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Mangahelpers Featured Manga: 7/20 - 8/3

+ posted by vintagemistakes in Shout-Outs on Jul 19, 2011 20:48

Hello everyone!! Welcome to the next great installment of Mangahelpers Featured Manga News Post. :) As you are probably already aware, every two weeks we will be featuring a few series that we think you will enjoy and/or could use some love discussion wise. Along with this news post, these series will be stuck on their respective demographic boards. So be sure to check them out if you haven't and go discuss them if you have!

Once again, I would like to thank Shinsatsu for making us a fantastic banner[here]. You can see more of his lovely work in his gallery or in the bi-weekly sig contests. :)

Tokage (とかげ)


Tokage, a soul cursed to forever wander the world, unable to rest nor to join the reincarnation cycle, is now looking for its release.

This time Tokage enters the body of a newly dead girl named Yuuka, a shrine maiden. This body requires continual recharging from a highly spiritual person, whom the dead person must have had an attachment to. This person is Shinobu, a younger boy, who also lives in that shrine.

Thus starts the adventures of Tokage and Shinobu in a world gone mad, amidst the chaos and carnage that gravitates to an unsent soul draw. [mangaupdates]

My Thoughts:
"Death is equally granted to everything, but if it means a moment of peace, then continuing to live means... eternal life means... that I will not be forgiven for all of eternity. I don't want anything anymore! I only want one thing, a story with an end. "

Tokage is one of those rare series that you stumble upon and are left wondering why you have never read it before. It may take a some people a few chapters to get into it, but once you get over that initial hurdle, you will just devour the rest of the the series (It's only three volumes long).

As the series description says, Tokage is a cursed soul that is bound to the world for all of eternity and takes residence in dead humans - this time a young girl named Yuuka. In order for the body to not wither away, Tokage must constantly "recharge" it by being around the person that meant most to its new host. This is where the young boy, Shinobu comes in.

As one can imagine, seeing a dead loved one being controlled by a cursed soul would not be a easy thing to take in and deal with. The amount of resentment would be unimaginable. Yet, this is where the true greatness of the series starts to take over. Seeing Tokage and Shinobu deal with those emotions and the comradery that eventually develops is truly wonderful. You really start to get these two characters and understand what they are dealing with. Not to mention, that the art style totally fits the story and the various emotions and themes that are prevalent ( and it's also rather pretty as well - especially the colored pages/covers :D ).

All in all, if there is one series this week that anyone checks out, Tokage should definitely be it. ;)

------ Manga information --------

Demographic: Josei
Status in Japan: 3 (complete)
Serialized in: Comic Zero-Sum (Ichijinsha)
Manga Details Page: Here
Discussion thread: Here

All Images Copyright © 2006 HAIBARA Yaku


Jormungand (ヨルムンガンド)


This manga revolves around an underground weapon seller and her accomplices. The story starts when they add a new member to her team, a quite young and strange boy. He hates weapons. An intense action-packed series with bullets, knives, words, and blood flying everywhere!

My Thoughts:
Jormungand is a very gritty series that revolves around a around an underground weapon seller and her accomplices. As one would expect, each characters has their own backgrounds and little neat oddities. For example, the young boy in the series totally hates weapons as they lead to his families death, but works for a weapons dealer and is quite adept at using them. :s

My only gripe at this time would be the art work. Although, on its own, it is great... sometimes the style makes it a tad bit hard to follow the action sequences. It's not like they are impossible to follow, just a little more difficult then some other action oriented series. Though, that is really nit picking at the series and in no way will detour me from wanting to read more. *yup*

------ Manga information --------

Demographic: Seinen
Status in Japan: 09 Volumes (ongoing)
Serialized in: Sunday GX (Shogakukan)
English Publisher: Viz
Manga Details Page: Here
Discussion thread: Here

All Images Copyright © 2006 TAKAHASHI Keitarou


Yureka (iD_eNTITY) (유레카)

By SON Hee-Joon & KIM Youn-Kyung

In real life, Roto, Boromid and Ah-Dol are average kids with average problems, but in the virtual world of Lost Saga, they're heroes. They might even become legends...if they can stop bickering long enough to level up. Whether it's werewolves running rampant or a gorgeous pair of troublesome thieves, our boys must be ready for anything, because in Lost Saga nothing is what it seems and murder can happen with a click of a mouse.

My Thoughts:
Yureka is a very simple yet surprisingly pleasant story to read. It revolves around a three ordinary friends and their adventures in a MMORPG called Lost Saga. The game itself, is your standard dungeon-esque adventure game

where players gain experience and items by exploring various dungeons, slaying monsters, and taking on odd tasks. You know, your run of the mill type RPG things. For those that aren't familiar with these sort of things... don't worry. They are not overly heavy and won't be a factor in whether you know what's going on or not. And when they might be, they are very simply explained.

The artwork can be a little hit or miss. Some of the panels and layouts are really well done and some are not. If you are stickler for amazing art, this won't be the type of series one will enjoy.

However, the thing that stands out most in the series is definitely the main character Rotto. He is you typical over-the-top / exaggerated personality that makes him stand out just a tad bit more than the rest of the characters. Yet, he's not so far out there that it puts you off - there is just enough wildness and unpredictability.

Overall, Yureka is a decent series. It's not one of my favorite series ever, but it's a good read.

------ Manga information --------

Demographic: Sonyeon (Manhwa)
Status : 33 Volumes (Ongoing)
Serialized in: Chance (Haksan)
English Publisher : TokyoPop (12 volumes-dropped)
Manga Details Page: Here
Discussion thread: Here

All Images Copyright © 2000 By SON Hee-Joon & KIM Youn-Kyung


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#1. by renanamara ()
Posted on Jul 20, 2011
I'd raed Tokage!

Excelent work, I really recoomend! :D
#2. by scav (MH's Most Passionate Member)
Posted on Jul 20, 2011
heh jormungand seems interesting. and yureka is excellant.
#3. by Shinsatsu (MH's Most Fashionable Member)
Posted on Jul 20, 2011
just started jormungand ... I am not sure yet ^^
#4. by Asahina ()
Posted on Jul 21, 2011
Out of all of them, I really think Jormungand stands out.
I read it, and I can vouch that it's kinda good.

Tokage is also good. Just never read past chapter 1 to really say its good.

I never read "Yureka"....
I guess I'll check it out...
#5. by rajin ()
Posted on Jul 21, 2011
TOKAGE AND JORMUNGAND are interesting . first time ever i found something good from featured manga list .

thanks mate
#6. by BakaHaze ()
Posted on Jul 21, 2011
Already read Jormungand and Yureka, both are great.

Tokage looks interesting also.
#7. by vintagemistakes (Vintage Reboot)
Posted on Jul 21, 2011

You should totally read more than one chapter of Tokage. *yup* It's a great series that can be sort of slow at times.... but it is only 21 chapters long. And it will definitely improve ( after one chapter ) and and make you love it. :3

@ rajin
If you ever have a series you'd like to promote, let me know. ;)

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