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Important Notice For International Scanlators

+ posted by bax in Site News on Jul 23, 2009 07:28


This is an announcement for international scanlators who are using other groups' English scanlations as base for their releases.

Lately, there have been too many cases where international groups didn't follow the requests from the original English scanlators for the usage of their releases. Some groups are nice enough to allow you to use their cleans as base, so be sure to fulfill their requests. It's not hard at all really.

What do I need to do if I want to use others' releases as base?

1. Ask for permission! Unless you get prior permission or the group states somewhere (like in their credits page) that you may use their releases as base, please don't use their releases. That's considered stealing.

2. Credit them! They're the ones who cleaned the chapters, you're just erasing the texts and replacing them with your language. So all the credits for the cleaning should go to them instead.

How do I credit them?

Different groups have different requests on this. Some groups only require you to credit them by just mentioning them in your credits page. But, for the sake of getting this right, please just include the original credit page along with your releases. Which means, take the unmodified original credits page of the English scanlation, and include it in your international release, along with your own credits page.

Example: http://mangahelpers.com/s/dark-shinobi/details/40355

Note: Some groups (eg: Binktopia) made this a mandatory. For mandatory cases like this, the international releases will have to comply to be available on MH, no exceptions. Releases which don't meet the request will be deleted and warned, and might lead you to a ban (either members of the group, the group itself, or both).

Before I end this news post, I can't stress enough the importance of asking permissions and fulfilling the original scanlator requests. Thank you for your cooperation.

Tips: Unsure on what to do? Contact the original scanlator first and ask them on what to do. You can go to their group page and PM the leader (or any members listed there) to ask. (Or any other methods for that matter, emails or IRC channels, as long as you can reach them).


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#1. by mayoi ()
Posted on Jul 23, 2009
yup....they should ^_^ it's hard to clean you know hehehe
#2. by witchhunter ()
Posted on Jul 23, 2009
Almost all Russian teams do these requirements. And if it is not - then them then scold cruelly!!!
#3. by ruggia ()
Posted on Jul 23, 2009
I know there are lots of Korean scans that use English ones as base but never bother to give them credit... I don't think they are even part of this community. They just get the scans and post them on their blogs or websites as if it's their own.
Want me to report them?
#4. by Jinoh ()
Posted on Jul 23, 2009
awesome new rule :) great to see this around.
#5. by bax ()
Posted on Jul 23, 2009
@ ruggia

If the scans are posted on external sites, there's little MH can do. Since we can't moderate other people's sites.

However, in the past, I helped some fellow scanlators in contacting them and telling them to stop stealing other people's work. That's the very least I could do to help.

Anyone can help too though by delivering the message. If you see it on MH, report it. If you see on external sites, then if you can contact them, please do. Every little bit helps.
#6. by Revilenigma ()
Posted on Jul 23, 2009
"That's considered stealing."

I lol'd.
#7. by Dark Sin ()
Posted on Jul 23, 2009
well said
#8. by Gradonil_Ral ()
Posted on Jul 23, 2009
Good, I already lost the count of spanish groups, who used helz0ne\'s work as a base for releasing Veritas in spanish without stating who brought the original release.
#9. by zidane ()
Posted on Jul 23, 2009
Thank you bax, and the whole MH staff, for this announcement.
#10. by Unproductive ()
Posted on Jul 23, 2009
I think it\'s just a matter of not being rude.

