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Chapter Review: Black Clover (210)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Jun 30, 2019 11:08

Black Clover - Chapter 210 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: On the Brink

This week's Chapter of Black Clover continues with the fight against the Devil as the powered up Asta and Yuno make a final stand against him,hoping to end this battle once and for all,as the Devil threatens and ridicules their lives and efforts once more. He keeps attacking the Duo furiously,which gives Yuno the impression that while his own Blade may not be able to defeat the Devil it can guard and deflect attacks coming Asta's way. He plans to create an opening for Asta's blade to pierce through the Devil's heart since his Anti-Magic can injure and potentially kill the Devil,apart from Yami's Dark Magic. Meanwhile Asta is about to reach his limit,this has been the longest amount of time that he has been using his Black Form while trying to keep control over his Anti Mana which keeps overflowing from his body,a final powerful Attack might be all he can still muster in this situation. Observing the young Magic Knights is Lumiere who will leave the Devil to the New Generation while he and Licht combine their Magics in order to save their friends who are still outrunning or defending against the Mass from the Other World summoned by the Devil.

The scene switches over to Jack and Noelle vs Fana,Jack attacks Fana with his Severing Magic: Death Scythe! claiming he is close to fully severing her Recovery Magic surrounding her Body. His opponent however is beginning to feel the tension as the mass is closing in from behind her and Jack about to attack her from the front,in her panic,she asks for a time out. As the Mass is about to devour her she is saved by the arriving Nozel who pushed her away with a drop of his Mercury Magic,he tells Nozel and Jack to evacuate as he is trying to get Mimosa into safety who is still healing Rhya. Suddenly Lady Mereolona jumps in to attack the Mass with her Mana Zone: Calidus Brachium Rapid Fire! but to no avail as her Magic is immediatly eaten up,but instead of being shocked about it she laughs out in excitement claiming that the World is a big place to harbor Magic like this. At the same time we see Charmy and Fuegoleon in their respective fighting areas trying to outrun and defend against the Mass on their own while guarding their defeated comrades,Fuegoleon is trying to outrun the Mass by flying on Salamander. Which looked pretty cool if i'm honest.

Meanwhile Lumiere and Licht have gotten ready to start their attack,Licht readies his Demon Dweller Sword as it is capable of absorbing and sharing Mana with and of those it is bonded to while Lumiere intends to send his Powerful Mana through the Sword to all the Magic Knights in need of help as it is capable of destroying and fighting the Other World Magic. Fusion Magic! Demon Dweller Sword: Protecting Light! and as the spell is used several beams of Light spread out towards the Magic Knights inside the Palace resulting in all of them being surrounded by powerful Light Magic like some sort of Shield capable of destroying and saving them from the Mass closing in on them. As Mimosa see's this she wonders what exactly happened,Rhya claims that this is the doing of Licht their Chief and the "Ol Princey" Lumiere. Through his connection with Licht he was able to see what was happening above and expresses his happiness as the 2 friends finally reunited,he is jealous of them. Back at Lumiere and Licht's location we see the Legendary Magic Knight claim that as long as Mana is flowing through his Body he won't allow anyone to die.

As they are about to be attacked we see Patri jumping in,defending them with his Demon Light Creation Magic: Light Whip of Judgement! The freshly resolved Elf won't let anyone attack his friends nor will he doubt his bonds with his comrades ever again. Meanwhile Asta is still struggling to keep his stance,and if not for Yuno guarding him he would've been dealt a lethal blow too. Yuno mentions that thanks to the Light Magic surrounding them now he is able to move at even greater speeds,while Asta readies himself to deal the finishing Blow to the Devil. Said Devil is still cursing the 2 Heros closing in on him,out of his curses a Hydra formed with the Other World Mass is created ready to attack them with him claiming that this is their end. The scene switches to Yami and Charla,where the former readies himself to strike the Devil with his remaining Dimension Slash to pay him back for earlier,since Charla(Like Rhya) can see and tell where and what Licht is doing she can give Yami exact directions as to where the Devil is and what he is up to as well. She tells the Captain to not miss with his one and only shot left, she creates a Magical Scabbard for him with her Thorn Magic in order for him to pull of a true Iaido Dimension Slash! At the same time Yuno and Asta ready themselves to deal a deciding attack too...

Good Chapter of Black Clover this week, 8/10, So the Battle is coming to a finish in the next Chapter it seems,with Yami,Asta and Yuno dealing the finishing blow to the Devil. Seems fitting for the present day Magic Knights to prove to Lumiere that they are able to protect and fight for their Kingdom just fine,even though Yami's feat will be pretty insane given his distance but we'll see if it delivers properly. I'm excited for what comes after this to be honest,or if we get to learn the identity of the Devil in Asta's grimoire before the end of the arc too. Seeing Yami together with Asta and Yuno at the end in order to deal the finishing blow makes me feel like he is more likely to be elected Magic Emperor to be honest,perhaps it's just me but while i acknowledge Nozel and Fuegoleon as proper and valid candidates for the post i feel like Yami always had this weird connection and vibe about him to Julius and the post of Magic Emperor that he'd sort of fit into the Job. Even though he hates working and high responsebility like Mereolona he knows when to strike and when it really matters to stay true to his mettle. Something he hardly gets acknowledged for i feel. Till next time everybody!

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