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Issue: New and exciting

+ posted by Hermie in Site News on Jun 17, 2007 21:45
New and Exciting!

New Art Contest Winners!!

Week 25 Winners
Advanced Winner

Amateur Winner

Click for more!

New Art Contest Winners! Here are the latest Fan coloring winners! MasterX won the advanced competition, while Maydarati reeled in the victory in the amateur division!

Don't forget to check out the new and ongoing contests!!!

Image Gallery Updated: We have changed the software of our image gallery! We put away the old Coppermine system, and have installed PhotoPlog instead. This gives us an image gallery that is easier to both use and browse (And the random thumb function actually works! =D). The unfortunate thing is that we couldn't directly transfer the files that already were on Coppermine, but fear not! Our staff is hard at work with re-uploading everything from there, including work from the recent art contests. :D
Another great thing about this new system, is a function that shows in your forum profile exactly how many works are submitted under your name:

Cool, right? ^_^

¿Qué Pasa? A section that was previously very popular on the board, has sadly been declining in activity lately. The general languages forum is a place where you can come either to chat with other MH-members in your own language, to learn a different language, or maybe teach your language to others. The possibilities are endless!

Bi-weekly featured Manga! As you may noticed, we feature a Manga on a bi-weekly rotation (Shounen, Shoujo, Seinen, Josei) from now, to bring more variations and lesser known series to your attention. Today's Manga is a popular Seinen:


An interesting fact for our Shounen fans here at MH should be, that Bastard!! by Kazushi Hagiwara actually started in Weekly Shounen Jump in 1988 before it got moved to the monthly Seinen magazine Ultra Jump. It's still ongoing with currently 24 volumes.

The story is set in a medieval world dominated by sorcery, war - and Heavy Metal terms. During an attack of Metallicana, the powerful sorcerer Dark Schneider gets freed from his human prison by the priests daughter Yoko. What a bother, that he himself wants to take over the world and has no intention to rescue the country. Will Dark Schneider rescue the world - but who will rescue the world from him? A fantastic journey full of adventures, action and ecchi comedy beings.
Find more informations about the releases and talk about this awesome Manga in our Bastard!! discussion thread.

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#1. by WinterLion (Grand Taichou)
Posted on Jun 17, 2007
:glomp Thanks for taking care of the news post this week. ^^ And congrats to our Art Contest winners. Great job to both. :)
#2. by shrimpy (Translator)
Posted on Jun 18, 2007
question: do you have to actually have pictures to see the image gallery? I tried to go there but it says my access is denied...
#3. by Fuzzy (Post Hijacker)
Posted on Jun 18, 2007
[quote=shrimpy;436403]question: do you have to actually have pictures to see the image gallery? I tried to go there but it says my access is denied...[/quote] sry about that, a slip up on permissions on my part >.< you should be able to view it now tho :D
#4. by Gold Knight (MH Senpai)
Posted on Jun 18, 2007
Eni was right when my post count should be the part with the "Huh?" circled around it? XD [eni]Of course, I was right ;) [/eni] I've uploaded more to my gallery, as you guys can see. Enjoy. :p And good job to our resident viking for writing up the post ^^
#5. by shrimpy (Translator)
Posted on Jun 19, 2007
yes, thanks it works now. If it didn't take me so long to translate maybe i could actually draw something :S

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