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MH moves to dedicated hosting!

+ posted by Nimloth in Site News on May 18, 2008 22:34

The team behind MangaHelpers is proud to announce that we have moved to a new dedicated hosting solution. Over the past few months since we released v2 of the website, we have been working dilligently to continue improving MangaHelpers in any way we can.

We have been gathering feedback from you - our valued community - on what kind of improvements you want to see with MangaHelpers. Amongst all the feedback we have gathered, comments about website downtime and the annoyances of the popup advertisements were common place. After looking at our website, we felt inclined to agree with you all. Therefore, today - we have done something about it.

As mentioned previously, this website has been moved from a Shared Hosting Environment to a Dedicated Server Environment and different hosting network. What can you as users expect from this change?

Very little to no downtime.
Gone are the days of DDoSes on other websites within the Shared Hosting bringing down our community.

Faster access to the website regardless of location in the world.
We have carefully picked out the best hosting solution with the best backbone that provides the best data transfer rates regardless if you are from Japan, Europe, the United States or anywhere else in the world.

And most importantly...

The popup advertisement has been removed from the website and forums for EVERYONE.

We are always looking to improve your browsing experience here with us, and we hope you can appreciate the effort we are putting into keeping MangaHelpers.com the most friendly, helpful and reliable source for all your Manga needs - be it translations, scanlations or other community oriented initiatives.

But wait, there still is one more thing that we would like to note.

We have hinted before that we had ideas and improvements that we wanted to implement on MangaHelpers.com but never really gave you any more information than that.

With that said; we are currently developing a new set of features and improvements for MangaHelpers that we have codenamed "MangaHelpers v2.3". While we would love to indulge you as to what exactly these features and improvements are, we have decided to wait with that for a little while longer in order to get that extra "Wow!!" effect on you all with a really polished product.

When we feel that it is ready, we will be opening up a "beta" test of the new features of MangaHelpers for you all to try out and give feedback on.

In conclusion, stay tuned for more news and updates from everyone's favorite manga website!


