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Issue: KameHameHa---!!! Update #1

+ posted by njt in Site News on Jun 30, 2007 07:23

Amateur Contest Winners

Week #26

Week #27

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New Art Contest Winners! This week’s announcement include some past winners.
Shispare won the #26 amatuer contest while Dralaquan has the honours for Week 27!

Finally, the exclusive once a month contest for Jun was won by Moonx for the B&W Fan Art Category, while aelithe won the Coloured Fan Art Category!
Congrats to all our budding artists and don't forget to check out the new and ongoing contests!!!

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Bi-weekly featured Manga! As you may noticed, we feature a Manga on a bi-weekly rotation (Shounen, Shoujo, Seinen, Josei) from now, to bring more variety and lesser known series to your attention. This time we feature our first Josei series. As you may know, Josei is the female equivalent to Seinen and our smallest genre section so far at MH. Visit our Josei forum for more informations!

Vampire Girl (If You Wanna Break This World)

This manga was released by two groups and just finished this week by both. It's your classic girl-meets-vampire-story but told in a different, matured way. The vampires are shown as realistic beeings, trying to live in a world without a place for them and our female protagonist is dragged into these kind of life all of a sudden.

When Kanna gets saved by a unknown man, her live changes drastically. But has he really saved her life or did he open the door into a cruel world of bloodthirst and angst? Can love and friendship find their way back into a Kanna's life or is there a higher reason for their sorrow - and who is the one playing with everyones fate? A tragic story filled with mystery and and psychological elements. See our Vampire Girl Discussion Thread for downloads and talk.

Dragon Ball is BACK?!

The Art Contest Winners are yet to be announced! Stay tuned.

Featured Manga: Dragon Ball RN!
We haven't talked a lot about Doujinshi recently, but a new Dragon Ball doujinshi named Dragon Ball RN has caught my eye! Released just today, this series takes doujinshi to a whole new level, direct from Japan, translated in to English.

Several years have passed since Goku mysteriously vanished with the Dragonballs, the Earth and its mighty warriors have been at peace. Gohan has retired from his duties of being a fulltime superhero; the Great Saiyaman and is desperately trying to balance his life between his family and work, spending much of his time dreaming of his past glory. Vegeta faces a new disturbing force which he has never seen before, and which he has no idea how to handle... complete peace. Due to the lack of new rivals and adventure, he has settled into a very relaxed family life. What will Earth's mightiest warriors do when a new evil rises? Will they be able to save the Earth from this new, evil presence that lurks over the planet? Faces of the past linger behind the shadow of a new evil, bound to shake the grounds of reality forever! Goku, where are you when we need you the most!?

Read the first chapter of the series online at DragonBallRN.com. Tell us what you think in this news post by commenting!!

