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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (140)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on Jul 6, 2019 16:53

The Promised Neverland Chapter 140 Review by Elusia


The chapter starts in the demon kingdom where Lady Bayon, along with her demon kid, is heading straight towards the kingdom’s capital where the Tifari festival will be held. All of the royal families are preparing for it by going to the place as well. Lord Pupo comes running in looking for one demon Lord Dozza, but he is not found anywhere. Lady Poum comments on Dozza’s rude actions, but Lord Bayon insists that they should endure it and that he was done for in case he had gone back to his domain. He then openly states that he’d rather have Gilan back on court, which causes negative responses and panic with the other lords. He then continues on how the former Lord was integral, elegant and cared for his fellow demon subjects. Sighing at the thought of the former demon lord being condemned to be in the wild, he wonders if his banishment was necessary. While the festival preparations still on-going, Gilan is seen outside of the capital, waiting for his chance to strike.

Meanwhile, Emma and Ray are faced with an oddity of a cube that contains a black sphere. Ray thinks about several possible theories regarding it, but both know that it’ll eventually lead to the demon lord. Slowly, they approach the cube and upon touching it, Ray suddenly gets teleported elsewhere. He notices the kids, quickly realizes that he was back at the hideout, and starts asking rapid questions. Concurrently, Emma gets teleported to the Seven Walls and meets the demon lord for the first time. The demon says that they had finally meet as Emma comments that she finally came from the entrance like he had asked her to. The demon lord continues saying that he knew that Emma would find a way to him. She then asks where Ray is and he assures her that he’s safe and back with his family. He explains that Ray almost made it there as well, but that he couldn’t break through due to him thinking only intellectually. He also notes that Emma’s mind is different and looks delicious to him which makes her freeze for a little bit. He carries on with the conversation, asking why she came to the place. With lingering thoughts in her mind, she states that she came to meet him to make a new promise.

It feels like a short chapter, but it does give the readers enough information and energy to carry on to the next. The first half was just a build up to the festival, but does give some info about Gilan, which is a plus. It gives you a lingering thought of whether Musica was a part of it.

Then, the second half went by and I was a bit disappointed in how it handles Ray as a character. But it didn’t bother me so much because the main point of the Seven Wall plot is part of Emma’s personal journey to making the promise. I hope it will work out for her, but I'm getting the feeling that this might not be the case.

Overall, this is a pretty decent chapter. I rate it a solid 7/10.

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