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Chapter Review: Black Clover (209)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Jun 18, 2019 21:27

Black Clover Chapter 209 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: Wish

Last chapter, Yuno and Asta both hit a new level of power in order to make a last stand against the Devil who has proven to be the most powerful opponent they’ve faced to date. Now, everyone looks at the two in shock an awe at how quickly they evolved. Lumiere recognizes Yuno is using a wind attribute along with sword magic, something that’s familiar to him. However he can’t seem to place Asta. Secre tells him Asta is an idiot boy who was born without magic and doesn’t know his place. While that may sound cruel she goes on to admit that Asta has put in more work than anyone in the kingdom and is the worst at giving up.

Asta is excited by his new power and boasts to Yuno, despite the fact that he silently admits he won’t be able to maintain his power in that shape for long. Yuno is also excited and warns Asta that he’d better make his power last until they cut down the Devil. The two then launch themselves towards the Devil, who compliments them on their spirit but doubts they’ll be able to reach him at the speed they’re going. Yuno uses his wind power to push Asta faster towards the Devil who is taken by surprise when Asta slices into him before he could even think of dodging. Patri and Licht are amazed at the teamwork shown by Asta and Yuno to the point where Patri thinks the Devil is defeated.

The celebration is premature because we see that instead of being defeated, the Devil is furious. He calls them maggots, lower life forms, scum, even calling Asta a magicless nothing. He declares he’s tired of the fight and promises to slaughter all of them. Mouths start appearing all over the Devil’s body, and Asta notes that while he thought he hit the Devil’s heart earlier with his attack, it now appears to be somewhere else. The Devil starts chanting in otherworld language and summons more of the worm-like otherworldly creatures from earlier. Asta and the others are surrounded by the creatures, with the Devil promising to kill them all. The otherworldly magic begins leaking through the palace to where Yami and Charla are, and the duo notes that not only is this the Devil’s full power but that it would swallow everything if nothing is done to stop it. They can’t even get close to the Devil as they intended.

Patri attacks the creatures but realizes that even though their magic can hold against the Devil, it’s hard on them. Lumiere and Licht interrupt him and ask him to hold the perimeter for a little while, stating they can’t let the modern mages die as they’re the future of the Clover Kingdom. Meanwhile, the Devil keeps up his mantra about massacring everyone and even tells them farewell as he prepares to bring down the curtain. Asta and Yuno aren’t fazed by this and ask him who told him he gets to be the one to end it. After confirming that they were both still good to battle, Asta and Yuno prepare to shut the Devil up once and for all.

Secre watches on from below and admits that she first approached Asta with the intention of using him, a magicless boy that just happened to acquire a five leaf Grimoire that kept magic away. But as the time passed and she watched him fight, she started wanting to believe in him, to bet on him. Now, she asks him to please win against the Devil.

This was a nice build up chapter. 8/10. Despite it seeming like nothing much happened, we see the characters firming their resolves with the intention of ending the battle once and for all. It’s not just Asta and Yuno, but also Lumiere and Licht who seem to have some plan up their sleeve. They’re determined to protect Asta and Yuno so I won’t be surprised if they have a trump card, most likely some move the worked on together considering they have a similar dynamic to Asta and Yuno as best friends. The Devil has also stopped laughing at every little thing now that he realizes this current group is more powerful than he initially believed. He’s forced to be serious, something that infuriates him and relieves me as a reader since he was quite annoying with his smug superiority in the chapters since his revelation. I predict two or three more chapters left in this fight since everyone is a peak level now, including the Devil, so I’m really looking forward to the conclusion.

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