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MH Interviews: Special Exclusive! - Sick Nimmons' Manga Re-Incarnated!

+ posted by njt in Interviews on Apr 1, 2010 08:34
Today we've got an extra special treat for everyone!

MangaHelpers is proud to present a new artist by the name of Sick Nimmons who has graced us with an exclusive look at a oneshot for a potential upcoming series he's working on called Re-Incarnated!!

We've been given special permission to allow the comic to be viewed online so check it out by going here:

Do keep in mind that this oneshot may or may not be the final work. Please give some of your advice so he can improve.

To add to all this excitement, we've been allowed to have an interview with the talented artist. So let's get to it!

Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions. I'm sure people that read your new manga will have lots of questions as to who you are.

No problem.

Before I get to know more about your inspiration for your new manga, I'd like to get to know you a bit more. Who are you? Where did you come from? And why did you choose MH to show off your new work?

Ah, well, as you already know my name is Sick Nimmons. It's, of course, my pen-name. I've had issues with my real name so I thought it'd be best to play it safe with a new identity and a new magma. Where do I live? Oh, well that's a bit private. I don't want stalkers, you know. I choose MH because if I release here then chances are more people will see it. I also know that I could get a lot of feedback by having my magma posted here and having my own scanlation page. Besides, if anyone gives me any shit I'd know who exactly to sue.

Wow. Needing a pen-name to conceal your true identity?! That seems like a story for a manga in itself! It gives us high hopes as to what you'll be creating here on out. Speaking of manga, how'd you get interested and what do you like?

I got interested at a very young age. My father may or may not be a rich and famous person so I tended to be spoiled. As such, I would get gifts from my pops from all over the world. One day he brought me some magma and I got hooked. I started reading all types with my favorites being Hellsing, Vampire Hunter D, NANA, Dogs: Bullets & Carnage, Deadman Wonderland, One Piece, Code Geass, Black Lagoon, Full Metal Alchemist, D-Gray Man, Kuroshitsuji, Death Note, Lupin The Third, Naruto, Neon Genesis Evangelion, The Sandman, Wolf's Rain, RAE, ChaosVoid, RobbinGraves, and Staerk just to name a few. Oh, and I also have a thing for Bleach... Detergent! The fumes in itself is inspirational...

One Piece eh? I can see you have taste!

Yep. It's the best.

So being hooked on Japanese Manga was your inspiration to start working on your original work?

Yeah. I mean, comics just don't have the impact that the Japanese can come up with. But then again they're not as skilled as me. So I wanted to try and convey that with my work. You know, give comic lovers a little bit of love from the orient with a touch of Nimmons. With that in mind, I utilized certain styles from my favorite series. You know, my way to give them homage for the inspiration - I just made it better.

And your new comic? Tell us more about that.

Oh, well, I have a friend that when he likes a series, any series it gets cancelled! It's a comedy-esque type series with a bit of action here and there. You'll love it! OK, maybe I suck with descriptions, but it's my best work yet. PLENTY of homage to all my favorite artists out in Japan. WOOOOOOO!!! Read my completely original work and tell me what I already know... That I ROCK!

Seems a bit familiar, but from what I've seen it has potential! Here's to hopefully a great reception by your readers!

No no, Thank you!

Disclaimer: This interview is a work of fiction. Any and all references to real persons are purely coincidental.

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#1. by matias067 ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
1st hahah... nice one!
#2. by Katz ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
LOL great stuff
#3. by lopata ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
nice joke xD
but damn, realized it at the end -_-

poor me ><
#4. by cepillon ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010

jajajaja sick nimmons hahahahaha xD........
#5. by Helltroll ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
Epic :>
#6. by zetsubou.shin ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
oh come on..why the disclaimer? :))

great job with the avatar thing btw...made me wonder for a moment if i really put that >.>
#7. by howbigis1gb ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
:/ . Nice one, but thanks for changing all the avatars and sigs to reflect this article
#8. by zetsubou.shin ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
you should check the post count as well..not that it has anything to do with the article :))
#9. by dHEKU ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
#10. by progste ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
Sick Nimmons... LOL! XD
#11. by thornofcarrion (The Original)
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
My favorite series of all time X.X, truly genius....
#12. by OunknownO ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
Who is this guy?
#13. by Bugzee ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
*amused* Happy April Fools' Day to you too MH. :p
#14. by Teeba ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
OMG, an English-language based comic that consists of homages to other authors that looks like retracing after retracing? I'm totally pysched!

Sick Nimmons, you don't need to say you rock, we know far to well who you really are. <3
#15. by baboysai (Pink Warrior)
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
a friend who starts to like a series and it gets cancelled... aw...
#16. by 5erge ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
My favorite line: "Yeah. I mean, comics just don't have the impact that the Japanese can come up with. But then again they're not as skilled as me."