#11. by Watashiwa7 ()
Posted on Jul 23, 2009
Not all international groups steal the cleaning =P Big italian teams usually use raws like a normal english team does.
But I agree about the rest (besides asking for permission doesn't take too much time).
#12. by kavy ()
Posted on Jul 23, 2009
well, I belong to a spanish group, when i got there, they use english scans as base for the spanish sans and they make me used them too.. \\\\\\\'i really hate ir, and instead of use the englis scans i use the raws, I dond\\\\\\\'t like use the work of somebody else because I know the time that takes cleanning a raw...
I hate what the spanish group do, a lot of then call te english version \\\\\\\"raw\\\\\\\"... that is stealing... :S
#13. by fui ()
Posted on Jul 23, 2009
Scanlators do this with the idea of "no earning in return". So if there is nothing to earn, there is nothing to lost either. Because they do it willingly. They don't have to do it. I have experinced it, it is really hard work.
Anyways, this whole things are piracy; one pirate can steal the other's. But we are in 21th century. So it is a good idea to ask permission, (I don't think there is someone out there who will not give permission) or just credit them by name or website url if available.
And please give credit to Eiichiro Oda by buying the series. (I guess he earns when we buy Viz's~~)
#14. by Dark-san ()
Posted on Jul 24, 2009
It is unethical to get those cleans which people had done and without crediting it to them, this group instead claim the hard work as theirs. It is not just stealing alone, it is rubbing salt onto the wounds of the original cleaners. They did all the dirty work and the group just sneak in a claim all the glory.

It is difficult to police on this area. And the biggest hurdle is explaining to the international scanlators in their own language. =\ Thankfully the staff of Mangahelpers are quick to handle it for me.
#15. by kinkaju ()
Posted on Jul 24, 2009
No offense meant to anyone, but I find this rule kind of funny. These scanlating groups are technically stealing from someone else to scanlate the material, and then they get mad when someone else does it to them. Most of them never even acknowledge or give credit to the creator and artists who helped make the manga possible. Credit should go where it's deserved and I believe that includes, if anything, the creator of the series especially.

That's just what I think. I'm ready for the trolls. Hack away.
#16. by Gama ()
Posted on Jul 24, 2009
@kinkaju: ditto.

I think the same about this topic... I mean it's a little... contradictory to call it "a steal" since the english groups are scanlating someone else's work (and without any kind of permission, may I add), but there's also other things that we have to consider, and the main thing is that these groups who scanlate the manga do it without any pay of any kind, maybe the only payment is that credit they claim so badly. And maybe the best credit they can give to the autor of the manga is the very fact of taking the time and the effort to clean it and translate it, that's why some manga don't get to be translated at all.

But at the same time this applies to the int. scanlation groups as well, for they (we) are doing the same thing: taking other's job and re-doing some things (in this case the typesetting). And we use the cleans from the groups we think are the best, and that should be taken as a compliment, at least I wait Binktopia's releases even though they're not the first, but the quality is really high.

The one thing I don't approve is when int. scanlation groups take credit for what they did NOT do, like the cleaning, it's not like they're becoming rich by doing so, but a matter of respect like someone said. THAT's what should be punished. So if you ask me, just giving the proper credit to the cleaner in one single credit page should be enough, and this rule of adding the original credit page is completely unnecessary.

But rules are rules, you know?, besides: when you realize all the work that takes to clean a raw (a quality clean) then you get to think that this people deserve to be credited the way they want it, it's not like we're losing a limb in doing so either.
#17. by unok-kun ()
Posted on Jul 24, 2009
*unokpasabaxaki remembers when a few of his translations to Spanish were used without crediting the original cleaners and he got mad at them*

When I release in Spanish, I always clean it myself (nowadays; before I didn't, but I always aknowledged those who deserved the credit), so I know how hard it is to clean.
#18. by L0ki ()
Posted on Jul 24, 2009
And to top it off, most international groups suck at typesetting and translating (at least the spanish ones do). Well, I guess it's logical since they leech other groups cleanings too.
#19. by sasuigintou ()
Posted on Jul 25, 2009
ok, thanks for the message

i'll take it, and put them in our credit's page ^^

and i'll put their original o¡page (if they have)

#20. by Lsshin ()
Posted on Jul 26, 2009
this is great BUT this wont change anything, most spanish groups that do this dont even come to mangahelpers for example we have


they doing player kill yet dont even give any credit what so ever to Helz0ne and tons more, some people say