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#1. by ketwaroo ()
Posted on Jun 30, 2007
nice find (yeah I'm still here,dn't worry) well it's kinda... drawn and coloured on a computer. well it's still chapter 1 and a bit too early to say but Vegeta would have preffered death rather than that kind of life
#2. by RuNa ()
Posted on Jun 30, 2007
While it certainly does look nice, it seems a bit too westernized to be able to make me believe that it is canon. Also...I don't like the plot twist at the end :X I guess I'd have to see where they are going with this before I pass judgment on it.
#3. by Hitsugaya_333 ()
Posted on Jun 30, 2007
I think it's very nice. :) We'll see though, first impressions may be deceiving. :amuse
#4. by UzumakiRoman ()
Posted on Jun 30, 2007
it's a good look!! been forever since there was some new dragonball. i hope it keeps going!
#5. by Ramza ()
Posted on Jun 30, 2007
lol vegeta seems so out of character, its hilarious XD
#6. by theshizzle ()
Posted on Jun 30, 2007
man i forgot i was supposed to be reading Naruto, but this is nice. I am sure this will spurn a lot interest since there are hellalot DB fans out there.. but i liked it... i am always open to check out and enjoy some Doujinshi [hr] i too hope this continues...
#7. by Temari ()
Posted on Jun 30, 2007
[quote=Ramza;448689]lol vegeta seems so out of character, its hilarious XD[/quote] yeah XD but i like it^^ and i hope it continues :D
#8. by Hiruma Youichi ()
Posted on Jun 30, 2007
it was good to see Raditz again maube he's super saiyan this time.
#9. by mugen ()
Posted on Jun 30, 2007
great find hope to see more of it :jbya
#10. by Meccamputechture ()
Posted on Jun 30, 2007
Lol...I don't know what to say.
#11. by SporkNinja ()
Posted on Jun 30, 2007
This has to be fanmade. Raditz shouldn't have come back. What's more what is he doing stalking somebody from their closet? If it was made by akira toriyami I doubt vegeta would ever let himself get like that. Still interesting to read though..
#12. by Bastille ()
Posted on Jun 30, 2007
Remember that it is a doujinshi, not a manga. Thus it is fan produced, and not canon. Akira Toriyama might have been used as a reference when they were making it, but aside from that, he had nothing to do with its production. Doujinshi - Fan based production using characters they don't own the rights to Manga- Production using characters the artist made up Simple way of putting it, not the actual definition, but it is still a way of comparing the differences between the two
#13. by Uozumi ()
Posted on Jun 30, 2007
[quote=SporkNinja;449092]This has to be fanmade. Raditz shouldn't have come back. What's more what is he doing stalking somebody from their closet? If it was made by akira toriyami I doubt vegeta would ever let himself get like that. Still interesting to read though..[/quote] Doujinshi means it's a fancomic. It looks like it's a cracky one at that. I would hope this is a parody and not just someone who seriously percieves the characters this way.
#14. by dimezanime88 ()
Posted on Jun 30, 2007
Where have you been sensei?:(:(
#15. by melie ()
Posted on Jun 30, 2007
omg what have they done to vegeta >< LOL Other than that, it's good to have DB back in some way :3
#16. by holmes221 ()
Posted on Jul 1, 2007
pretty impressive about the picture quality, but the character expression and storyline is crap He/she is too free to do all this.
#17. by sharinganLS ()
Posted on Jul 1, 2007
Lol it was hilarious. Didnt like the way they showed vegita though (they could have made him a gym teacher or something lol).
#18. by Bastille ()
Posted on Jul 1, 2007
Vegeta teaching gym? He'd be fired after one class for threatening to kill half of his students... The only place Vegeta might fight in would be an army instructor and even then it'd still be a bit weird
#19. by Nami (Queen of The Damned)
Posted on Jul 1, 2007
There is also a thread[url=http://mangahelpers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=14695] here[/url] to discuss more on this Doujinshi too. ;)
#20. by Hiruma Disciple ()
Posted on Jul 1, 2007
hmmm... it doesnt look like Toriyama's work plus the story is rather... dissapointing for me. Im a DBZ fan (not a DBGT fan as I find the storyline for that one rather kiddish) Anyway, it looks nice n all but I dont see it as the real thing
#21. by KlosterKatten ()
Posted on Jul 3, 2007
[quote=Ramza;448689]lol vegeta seems so out of character, its hilarious XD[/quote] Couldnt have said it better myself xD
#22. by wykowsuki ()
Posted on Jul 3, 2007
it was interesting the character development scenes were too predictable, except for Vegeta not sure if I like it or not, I will read the next one and see
#23. by juUnior ()
Posted on Jul 3, 2007
Quite good, but not enough interesting first chapter to me to beieng absorbed in waiting for next. It would be nice if such news would be posted when there would be for example 20/30 chapters, but with only the first.. ehh it's good, that is :p
#24. by Xophien (Eroge Danchou)
Posted on Jul 4, 2007
I've read two pages, then joyfully went to forget about it. Not that the art is bad or the story is bad or whatever (I won't judge in two pages anyway), but I think it's about time we let Dragon Ball in its grave (where it is for me ever since the end of the Cell arc) and start to do new stuff :amuse
#25. by narutimateguy ()
Posted on Jul 4, 2007
why the f*** does it say i need a password?? :(
#26. by cogknack ()
Posted on Jul 4, 2007
wow im sorry i thought that was horrible -_-
#27. by Nami (Queen of The Damned)
Posted on Jul 5, 2007
Check out the revised post on the Art Contest Winners above! :amuse
#28. by zenozatch ()
Posted on Jul 6, 2007
Great...DBRN! I loved it...and the plot twist at the end. The only thing is...I don't think Vegeta would let himself go like that knowing it's possible for him to see Goku in the Afterlife. Meh...I don't know.
#29. by theshizzle ()
Posted on Jul 8, 2007
When is the next chapter coming out?
#30. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Jul 8, 2007
Read the manga again, it says on it :p.
#31. by theshizzle ()
Posted on Jul 8, 2007
got it :)

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