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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (142)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Jul 23, 2019 08:06

Yakusoku no Neverland Chapter 142 Review by Elusia


The chapter continues with the flashback as a knight from the battlefield comes into the hideout to tell the people inside about the terrible news regarding the ongoing battle and Commander Ratri’s status. The people want to rush out to get him and see the rest of the army, but Julius stops them at the entrance. They celebrate his sudden return, but then he wants to talk to them again about the proposal.

Julius explains that the offering of humans as a food source is needed; it ensures that the demons will never hurt them again and gives them better results than losing more and more people through war. He exclaims that he had enough of the constant fighting, having a flashback from a battlefield where he sees a lot of people in a pool of blood, and says that if they can make the offering, it’ll end conflict for good. One person argues back, but Julius retaliates by saying that, for the sake of mankind, they have to end the war. It’s not a decision he wants to make, but it’s the price for saving the humans. He begs them to accept the proposal, but they still refuse, telling him about the humans who would be taken by the demons. Not only will suffer from the single offer; since their children would be used as food this would increase their misery infinitely. The group goes silent for a few seconds before talks resume about what they have been going through themselves and that they’ll fight all the way. Julius interrupts them, proclaiming that he has heard enough, and screaming out that they are all wrong. But another person stops him and tells him that even Julius himself doesn’t truly want to do it since he’s the kindest one and feels even more responsible than most of the other leaders. He continues on stating that Julius wanted peace for all mankind through no compromises and expresses to him to take a break and rest. Julius keeps on insisting that they are wrong and before he talks to them again, he stops with a tired look on his face. He suddenly turns on them when the demons start attacking the knights, revealing that he became a traitor, already having made a deal with the Demon King, and despite disliking the idea, he announces that his friends will be the first cattle humans. Leaving the room with his friends captured, he monologues that his decision is the only answer and that his choice will save the human race and their world.

At the Seven Walls meeting, the demon lord accepts Julius’ wish, but he also demands something in return, keeping in mind the other meeting Julius had with Ivelk, a High Demon King. The Demon Lord grants his wish and tells Ivelk the first of his requests: the best meat the demons will grow throughout the ages. In his human farms, he wants meat better than the meat the kings are served. Ivelk accepts it. The Demon Lord then tells Julius that he will become the gatekeeper, keeping peace between the two worlds. He continues on with affirming that Julius’ overall role will be inherited by his family as well and mocks him that he can’t run away from his new responsibilities as he will be the foundation of the new peace treaty between the two races, forever binding him to his actions he took when betraying his friends.

Back in the present, the Demon Lord asks Emma about her wish and in return, reminds her of his reward. Emma thinks about the Demon Lord and what he is currently thinking and what he wants, but he only said that he wants the most important thing in life from the person making the wish. He asks her again whether she wants to go through with the wish despite those conditions, but then Emma boldly wishes that all cattle children shall be sent to the human world and that the two worlds will be closed off afterwards.


This chapter wraps up the two-part flashback chapter leading up to the new promise. It was satisfying to see what lead to them sacrificing some humans to the demons, but also tragic to see, from Julius’ perspective, that the offering was the only path to freedom of all mankind and he paid the consequences, both by having his friends forced to become the first human cattle and by him having to suffer for his decision by being forced to oversee the promise. Julius made a huge mistake, but I did see where he was coming from.

Back to Emma, she was hesitating for a little while before doing what she thinks is right and just like Julius will end up suffering due to the inevitable consequence. Since Emma’s whole ambition is about her family, the price would be highly related to them. Maybe her family will be the last cattle food or all of them including her will be stuck in the demon world forever. Either way, it will definitely be horrifying.

Overall, I find this chapter to be great and look forward for more. I rate it a solid 8/10.

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