The MangaHelpers.com Team

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#1. by kunai-knight ()
Posted on May 18, 2008
Thanks for the update :) The site's really making progress, and improving on a lot of things is a sure way to keep such a huge forum base happy. I'm pleased with the effort mangahelpers is making. I'm curious though, how are you guys affording all this stuff now that the advertisements are going?
#2. by Nimloth (よろず屋 / Yorozuya)
Posted on May 18, 2008
@kunai-knight: On the topic of advertisements disappearing; We have removed all the pop-up ads, but retain the on-page advertisements, currently served through multiple ad networks. This change in hosting does come with increased costs, yes, but we have solved that by working out a deal with a new media/advertisement agency for exclusive rights to all ad-publishing on MangaHelpers. We will be switching our on-page advertisements to this agency around the beginning of June. We are firm believers of remaining a free website for everyone to fully enjoy. This means cutting down on the annoying advertisements, and improving the advertisements served on site to be more relevant and pertaining to everyone's interests. In the end, by working out deals to serve interesting and relevant advertisements on page, we both improve your browsing experience as well as cover the increased costs of our new hosting solution.
#3. by yemsta ()
Posted on May 18, 2008
This just goes to show the progress and popularity that mangahelpers continues to make as a community. So much effort is put into regulating the site and modifying it to make it the best it can be and i just want to add my thanks.
#4. by nxlouco ()
Posted on May 19, 2008
MH Is Awesome!! Always Will Be!! And Will Be Even Better As Time Goes On!!
#5. by NJung ()
Posted on May 19, 2008
So that was why I couldn't get to the site earlier!!! Well, good to see MH up again!!!
#6. by Uozumi ()
Posted on May 19, 2008
I've had ten instances since the posting of this article with this message on a white screen: "Sorry, the website is unavailable at the moment while we are testing some functionality. We will be back soon..." I've never had any trouble since the move to VB until just the past two days.
#7. by Nimloth (よろず屋 / Yorozuya)
Posted on May 19, 2008
@Uozumi: That message is not actually an error, but a notice in VB to let you know that we were working on the website :) This is because we turned the forums off while copying the forums database between the servers. This has to be done for a few reasons; 1) To not get a corrupt database. 2) To not get "out of synch" databases where posts disappear as the database is copied. As for two days ago, I couldn't tell you why you were having issues. The migration was performed from start to finish between 10 hours ago and 7 hours ago during the 3 hour timespan.
#8. by natli ()
Posted on May 19, 2008
That's great! I'm looking forward to those new features! But I've never noticed any advertisments on MH...maybe I'm blind or something. Or is it tunnel-vision? :D
#9. by bax ()
Posted on May 19, 2008
@ natli The ads only appear for unregistered members. Registered members don't see any popups at all.
#10. by emer ()
Posted on May 19, 2008
Great success! Keep it up : D
#11. by holmes221 ()
Posted on May 19, 2008
Wow...so all the while MH was running on Shared Hosting? That's cool. Congrats now for moving to dedicated solution. MH is always the best for its manga helpers :)
#12. by myth0logy ()
Posted on May 19, 2008
woohoo, now I don't have to deal with those pop ups everytime I delete my cookies :P
#13. by blai (Corporate)
Posted on May 19, 2008
@ bax I approve your post but dont we want EVERYONE to be happy when they are visiting MH? :) Great job to stay ontopic
#14. by Nimloth (よろず屋 / Yorozuya)
Posted on May 19, 2008
[quote]I approve your post but dont we want EVERYONE to be happy when they are visiting MH?[/quote] We do, and that's why we removed the pop-up ads for non members :)
#15. by bigtymer32 ()
Posted on May 19, 2008
glad to hear keep up with all the things you guys do.i love this site :)
#16. by One Eyed Sharingan ()
Posted on May 20, 2008
Whoah dedicated server :D:D, yer da best thanks a lot for all of your efforts and now you're making me curious about this top secret improvement :D
#17. by Saifi ()
Posted on May 20, 2008
just wanted to add my thx and approval of what u guys have been been doing *thumbs up* also looking forward to the new updates
#18. by HikaruYami ()
Posted on May 20, 2008
It's still amazing that you guys bring us this much without so much as a Donate button (hahah, at least, I've never seen one)~
#19. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on May 21, 2008
Glad to see the site improving over time!
#20. by bax ()
Posted on May 21, 2008
@ Hikaru Yami That's true. The donation button never existed anywhere on MH :)
#21. by craziii ()
Posted on May 21, 2008
dedicated hosting is great, I just hope it doesn't add to the operating cost of the site. I want you guys to last forever!
#22. by belo ()
Posted on May 21, 2008
You guys are the best, popup's removed and making this site faster is the most suuuugggoooiii!!! thing , thanks guys.Even though u guys remove the adds , how would u afford to bare the cost of the site. don't know but it sure is nice of you guys. thanks again HORRAAAIII FOR MANGAHELPERS !!!!!!
#23. by Cryz ()
Posted on May 21, 2008
hmmn nice v2.3 - sounds nice but by announcing something like that i expext something extraordinary from you guys. Lets see if you can satisfy me :)
#24. by Absolutio ()
Posted on May 21, 2008
I just love being part of this awesome community led by the even awesomer admins and staff here. It's really wonderful seeing all of the dedicated staff here working around the clock for the community, and you guys are what makes this site, and more importantly, this community, the best in the world. Much appreciated!
#25. by Sariachan ()
Posted on May 22, 2008
Great! :D
#26. by abcdefghijkL0L ()
Posted on May 23, 2008
One word; awesome.
#27. by Misa ()
Posted on May 23, 2008
Fantastic MH. I've always loved your site and relied on it for it's absolute integrity and dedication in providing it's weekly manga releases in a very efficient way. The advertisement popups were getting out of hand, so thank you so much for fixing them! I love you guys, thank you for all your hard work. As long as Naruto is being released, I will always be staying at this site.
#28. by mr_iq180 ()
Posted on May 23, 2008
MH rocks!
#29. by frodfy ()
Posted on May 24, 2008
Wow..I think that's so awesome!! Must have taken you a lot of time and effort. Thank you so much!X3
#30. by az060693 ()
Posted on May 31, 2008
This should have happened a long time ago.... you don't keep a site with over 20,000 members and tons of traffic on a shared host.

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