Scans: Binktopia or whateva
Cleaner: someone from their team WTF??
most spanish groups are full with dummys who even work from paint and dont really care about who actually worked on the manga and right now the biggest comunity stealing scans is the spanish comunity it hurts to say it but it is true, only w ay to stop it is talking with the owners of sites like


those are the biggest spanish sites for manga and if u see out off 100 maybe like 5 groups clean the raws, and out of the 95 that use english scanlations, maybe around 10 give credits, this problem was started by now days one of the biggest groups "Dragon Piece" and it just keeps growing, 1 the hunger to be the first with something, and the lack of cleaning intentions from the millions of groups
#21. by zahir2035 ()
Posted on Jul 29, 2009
What this world really needs is multi-language scanlation groups. This would greatly reduce the size of this problem and make this kind of discussions a moot point.
Besides it, having a same version available in several languages from the same scanlation group will make the versions more coherent.
IMO it's just a matter of seeing which languages are the ones that carry the higher volume and then open the recruitment of that language translators and typesetters.
Once you have a *good* English version, most of the difficult part is done for most of western languages.
#22. by sh1no ()
Posted on Jul 30, 2009
Ya itu memang perlu, karena sebagian scanlation group dari indonesia suka mencuri hasil karya dari Sleepy_fans atau Binkt0pia sudah itu mereka menghapus kreditnya, lebih parah lagi mereka melakukannya hanya demi uang. Ya lebih baik pakek bikinan sendiri walaupun itu jelek.
#23. by zahir2035 ()
Posted on Jul 30, 2009
Ya itu memang perlu, karena sebagian scanlation group dari indonesia suka mencuri hasil karya dari Sleepy_fans atau Binkt0pia sudah itu mereka menghapus kreditnya, lebih parah lagi mereka melakukannya hanya demi uang. Ya lebih baik pakek bikinan sendiri walaupun itu jelek.

-> Google Trans ->

Yes it is necessary, because some scanlation group like indonesia's stealing the works of Sleepy_fans or Binkt0pia is that they remove the credit, the more severe they do so only for the money. Yes better pakek product itself is ugly though.


Do you mean they ask money for their scanlations ???????
#24. by sh1no ()
Posted on Jul 31, 2009
Do you mean they ask money for their scanlations ???????

yeah, something like that...
I'm sorry, because I can not speak English well...
they (some scanlation group in indonesian) always upload in ziddu.com
if there is someone who download from this site (ziddu.com)
the uploader will get money from this site...

#22. by sh1no (Scanlator)
Translation Ver.

yes it is very necessary, because some scanlation group in indonesian always stealing the works of Sleepy_fans or Binkt0pia and then they remove the credit, And they doing it only for some money,
Better use of our own work rather
than stealing the works of others. Even though our cleaning is not good enough.
#25. by mansemino ()
Posted on Jul 31, 2009
You forgot mangacity.es... An example on this week (naruto 458): http://mangahelpers.com/s/mangacity/readonline/44442/1

No credit, no thanks to SleepyFans, only that fantastic dude that do himself all the work in a few hours... maybe minutes... :P
#26. by zahir2035 ()
Posted on Aug 1, 2009
I'm sorry, because I can not speak English well...

IMO you write it very well, though :) .

An example on this week (naruto 458): http://mangahelpers.com/s/mangacity/readonline/44442/1

They could learn some Spanish too ;)
#27. by graficool ()
Posted on Aug 5, 2009
#28. by  ()
Posted on Aug 7, 2009
The main problem here is that, while (at least this) "english" community cares about crediting and that stuff; there are a bunch of foreign communities that don't give a fuck about the people who worked on the manga, and so do the ones that translate the bubbles into their language, because at the end they just want to read the manga (in other words, "why would they care about the people who worked on that?", if they stop releasing it, someone else will).

Since those people don't care much about all this credits stuff (I've come across several foreign groups that just don't even credit anyone, not even themselves), I think it's pretty much impossible to reach a point where everyone credits the original people who worked on the manga, and there's little we can do about that.

But at least, since MH is one of the biggest communities (for the people who "care" about crediting and stuff), I agree this rule will help a lot here.
#29. by ZonicEye ()
Posted on Aug 8, 2009
i really have respect for the groups who clean the scans, so i started to learn to clean from the raws, id wouldnt like to steal a scanlation
#30. by Yurigon ()
Posted on Aug 8, 2009
I'm not used to put credits for english cleans, but now I'll put it in all credit pages, i've tried to clean from japanese raws and...no comments. D:
[ Sorry for any english error. D: ]

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