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Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (111)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on Jul 3, 2019 13:25

Dr. Stone Chapter 111 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: Science Wars

This week’s chapter begins with three beautiful color pages with the current main cast and a small recap of what happened 3700 years ago, in celebration of the anime’s premiere.

Picking up from last week, the ladies are told to line up so the most beautiful may be chosen to join the Master’s Harem and become his property. Mozu comments on the quality of the “crop” this year stating there are many cuties. Kohaku is annoyed at Ginrou hiding behind her, but he reminds her that he’s a guy and doesn’t want to join a harem. She reminds him that it’s a mission to get the petrification weapon and they need all hands on deck.
Someone suddenly screams and we see Ibara holding a girl against her will. He claims to have been searching for the beast, but the girl will be compensation for a long search. Her husband begs them not to take her, using the fact that they just got married as a reason. Ibara casually dismisses their newlywed status asking why it should matter. This makes the husband angry and he prepares to attack Ibara. Amaryllis stops him and asks him to endure it a bit more, stating that she herself has had friends turned to stone and she’s endured for five whole years, all leading up to this moment where they plan to infiltrate the harem and save everyone. Despite her reassurance he’s heartbroken and asks what a timid girl like Amaryllis can do. Before she’s able to answer, the other girls are called to present themselves.

Amaryllis slips into character and shyly introduces herself saying she’s nervous around big, strong men and overwhelmed at “little old her” being chosen for the ceremony, much to Kohaku and Ginrou’s astonishment. Her act works because she’s selected right away. They go through a selection of other women until it’s Kohaku’s turn to present herself. She tries to come off as energetic but falls way short since the acting didn’t come naturally to her. Ibara overlooks her presentation stating she’s easy on the eyes and his old eyes always appreciates a woman with curves. He reaches out to touch Kohaku’s chest area and she immediately switches to warrior mode and silently warns him not to. He doesn’t see the threat in her eyes and just as he’s about to touch her inappropriately, Kohaku grabs his hand at the same time Mozu, who was closely monitoring the interaction, uses his lance to hit Ibara who pulls away before Kohaku could break his hand. Ibara confronts Mozu who lies that he saw a bee and that’s why he hit Ibara. His excuse was accepted and Kohaku ends up being selected.

Mozu confronts Kohaku asking her if she’s really strong. He tells her he likes her type, but also warns her that while he doesn’t know what she’s really after, if she’s going to mess with the Harem he loves so much then he’ll stop her in her tracks. He departs, but not before telling her he’ll sneak in to visit her in the harem one day and he’s looking forward to their encounter. I’m not sure if Kohaku deliberately misunderstood or she really didn’t get his innuendo, but she replies that if he means mortal combat she’ll be ready.

Senkuu, Gen, Suika and Soyuz are at the lab trying to create a Science Earring for Kohaku. Made of Copper Wire, Rochelle Salt, Stone and some feathers for aesthetics, Senkuu creates an Earpiece that will be used to receive messages while Kohaku is at the palace. Senkuu takes some time to explain how the earpiece will work even without batteries to Gen and the others, before they set out to take it to Kohaku before she’s transported. Back at the selection ceremony, Ginrou introduces himself as Ginrolina and tries to put them off by being the exact opposite of cute. Ibara laughs and calls “her” a tomboy and says she’s very cute thinking she’s tough and she’s selected much to Ginrou’s horror.

As the group head to the palace, Soyuz tosses the earring to Kohaku who put it’s on and, much to her dismay, is asked to test it by striking a cute pose. She thinks of what Suika always does and imitates it to the best of her ability. The testing is deemed successful despite Senkuu’s dig that he wouldn’t call it a cute pose. As Kohaku leaves with the rest of the party, she promises retribution on Gen for the cute pose debacle.

Suika wonders how they will get the weapon now that they have people on the inside. Senkuu mentions Kirisame is the one wearing it and she’s a fierce fighter so taking it from her would be a billion percent asking for trouble. Since Kirisame knows the value of the weapon, there’s only one time she’s not wearing it and that’s when she throws it to activate it and turn someone into stone. Senkuu thinks that is the best time to strike since he always knew the battle would be fought in midair. Senkuu declares, much to the shock and disbelief of his friends, that they are going to build a drone and that up in the air science reigns supreme.


Chapter rating: 7/10.

The selection process by a perverted old man was a bit uncomfortable and annoying to read. I wish Kohaku had broken his hand, but then she would not have been selected and that would defeat the purpose of the whole thing. The Master is coming off more and more like a clueless spoiled child gathering toys and leaving them on a shelf. Mozu basically admitted to sneaking into the harem and having his way with whomever he chose, not to mention Ibara feeling comfortable enough copping a feel without any hesitation makes me think he samples as well. His casual dismissal of stealing away a married woman was the icing on his scummy cake.

Now Senkuu is going to build a drone. I will reserve judgment because honestly some of the things Senkuu does make me side eye the author. It will most likely be a tiny drone, maybe toy-like so that wouldn't be too bad. But after a speedboat, car, hot air balloon and a huge ship, I really shouldn't be surprised at what they come up with next.

To discuss and share your thoughts on the manga, you can visit our Dr. Stone section.

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