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Art Contest - Interview with the Summer Advanced Coloring Contest winner

+ posted by Agrias in Site News on Dec 6, 2009 16:13

Hiya! We're back with another interview. Today, we introduce you nerendaia, winner of the Summer Advanced Coloring Contest. She still doesn't have a gallery here, but is as a cleaner for Maximum7 scanlation group.

Her winning piece, "Starrk, ready for battle".

Let's see what she has to say, then!

  • Please introduce yourself!
    Hello! My (nick)name is nereidaia, I’m from Germany and I’m a cleaner/tl checker/sometimes typesetter for Maximum7’s Bleach & Darker than Black scanlations. I’ve been with M7 for about 2 years now. Cleaning really got me into all things Photoshop, as in colourations and 2D art.

  • Have you participated in any Arts Contests before?
    I haven’t really participated in any Arts Contests before, mainly because I’m still trying to find my own style when it comes to digital art. Colouration is somewhat ‘easy’ because the frame is already given with the line art and I’ve just got to fill it with colours and shapes.

  • Tell us something about your winning piece. What has inspired you to draw it? Tell us about the process!
    “Starrk, ready for battle” was a spur of the moment colouration. Every Bleach page featuring a single panel is interesting for me to colour, but it was during the chat with my fellow Bleach cleaners in our IRC channel that I really felt like doing it. They gave me a lot of feedback during the process, too, which definitely helped improve the overall look.
    Most challenging was probably to get the fur to look right. I was aiming for a natural light grey/crème wolf fur look.

  • Any tips for our aspiring artists?
    Tips for aspiring artists: Really look at other people’s works, how and why they did things a certain way. There’s tons of really great colourations and original art out there on the web. Lots of helpful tutorials, too. But of course, the best way to learn and get better is by practicing and trying things out.

  • Which is the mangaka that inspires you most? Why?
    Eh, there is no specific mangaka that inspires me the most. Since I’m mainly cleaning Bleach every week, it’s the biggest temptation for me to colour. Otherwise, I like how many mangaka draw people and clothes, especially folds.

  • Where did you learn and how did you begin to color manga?
    I started to seriously colouring about the same time I started cleaning. There’s that one coloured page I did in the very first Bleach chapter I cleaned. Before that I’ve been dabbling in Photoshop, but like I mentioned before, cleaning gave me a focus and a purpose to actually delve more deeply into Photoshop and its many, many tools.

  • Are you satisified with your artwork? What are you trying to accomplish/improve?
    Sadly, I’m too much a perfectionist to ever be really satisfied with my artwork. Even with ‘Starrk’ there are small things I’d like to improve but I’m forcing myself not to. I’m not that good at sketching, that’s the main area I want to improve in. But there are many other techniques I want to explore, maybe even venture into 3D for original artwork.

  • How do you like the MH community so far?
    I really like the MH community and everything it has to offer. I’m not getting as involved in forums as I used to be, but whenever I look for some info, raws, scanlations and so on, MH is the first place I go to.

  • Leave a message for the fellow users!
    Support free scanlations! ^_^ And good quality scans, too! If you are interested in Photoshop, colourations and scanlations, learning how to clean is a good way to start. Maximum7 is always looking for new cleaners, and we’ve got a great academy in our forum to teach you all the basics and then a bit to get you off a good start. If you have questions and want to chat, find me in the MH and M7 channels. I’ll be glad to help if I can!

    And what about you? You only have until december 10th to submit something for our Autumn Art Contest! ;D

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#1. by ExiledVip3r ()
Posted on Dec 6, 2009
Yay nere!
#2. by kingsenol ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2009
I really like maximum 7's work. You guys always deliver on the quality and you picked up a awesome series which I really love namely Darker Than Black Shikkoku No Hanna. Keep up the good work and if it's not too much to ask bring out some more Darker Than Black chapters! :)
#3. by nereidaia ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2009
I'll try to get more Darker than Black chaps done, maybe during the Xmas break. ^^

EV o/
#4. by progste ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2009
you guys of maximum7 are great!
anyway I really liked this colorize, no wonder it won^^
#5. by kingsenol ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2009
Awesome! So far the manga has been really good. IMO even better then the second season. Hopefully they'll make an OVA about the manga.

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