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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (137)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on Jun 12, 2019 20:07

Yakusoku no Neverland/The Promised Neverland - Chapter 137 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Transformation

This week's Chapter of Neverland starts with the Elderly and completely broken Ray,the endless struggle got to him and forced him to collapse,infact our Friend is about to give up any hope of surviving and stopping Norman's plans...someone needs to help him get his act back together and who'd be better for that than Emma? Exactly no one is,speaking of Emma she's jumping out of the closet she and Ray used to enter the Desert-Space before as we speak,let's hope she can get him back to normal because she claims that she figured out the Rules and way out of this Space that is the Seven Walls...yeah i was surprised too...Emma of all people got the jump on Ray in a complex matter like Time-Space continuum/s. Emma who has reverted to her child size and age is approaching her way older and collapsed friend,claiming that she knows how this space works,however,Ray has submitted completely to his old age and as a result has become sort of forgetful asking Emma for her name causing her to slap him "awake". As Ray recovers from the slap,he notices that he has returned to his original form while Emma explains to him that everything is exactly how he explained it before: The Seven Walls have an unstable Time Space continuum which can be brought into balance by them,which she proves by beginning to float in front of Ray. Her friend seems confused as to how this seems to work forcing Emma to break it down step by step.

She reminds Ray that Time and Space are unstable inside the Seven Walls,but not just that,all the Locations they've seen and entered are all places that they have been to before like Grace Field House,Goldy Pond and the Shelter in the Desert all of which is immediately confirmed by Ray. Emma claims that this means that this maze is connected to their minds and memories as well as all of their thoughts,be they conscious or subconscious,which means that their thoughts can change this space to their liking. They can transcend Time and Space inside the Seven Walls, something that Ray can't help but question and ask proof for which Emma cannot give him yet but she claims to have manipulated her own "Time" a little bit because when she was an infant she wished to grow older again but couldn't manage to stop at the right age which is why she is just a small Child right now. Emma asks Ray to think about why he may have turned into an Old man and how he turned back into his true self again,prompting Ray to remember his previous endeavors in the Desert which forced him to feel helpless and broken and as a result he turned Old and frail. He wonders how they could've wound up inside this desert but realizes that the answer is simple,before they entered the Desert-Space he was talking and thinking with Emma about the riddle that involved Sand and the Sun which prompted the space to change shape into what they were thinking of in that moment.

Emma says that the only reason they struggled so long was because they did not understand the space they had entered,and once they understand they might be able to see its Real Form. The True Seven Walls,they will appear if Ray and Emma stop Time and revert Space back to it's Original Form,Emma asks Ray to help her and they join hands in order to use their imagination together. For them to stop time and revert Space back they have to stop having doubts and worries about what's to come but believe into themselves and what they can accomplish together,as they join hands and focus their thoughts the space around them begins to change from the Sunny Desert with small windmills into a Forest at Midnight and ultimately into a Cube like Space inside a very dark Dimension. As the 2 friends look around inside the new space they arrived in both realize that this is a cube with 10 miles on each side,proving that everything Emma said before was the truth and they successfully interfered with Space and Time,Ray goes into a thinking frenzy trying to explain how this space and it's rules came to be in the first place. He stops his train of thought to ask Emma if the Supreme Demon Leader is even real or not just a trick/image created by whoever enters the Seven Walls. But before they can focus on answering that question they notice another smaller cube behind them with what seems to be a black orb inside of it. But Ray claims it to be a Hole leading into another Space.

The scene switches back into Norman's Headquarters,where some of the Kids appear to be training with Barbara and Cicero. They all get passing marks as their aim is spot on and their shots would be deadly,Vincent praises them for the Skills that allowed them to survive the Hunting Ground Goldy Pond and to get all the way here. They are exceptionally well trained he reports to Norman observing from up on high,who returns that no matter how good they are they will only be placed into the furthest rearguards at all times. He questions Vincent about the Status of Lord Gilan's group as well as something he labels as "That",the former replies that the Demon's are moving exactly as planned and that his secret is usable whenever he wishes for it. Which prompts Norman to start his march into the Royal Capital alongside Zazie and Barbara as well as an Army of genetically enhanced Children similar to Adam. War seems to be upon us,Norman's Alliance vs The Demon Nobles and their Army,who will win? Will Emma and Ray make it in Time? Can Don and Gilda protect Musica from Aish? All that and more in the upcoming TPN Chapters!

Great Chapter as usual, 9/10, the Art was incredible and the story is nearing its high and hot point step by step too and i can't wait for it to get there to be honest. It always feels weird to me when Emma figures out things that Ray could not,but with the Seven Walls rational and clear thinking is only going to get you so far as we saw. This clears the Supreme Leader of any charges i guess,he did not intentionally mess with Time and Space. He only asked for them to "play" with him,and i guess it's a game of Hide and Seek with Emma and Ray being the Seekers and he's hiding/waiting in his own Space. Having said that with "Rules" of Space and Time like these it definitely makes sense to me that nobody crossed the Seven Walls in all these years bar the First Ratri Clan Leader,Ray was at his limits and was almost broken if not for Emma saving him. I guess the "Hole" they found leads to the Supreme Leader's personal space,i just wonder if and how these negotiations with him will go down now but all to its due time i guess. With Norman and his allies marching out for the Royal Capital we're probably in for a bit of War and Bloodshed between the Humans and Demons,either that or we're going back to Don and Gilda next because without their "mission" succeeding Emma's Plan won't work out the way they want it. Till next time everybody!

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