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BT recommends: Franken Fran

+ posted by Reactive in Manga Reviews on Jun 28, 2008 16:19
Yup, this is the first BakaTensai(meaning me!) recommendation, enjoy!
I first heard about this manga on the MangaUpdates' release page. Was checking for anything new out, saw the title "Franken Fran", so I said heck, let's check it out. The cover (1) didn't really look that interesting, a somewhat naked frankensteinish blonde girl, so I read the description:
Fran can make anyone into anything, raise the dead, switch heads and bodies and give you those eyes that you've always wanted. But do you actually want them? Is it a good thing to raise the dead? Do the ends justify the means? And does Fran care?

"Hmm, maybe another time" - I thought. ~3 months later I see this picture from it on irc or on a forum (can't remember), and uhm... although disgusting I kinda found it funny as well (yeah, sick me, like you guys never had fantasies with bug-girls!(lol)). "Oh well, might as well give it a try."

Well, after reading it, I must say... this is… one weird manga. As SnoopyCool describe it on their site, it’s a really super dark gory manga that not many can enjoy. But I sure did! Fran, the main (female) character, is a doctor… of sorts. She can turn anyone into anything and anything into anyone and anyone into anyone else and anything else into anyone, y’know ? She lives in some professor's mansion/research lab/zoo (whatever you want to call it really), where there's all sorts of "people" that she "saved", and I'm betting plenty will like the puppy with the human head(lol). All in all, people come to Fran (or she finds/comes to them :P) to get an operation(not really the normal stuff, or at least the result is not normal, no sir!), or to revive the dead (hell yeah, Fran can revive the dead with her leet surgical skills!), and she gives it her all (her 8 hands) for the operation (2).

I especially liked 2 chapters from this manga, chapter 2 (Chrysalis) and 6 (Unhappy birthday). In chapter 2, Fran “rescues” a girl that got hit by a car, turning her into a catterpilar (3). After a month, the little girl goes through chrysalis and returns back to human form, and boy... what a babe she is! So she goes off with this wimpy lil boy who "saved" (more like asked Fran to do it) her life and visited her in the process of healing. So of course, they're lovers now, and after a while, they decide to have sex. Thing is, the girl didn't get to "flap her wings" (if you get what I'm saying(you will after seeing the picture)), so... the result(4) isn't what we all expected from a somewhat romantic happy ending. In chapter 6, we have Fran attending a lil girl’s birthday party. How cuuute! Well no, it turns out all the food at the party had some of the girl’s flesh in it, so everyone on board starts puking after they hear it from Fran on the mic, loveable scene (5). Afterwards Fran investigates and finds the girl’s head on her birthday cake in the kitchen's fridge, what a sweet face she has right (6) ?

Well, overall I liked this comedy-ecchi-horror-seinen manga, the art is pretty good too, Fran sometimes reminds me of the girl from Hell's Angel(a manga I dropped after the first ~10 pages, give or take, but that doesn't matter), the stories are funny (in a dark gory comedy sort of way). I guess not many will actually enjoy this manga, but I think it's worth a try, if you can hold your stomach.

Franken Fran is the work of Katsuhisa Kigitsu (probably his debut work, probably a med student as well :D), is seralized in Champion Red and SnoopyCool is (doing a wonderful job) scanlating it.

Well, I think it’s good… >_>

|| ||

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#1. by dedal_x ()
Posted on Jun 28, 2008
GODDAMN! One of the awesomest reccomendations I've received of lately. Thanks!!! ^___^
#2. by  ()
Posted on Jun 28, 2008
Read the first chapter and already got bored of it, actually :$
#3. by Tobi Uchiha ()
Posted on Jun 29, 2008
O__O !! Some scenerys actually gave me the creeps >__< but it's still funny xD
#4. by Shiro-kun ()
Posted on Jun 29, 2008
It looks like an awesome manga which deserves my awe!
#5. by Blabble ()
Posted on Jun 30, 2008
I like the humour. The ending to chapter 2 was quite funny.
#6. by dezz ()
Posted on Jun 30, 2008
owh, i always read this whenever it pops up on the net. it kinda unique XD
#7. by fdbgdg ()
Posted on Jul 1, 2008
thx for the nice find
#8. by ZusXLa ()
Posted on Jul 2, 2008
#9. by emer ()
Posted on Jul 9, 2008
It is really good : D Detailed gore, but still not H-gore : 3 A must-read!

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