#17. by pipenho001 ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
Awesome, the best, no words can explain this: as Sick Nimmons said "YOU ROCK!!!".
#18. by Black Lagoon ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
hahah Nice one xD
#19. by Kibate ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
The Disclaimer was the best part!! PURELY COINCIDENTAL, sure, i believe ya
#20. by GAT-X252 ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
I thought someone hacked my account...

#21. by Octto ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
but... what?! Was it a 1st April's joke!? FUUUUUUUUUUU XD
And I almost believed on Psyren's cancelation! OMFG! *almost died*

I can see that I'm still too naive... I have to Train more! Yohohohohohohoho

GREAT POST!! M-H is The Best!! \o/
#22. by Zaft ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
"Oh no! the surveys!" xD
#23. by Franggio ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
I would totally buy this manga :D

Sick Nimmons is awesome :P
#24. by noob3d ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
Hehe nice one.
#25. by Quetzal ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
I'm gonna go along with this one...

Sick Nimmons, I can't wait for you new magma, i'm sure it'll be FIRE!
#26. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
"Yeah. I mean, comics just don't have the impact that the Japanese can come up with. But then again they're not as skilled as me."

-_-' lol....you guys almost got me. lmao
#27. by LordHakera ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
Hehehe, nice job XD
#28. by jide ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
lol this was funny to read.
I miss double arts too! T_T
#29. by Katsuri ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
I absolutely love this! You just made my day. xD
#30. by 2franz6 ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010

#31. by dosukoi7 ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
oh april fools day
#32. by Leu ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
Got bored of reading the oneshot when I reached the 8 page
#33. by Aphalite ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
Much better April Fool's joke than the last two years' :)
#34. by Feanor ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
The one year where I forget it's the first and could actually be open to an aprils fool joke, and nobody did one.
This doesn't really count since it was obviously a spin on the ugly nick simmons deal. Still, nice one.
#35. by jamjamstyle ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
Hillarious hehe XD Simmonsing, the newest trend.
#36. by ayumu ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
nice,great job,i need an inspiration as yours
#37. by KayalhawK ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
LOL, best April Fool's thing I've seen so far today.
#38. by Drmke ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
lolz ^ :facepalm
#39. by msg ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
best one-shot manga ever! lmao at pokeball.KISS must be fuming lol
#40. by joshua019 ()
Posted on Apr 2, 2010
hahaha...... i didnt read at all first, then it got me worried cuz psyren is one of my fav. manga
#41. by fxu ()
Posted on Apr 2, 2010
This Sick Nimmons guy is nothing but a phony, all he did was cutout panels from different mangas and put them together.
#42. by DLord.Van.Buuren ()
Posted on Apr 2, 2010
ok i like my avatar and i want it to appear asap ok its time to end this .
#43. by blai (Corporate)
Posted on Apr 2, 2010
No,no,no, this is very original. Can't you see how he has a script that looks nothing like the other mangas which happens to have similar drawings? Clearly an original work by a genius.
#44. by netanya ()
Posted on Apr 2, 2010
Gee, he sounds so tame. I thought he'd be a real bad guy, you know, full of himself and an ego the size of Aizen's and a real credit hog. What talent he must possess to crank out improvements on those poor originals. Lucky us for such a treat.

yeah, read with chin-deep sarcasm, folks...
#45. by Lsshin ()
Posted on Apr 2, 2010
hahahah this has been the greatest april fool's joke ever you guys sure put a lot into it huh lolz
#46. by HPTR Fangirl ()
Posted on Apr 2, 2010
Happy April Fools day.
#47. by Sema ()
Posted on Apr 2, 2010
lmao @ Sick Nimmons and re-incarnated
#48. by arimareiji ()
Posted on Apr 2, 2010
Best April Fools of them all.

Everyone go out and buy a hundred copies and send in surveys so this epic original manga won't get cancelled! It's completely original, and it's the best of all time1!11!
#49. by feisu-chan ()
Posted on Apr 3, 2010
The hell was that?! hahahahaha! LOL at sasuke's back!
#50. by HikaruYami ()
Posted on Apr 3, 2010
Bahahah, that's an epic disclaimer. Coincidences ftw :3
#51. by nat ()
Posted on Apr 3, 2010
I don't wanna be a spoilsport or anything.
But for April's fool joke, it was kinda lame....
#52. by Kitkit ()
Posted on Apr 4, 2010
Sick Nimmons, thats priceless. Awesome!
#53. by ZaCloud ()
Posted on Apr 5, 2010
Heh, wow, I only learned about the plaggy debacle on like, March 28th, so I was just in time for getting this joke. ^_^;;

It must be hitsuzen! ;)

Hilarious, I love it.
#54. by Arvael ()
Posted on Apr 9, 2010
Lol xDD
#55. by weeklyjumpman ()
Posted on Apr 9, 2010
Is that... Sasuke? With a Pokeball insignia on his back...?
#56. by BaiXing ()
Posted on May 6, 2010
Lol!!!! Awesome :D

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