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Chapter Review: Black Clover (213)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on Jul 25, 2019 10:54

Black Clover Chapter 213 Review by Emperor Spriggan

This chapter feeds onto the previous one, a conclusion to the arc. All the fighting is over, so now the main cast is occupied with escaping the enemy stronghold. Oh, including the elves as well, pretty much everyone who survived the course of the arc. There's a hilarious scene with Charmy holding onto Yuno and vowing to never let him go.

The issue of the elves still rampaging through the kingdom pops up, and Mereleona says they could just roast them all. This is a pretty funny remark. Asta wonders what he can do with one sword, and Patri suggest they can use William's magic to counter all the elves. Valtos appears, giving Patri his grimoire. Patri then asks Asta to undo his reincarnation so that William appears.

Patri turns to Raia and Fana, telling them he will be heading out first. He entrusts Licht with the rest, before Asta calls back William to be in charge of the body. William realizes Patri has let go of his anger and resentment towards humans, and is happy for him. He also recalls his own troubled past, how he was tormented as a child because of the scar on his face. He also holds himself responsible for the war, so he feels equally responsible to have to bring an end to it all.

At this point, Licht and William combine their magics. The result is a large tree which spans a huge distance, and is visible to everyone in the kingdom. Now, I found this scene quite interesting because of one thing. Back when Julius was fighting Licht, Licht used that mega sized spell to try and wipe out the kingdom. It was visible to everyone in the kingdom, so they pretty much almost witnessed their own death. This time, everyone is bearing witness to William's heroics, so I can see it affecting whoever becomes the Magic Emperor later on. Julius said Magic Emperor is acquired by merit, and William has pretty much amassed tonnes of it by now from the citizens of Clover Kingdom.

The tree summons every elf's soul to it, then Asta uses his sword to expunge all of them from their hosts. This was a pretty clever way of having the main character get involved with saving the day. Rather than having him hog the spotlight. As the souls are being expelled, the Third Eye members tell Licht they can't go with him. Something about their original bodies having no souls (Which means they were reincarnated into bodies that were already dead? If im getting this right). Fana and Vetto bid Licht farewell, and Raia promises he will try living on, as much of a pain as it is.

Charla regrets she couldn't see her younger brother again (I don't know who she is referring to), but she admits that fighting with Yami was a honor. Yami looks amused at the fact she is being honest, and Charla says she doesn't want to be as tactless as Charlotte is around Yami.

Licht tells the First Hokage that he will go on ahead of him, since his sister is waiting for him. Hashirama is happy that they were able to behold the vision of a peaceful Konoha, so this time there didn't have to be any statues at the Valley of the End;P Kind of a shame for the fans, but oh well. Yuno wonders if the reincarnated elf inside him was Licht's son, but Licht tells him that wasn't the case. Still, he was glad that he was able to fight against Yuno, saying it felt like he was fighting alongside Sasuke. He wishes Yuno good luck for the future, then hands Asta his grimoire. After thanking the knights of the Clover Kingdom, Licht proceeds to disappear along with the other elves.

Now, my thoughts about this chapter are that it was a pretty neat conclusion to the elf plotline. In the end, everything ended up tying itself up into a pretty ribbon, so that was nice to see. I wasn't such a big fan of this arc, but I can see why most people found it epic. One thing I am wondering though. Does this mean the possibility of Licht and Tetia's child still being out there is a possibility? That would be a nice arc idea for later on, as long as it doesn't end up like that Onion brat from the Naruto Gaiden. Also curious about the next arc, as well as who the next Magic Emperor will be.

Chapter rating: 7.5/10.

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