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New Manhwa and The Breaker Forums!

+ posted by saladesu in Site News on Apr 10, 2011 15:51
MangaHelpers is expanding! We are proud to present a forum dedicated to Manhwa. We hope all of our Manhwa fans stop by and discuss their favorite series. Not a fan of Korean comics yet? Now's the perfect time to start!

We are also happy to announce the first manhwa sub-forum, dedicated to popular martial arts series The Breaker by Jeon Geuk-Jin and Park Jin-Hwan.

Have fun! o/

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#1. by Shinsatsu (MH's Most Fashionable Member)
Posted on Apr 10, 2011
The breaker is one of the best martial arts series. I bet everyone will welcome the idea of having a manhwa section. Thank you Staff.
#2. by benelori (The Hero MH Deserves)
Posted on Apr 10, 2011
It is indeed great...it is definitely time for manhwa to receive some loove on MH...great news
#3. by thornofcarrion (The Original)
Posted on Apr 10, 2011
Well said guys, indeed it is great to have a separate section for Manhwa.
#4. by blai (Corporate)
Posted on Apr 10, 2011
Brilliant decision! It was about time Manhwa got some proper acknowledgement on this site! :-)
#5. by kusanagi_k ()
Posted on Apr 10, 2011
{The Breaker} is worth reading- good story, great drawing- But it has been.. on hiatus for the past 6 months.

Can I recommend {Girl In Heels} too? But, warning- either you love it or you hate it, hehe.
#6. by blai (Corporate)
Posted on Apr 10, 2011
The Breaker : New Waves is a "sequel" to The Breaker that started six months ago actually ^^ So it's still running.
#7. by Shinsatsu (MH's Most Fashionable Member)
Posted on Apr 10, 2011
yeah the breaker ended back then :) and now New Waves is coming out every week ^^
#8. by kusanagi_k ()
Posted on Apr 10, 2011
O..M..G.. Thank You So Much Blai senpai, Shinsatsu senpai !!!
yeah i just found it and catching up right now! - feel so foolish :)
#9. by Asahina ()
Posted on Apr 10, 2011
Saladesu, you have finally made me proud of you. ^_^ lol, just messin.
Not that I wasn't in the past, but now I can finally have hope for this site.
#10. by benelori (The Hero MH Deserves)
Posted on Apr 10, 2011
@Asahina...U had that comment last time about MH being biased...I sooo wanted to spoil you, but I guess in the end it was better this way
#11. by Asahina ()
Posted on Apr 10, 2011
Sooner or later....maybe in the year of 2013
We can probably see official Manhua discussions added to the site.
Now that would make MangaHelpers the complete three.

But we got to remember that ManhwaHelpers & ManhuaHelpers domains hasn't been taken yet. You could do this and still share the same forum board. But I guess that the more domains you have, the greater burden you'll have on the costs.
#12. by blai (Corporate)
Posted on Apr 10, 2011
@Asahina, As soon as we see a demand for a Manhua board on MH (as in enough Manhua threads, and enough stimulation in them) I bet you anything it'll be made public in seconds! We hope that one day we can have a Manhua and Manhwa section that is as big as our Manga one. It's actually all up to the members to show us that we need to build one! :)
#13. by Zeltrax ()
Posted on Apr 11, 2011
Yay, must read teh breaker now.
#14. by kanamechidori ()
Posted on Apr 11, 2011
What happened to the latest section?

Manhwa and shoujo replaced that tab...can you bring them back?
#15. by Spartacus ()
Posted on Apr 11, 2011
If "The Breaker" was published by shounen jump magazines, then this series would have gotten allot more chapters, allot more scanlation groups, and allot more fans. Probably would have gotten an anime by now...

The same thing you could say for "Nobleese"...and "Veritas"...
Really, it is not only the artist & author that makes a series successful, it also depends on which type of publishing company you are dealing with.
#16. by saladesu (in absentia)
Posted on Apr 11, 2011
@Asahina: it is exactly as Blai said :) When we see that there is a demand for a Manhua forum one will be made ^^ Right now there isn't, and there would be no point making a manhua forum if it was half-dead, right? :p

@kanamechidori: Sorry, can you explain exactly what you mean...? What was under the "latest" tab? (I hardly used it so I don't recall) This arrangement was deemed the most optimal to ensure that Manhwa and The Breaker got their rightful places on the menu, but if you have any feedback or suggestions feel free to raise them here (I will apologize in advance if it gets missed), this section or via PM to any global/admin, myself included, and we would be happy to help.
#17. by Kaiten (Harasho)
Posted on Apr 11, 2011
Latest translation and translation home used the same link under a different name. Clicking 'translators' takes you to translators home page, with a listing of the latest translations. Same goes for 'latest manga', it and 'manga database' linked to identical pages. Click on 'database' and the listing of latest manga is on that page.

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