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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (141)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Jul 9, 2019 13:24

Yakusoku no Neverland/The Promised Neverland - Chapter 141 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: The Promise of a Thousand Years (1)

This Week's chapter starts with a brief Flashback to when the Kids arrived at the Shelter,just as they opened the pen left behind by James Ratri where they learned about the Promise and it's particulars. When analysing the Promise the Kids realized that while it includes that neither Demons or humans hunt the other and hence are allowed to live in their respective worlds peacefully it included another deciding agreement,which we don't learn yet but the Kids are resolved to use it for their advantage as this detail seems to put the odds in their favor regarding a new Promise with the Supreme Demon Leader. Back in the present Emma confronts the Supreme Leader with her wish of forging a new promise with him,which he surprisingly agrees to much to Emma's shock but before she can calm herself the Supreme entity tells her that while he can grant her wish of forging a new promise he will get his "Compensation" afterwards. Another Flashback begins back to 1000 years ago around the time when the Original Promise was forged by the Leader of the Ratri Clan at the time,we see a battlefield where Humans and Demons are battling each other with 2 wounded knights lamenting that they fell for a surprise attack of the "Monsters". Suddenly another Knight with an Owl on his shoulder approaches them,claiming that it is time to take back what is theirs.

The knights recognize him as "Sir Ratri", he rallies the soldier with a single shout of motivation by announcing that they'll finish this quickly and then return to their homes. As they charge into Battle against the Demons we see a brief exchange between Humans and Demons with the Humans actually having the upper hand against them,once the battle was over the humans mourned their losses and the Clan Leaders came together in the night to discuss their next moves. Curiously enough,2 of the Leaders resemble Emma and Ray although we do not know their names yet they take the initiative during the conversation similar to Emma and Ray,here is what is happening: While they achieved victory in todays battle and won over one of the enemies bases the Humans took heavy casualties from it as well leaving the leaders to wonder how they can win against them,with Sir "Emma" wondering if something like a truce is impossible. Sir "Ray" and another man wonder about the likelihood of them agreeing to a truce while an elder man claims that they should fight to the bitter end,suddenly Sir Ratri who is revealed to be named Julius proposes that they should offer them a certain number of human beings so their daily needs of food are satisfied and accounted for. He claims that if Demons are offered something they desire then the likelihood of a truce would increase.

He goes on to explain that they don't need to offer humans with "value" but can always just offer them slaves or criminals that nobody will care about according to him,he is quickly silenced and interrupted by Sir "Ray" and the Elder man who claim that while it is an idea it could endanger all mankind and there would be no justice in it. Julius apologizes for his foolish suggestion and is consoled by a Woman sitting next to him that says his heart is just too confused due to the many deaths they suffered from, Sir "Emma" claims that the only way to achieve victory is for them to continue fighting together no matter their differences in kingdom and rank for this World is one they all live in. The World waged by their ancestors ends here and now,they fight for a world free of any man eaters! Julius and the others seemed to agree with him as they charged into battle once more while motivated by his words,hoping this mission will be over soon and that the only upside about it is that him and his dear friends are fighting together. However..."Hope" is a very fleeting thing as Julius would soon have to realize as the young Archduke Lewis attacked his camp and threw a pile of bodies and limbs his way,proving his overwhelming strength as a Noble. He slaugthered several soldiers within seconds and visibly scared Julius.

Lewis greets him by admiring how beautiful the moon in this night is,all while smiling at him in an almost bloodthirsty manner,as the demon approaches him intending to end his Life as well Julius realizes that he doesn't want this anymore. He's fed up with everything,he doesn't want to see more of his Comrades die in his arms as well as charging into more futile battles that only bring them a little closer to peace. He stops caring about the lives of his soldiers or their wishes and dreams because he is tired of all this,his selflessness fades away for good now. He thinks to himself that everything his friends told and promised him are mirages that will never be a reality and that he now has a chance to claim peace for everyone,there is no better chance then this. He drops his Sword and surrenders to Lewis,asking for him to be taken to the Queen as he wishes to offer negotiations....

Great Chapter of Neverland! 9/10! The leader of the Ratri Clan for some reason reminds me of both Peter and Norman at some points during the Flashback,maybe it was just me,while 2 of his comrades reminded me of Emma and Ray lol. Even their views on their negotiations with the Demons somehow aligned with that thought i felt like,i didn't think Lord Ratri made the decision to forge the promise by himself nor did i think that he would betray his friends like this. It's like he brushed all their concerns and worries aside only for his benefit,which makes me excited as to how they'll react when they learn of this betrayal and the forged promise. I'm also curious what this part of the original promise is that the Kids want/wanted to use against the Demon Leader in order to forge a new promise with him,i wasn't surprised that the Leader would be open to forge a new promise since what happens to the Real World is none of his concern and also because the Demons technically hold the reigns of Power in their hands right now. Besides,wether they'll stop eating Humans or not,the "compensation" that you can't deny him remains the same i believe. Emma will have to make a sacrifice here,it seems more and more likely at this point. Surprised by how well the Humans were holding up against the Common Demons to be honest,because i thought they were forced into this promise because the odds were highly stacked against them(Which they were to an extent) but going by what some of the other Knights were saying they had good chances and a shot at winning this War against the Demons. Though i wasn't surprised by how terrifying Lewis was in the past,he is a monster in the present so a 1000 years younger him must've been like a living Hell on the Battlefield.I suppose when faced with that i almost can't blame Lord Ratri for faltering and submitting to his own judgement,believing into his Comrades would not have saved him from this but perhaps retreating would've been a wiser choice rather than selling out all Mankind. But that's me...I'm looking forward to how this Flashback continues,as well as what Emma's "price" will be,this is Neverland's high point and i can't wait anymore.

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