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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (139)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on Jun 26, 2019 21:02

Yakusoku no Neverland/The Promised Neverland - Chapter 139 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: The Search for the Demons (2)

This Week's Chapter of Neverland picks up where we left off last time,with Aishe having suddenly appeared behind Don and Gilda questioning their intentions as to wether they want to save or kill Musica,the evil blood girl. But before the 2 friends can muster any answer to that question they're overcome with shock and surprise as Aishe actually understands their language and can even speak it as well,as Gilda asks her if she actually understands everything a Flashback begins to at least 15 years ago. We're following a Demon who works at one of the Mass Plantations, an individual of few words who was always giving a gloomy atmosphere off as he walked about,ever since he was small he had hated his own face due to it's(Even for Demon-standards) rather grotesque appearance. The right side of his face had lost all shape and form from one day to another and it would never recover no matter what he ate and how much of it,forcing him to hide it behind an extra Mask. In his childhood other demons would go and pick on him for it and beat him up for it even,which in his adult life led to him rather living on his own away from the rest of his kind,the only living beings he could tolerate near him were his dogs. His face felt to him like a curse,that's why one day while at work he would glimpse upon a certain life stock baby with a big mark over her face's right side he felt like looking at himself. Acting on an impulse he decided to take the child home with him,without anybody else noticing.

Once he had arrived at home with the child,he started panicking as he had no idea about humans nor how to raise them as he only ever ate them,but there was also the fact that he stole property of the Plantation whether she's throwaway food or not. Now this is an interesting moment,in his panic he considers eating the girl but perishes the thought and starts to consider her like one of the dogs for the time being,we just saw a Demon restrain himself from eating a Human being and instead of thinking of her as food he considers her as a friend because his dogs are the only living beings he ever tolerated near him. At this point i should probably confirm,yes as many of you might've guessed by now,this girl he found and took home with him is Aishe. The Demon quit his work at the Plantation and started living in peace and quiet at his house hidden by the forest,while raising Aishe which proved to be a rather difficult and tiring task as the Demon did not know anything about Humans preferences in clothing,food or attitude but thanks to some books he had lying about in his home he could read up on the subject matter/s and act accordingly. Proof that reading can indeed be educating and helpful! Ha!...But back to the Demon raising Aishe,instead of seeing her as one of the dogs he started treating and looking at her like a daughter and with the Love and Connection they build and had with another for many years the hate he would have for his own face drifted away as he had become truly happy raising Aishe.

This peaceful and loving connection was soon to be severed though,one stormy day his hideout was to be attacked by Norman and his allies who seemed to be under the impression they were committing a noble act. Zazie fought with the Demon,which almost killed him but left him hardly able to move,as he attempts to crawl towards Aishe whom he told to hide before the assault we can see Barbra run through the corridor having spotted Aishe in the back of it. Meanwhile the demon is about to breathe his last as he remembers Aishe as a baby reaching for his hand and as he remembers it he can't help but shed tears at losing his life here and now unable to protect her,he ultimately succumbs to the pain and blood loss from his wounds. An incredibly sad moment i found personally,Cicero and Barbra have finally found Aishe telling her that everything is good now and that she can come with them now. Aishe looks frightened and perhaps you could mistake her being in shock from having been tortured or the sort but we know the reality and we can see what she is saying in Demonic Language: "I won't forget this...Damn you...i'll kill you all!",Norman is responsible for her Father's death and ruining their Life together. Norman however stands there like he just committed a noble deed and acted for Aishe's good while his allies stand behind him proudly and smiling.

Back in the present we can see Aishe continue her conversation with Don and Gilda,answering the latters question with a question of her own by questioning if she wants to know why she stayed quiet or how she can understand their language but she answers anyway by noting that she prefers not to speak out of hatred for Norman and his allies. She knows that her Father fed on human meat,but he taught her everything she knows be it Language/s,reading or hunting alongside her dogs. They were family,father and daughter,she doesn't talk to them because she has nothing to say to the murderers of her parent so they begun thinking she does not understand their language. The only reason she follows their orders and acts like she knows nothing is to make the best of the situation she was thrown in,while harboring strong hatred for Norman,she questions Don and Gilda's position and intentions as they are not like most humans that don't think twice about shooting a Demon while they prefer to not fight if not necessary and wish to protect a demon like Musica even. The 2 friends respond that they don't think there is much difference between Demons and Humans,and while they do harbor grudges and anger towards some Demons they do not want a genocide to happen. Musica and Song Juu are their friends who saved them before,Emma's plan isn't something they are too fond of either but if there is a shot at peaceful co-existence then they need Musica to aid them here.

They explain why they had been discussing and thinking together in secret to take measures to their friends benefit,they also reveal that they were scared that Aishe is not just a bodyguard but also an Assassin sent to murder Musica on sight,something Don wants to know right away but is cut off by Aishe claiming that she has not been ordered to harm her and infact believed that Don and Gilda were sent to deal with them. Suddenly Don and Gilda start crying,happy that Norman seemingly reconsidered and really wants to protect Musica after all. They apologize to Aishe for suspecting her and claim that they can now look for their friends without worrying about a thing,in case Norman plans to kill them at the HQ they can still try to negotiate. Aishe is visibly surprised and impressed by the 2 friends vigor and attitude towards their Friends. The scene switches to Hayato who instead of sleeping has gone off to meet with Jin in secret,who isn't by himself but with several "Adam's". He asks his comrade about any leads for Musica's whereabouts,but Hayato reveals that he has none for today but is reassured by Jin that he'll find them and once he does they will go through with Norman's order: Once Hayato has found the Evil Blood girl Jin's Squad is to eliminate her immediatly.

Great Chapter!, 9.5/10, The Adam-Look alikes and Jin are indeed
Reinforcements/Support for Hayato and Ayshe in order to kill Musica and Song Juu,i guess Ayshe and Hayato are indeed only ordered to find both Musica and Song Juu but are supposed to leave the fighting/killing to Jin and his Squad since they are the more capable fighters. Sort of a cruel twist though,just as Don and Gilda start relaxing a bit and gaining faith in Norman again we see that a Murder Squad has been assembled and following them in the Shadows,i believe Ayshe wanted to warn them about it but since she got cut off frequently she couldn't manage yet.It was nice to see that Ayshe was indeed raised like a Child/Family by the Demon,and Norman's noble act was a cruel one in reality. I suppose that's the other side to what things seem to be like in his ranks,Ayshe and her Demon Father are the best example that co-existence between Humans and Demons can work out. They could become friends or allies in the future,seeing that Ayshe's Father was able to contain his wish of eating her all the years he had been with her shows that Demons can exercise restraint on their eating habits/targets. I liked that,with Emma's plan this Dream could become a wonderful reality. I'm looking forward to how this continues,getting better and better from here on out! Till next time everybody!

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