration Suika and the Comic Relief Ginro are going to team up to help their friends!

Ginro and Suika team up to get the Science Lab for Senkuu and Co. now this will be hilarious i can already see it. Everybodies reactions when they saw that Ginro survived the Petrification were priceless too,i cracked up there especially once Gen started his Card Game comparison. Anyway,i found it really nice that we learned what exactly happened to the Crew and most importantly who petrified them. I feel like that means Amaryllis can be trusted,perhaps my fear was a bit paranoid.Ryusui and Ukyo certainly rose(Once more!) in my rankings for Dr. Stone,their quick reaction to the attack and Ryusui's insanely fast analysis of the Petrification Weapon was incredible,Senkuu and Co. really made the right decision putting him onto their Squad. I'm definitely looking forward to next Chapter because i'm really curious how Suika and Ginro of all people will end up getting the Lab and fooling Kirisame as well as the Minister at once. Whatever will happen we'll have a good laugh for sure. 8.5/10.

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