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Chapter Review: Black Clover (214)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on Jul 29, 2019 20:01

Black Clover Chapter 214 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: Dawn

This week’s chapter picks up from last week, where our heroes are watching as the Elves leave. Rades suddenly gets angry and casts Wraith Magic: Soul Abductor on Licht. He says the magic is something he can only use on someone who’s been with him a long time and Licht qualifies. Rhya realizes the body that housed Licht’s soul has magic again but it’s not Licht’s, it’s Patri’s. The magic is not a reincarnation but a reanimation since the body was only a copy made by Sally. Asta wants to know what Rades is doing but he doesn’t even understand it himself. He tells Patri that he’s not going to allow him to go off and and be happy, he’s going to stay and think about all the people he trampled underfoot, specifically Rades himself. Patri asks if he should thank him since he’s given him an opportunity to atone, but Rades is still angry and warns Patri that he will kill him one day so he should spend his life trembling in fear. With that, he leaves with Valtos.

Rhya scolds Patri, telling him he got his just desserts by not being able to go with Licht. It wasn’t done maliciously, but fondly as Rhya smiled gently the entire time. William suddenly appears and hugs Patri, lamenting that he never thought he’d be able to touch him. He calls Patri his closest friend, someone who shares his sins, but before he can talk with Patri there was someone else he needed to apologize to first. He acknowledges his request as selfish but asks Yami to take him to Julius.

Elsewhere, Fuegoleon, Nozel, Yuno and the other magic knights attempt to start rebuilding the kingdom. Asta is being healed by Mimosa while Noelle scolds him for being reckless as usual. Lumiere, who is with them, takes the opportunity to thank them for breaking the Devil’s spell that had been in place since their time 500 years ago, ironically with the power of another Devil. Mimosa and Noelle question Asta as to his and Secre’s identities, seeing the similarities between Lumiere and the first Wizard King's statue. Asta shocks them by confirming that he is in fact the first Wizard King, and even more when he reveals Secre is actually Nero. Asta thinks Nero gained the ability to turn into a human but Secre corrects him stating she was a human to begin with and couldn’t speak until the Shadow Palace appeared. Secre continues to tease Asta, calling him impudent for telling the Prince he wants to be like him, while Noelle watches on thinking Secre is actually adorable in human form as she was in bird form. Lumiere says Wizard King is just a word to him but Asta and Yuno have shown him that the ideals he aspired to live on in their generation. He wonders which of them will become Wizard King and of course Asta says it will be him much to everyone’s disbelief as Secre continues to remind him he’s nothing like the Prince.

Lumiere suddenly starts to disintegrate and admits he doesn’t have the magic to hold his body together any longer. Even Mimosa’s recovery magic is useless. Lumiere asks Secre to watch their futures and ideals play out for him as well. Secre desperately tells him she would go with him, but he tells her he gave everything he had 500 years ago and it should have ended for him then, but because of her he was able to protect the future. While that’s enough for him he doesn’t want to see her cut off her own potential. He says he’s looking forward to the futures of the Magic Knights and also the Clover Kingdom they defend. He also silently admits he could not be more satisfied having seen his own descendants as well, while looking at Noelle and Mimosa. Secre grabs his hand and cries as she tells him being able to serve him made her very happy. He tells her he was happy as well and thanks her for 500 years of service before disintegrating completely.

Yami takes William to where he preserved the body of Julius, but to his shock the body isn’t there. Suddenly they both sense a familiar magic power and a voice apologizes for being a disgrace during a national crisis. The voice continues to explain stating that he thought the spell would take effect much sooner and that he’d stored 13 years of time but it was a gamble as he wasn’t sure it would activate properly. A young man suddenly appears before them and a shocked Yami and William realize it’s Julius. Julius smiles and congratulates them both on excellent work.

Chapter Rating: 8/10

I loved the farewell between Secre and Lumiere as well as the interactions between them, Asta, Noelle and Mimosa. I was surprised the rebuilding work began so quickly but why wait I guess. It’s nice to see that everyone not only fight together but work together to clean up the damage done to the Kingdom.

Now, on to the controversial aspects of the chapter. Firstly I don’t think Patri needed to be brought back. I really thought he earned his peace after being used so viciously and carrying around all that hatred. But I’m guessing Tabata has more use for him. I also see that despite inhabiting Licht’s copy body he still has the eye of his Dark Elf persona. I figured he would go back to being a pure Elf so that’s something to watch.

Next we have Julius coming back. I have no problem with this. I know his apparent death was 50/50 within the fandom but I personally wouldn’t mind learning more about him and his unique magic. The way he came back has a decent and believable explanation that it doesn’t look like something pulled from Narnia. I mean what he did by basically resurrecting himself, not really sure about the specifics yet, has shown he’s definitely the strongest in the Kingdom. He has his memories intact but it’s left to see if his power is even half of what it was. If not he might relinquish the title of Wizard King. I just don’t see how he would go back to blending in with a faction, be it his old one the Azure Deer, or he joins a new one, either the Golden Dawn or Black Bulls. How will the others treat him? With respect as the former Wizard King or as a comrade they can hang with? It will be an interesting dynamic unless he finds some way to age himself, which I highly doubt.

In regards to William, with Julius coming back and already complimenting him on good work, I don't think he will suffer severe ramifications of his actions. His greatest sin to date was killing the Wizard King and now that that's off the table, he will most likely only be scolded. If he leaves his position it would be voluntarily, but I really think he will be forgiven and will try to live up to his potential without the dark influence of Patri, who will also be around atoning for his misdeeds.

Finally, with Secre sticking around I definitely think she will join the Black Bulls. Her magic is unique enough, plus I think she will want to stay close to Asta, because despite the fact that she keeps telling him he’s nothing like the Prince, we know she likes him and believes in him.

There are so many questions now that the arc has ended, not to mention so many directions the story can take now. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next.

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