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Monthly New Anime Shout Out: February

+ posted by Zeltrax in Shout-Outs on Jan 27, 2012 11:00

Hello everyone~ It's time again for the monthly new anime shout out! I hope you guys have been enjoying this year so far and please look forward to the great animes to come!~ Remember, if there is something that is interesting to you, check out the manga and add them to your favorites.
Well for now, let's take a look at what February has to offer.

Berserk Golden Age Arc I: Egg of the Supreme Ruler
ベルセルク 黄金時代篇Ⅰ 覇王の卵

Type: Movie
Release date: Feb 4, 2012
Genres: Action, Adventure, Demons, Fantasy, Supernatural, Military, Seinen
Producers: Studio 4°C
Official website: Here.

Berserk Golden Age Arc I: Egg of the Supreme Ruler,
is the first of three films being released in the Berserk: Saga Project. It is being directed by Kubooka Toshiyuki.
The main theme of the film is being composed by Susumu Hirasawa, while the soundtrack is being composed by Shiro Sagisu. The first three films shall cover the Golden Age arc, and more films will be released in the future covering later arcs.

Synopsis by: Bw

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Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker
ドラゴンエイジ ブラッドメイジの聖戦

Type: Movie
Release date: Feb 11, 2012
Genres: Action, Fantasy
Producers: FUNimation EntertainmentL, Oxybot
Official website: Here.

Following Cassandra Pentaghast, a Nevarran royal who embarks on a journey to unearth a conspiracy within the Chantry. In a time of darkness and barbarism, the Chantry has arisen - a religious order seeking to bring stability to a world corrupted by sinister magic. Led by the Divine, the Chantry's Templar warriors ruthlessly restrain the Mages and their magical cabals. But when the Templars fail, the most elite order of the Chantry takes charge - the Seekers!

Synopsis by: AniDb


Black★Rock Shooter

Type: TV
Release date: Feb 3, 2012
Genres: Action, Drama, School, Slice of Life
Producers: Aniplex, Ordet, SANZIGEN, Ultra Super Pictures
Official website: Here.

In spring, two girls meet: Mato and Yomi. They each sense something in the other that they lack in themselves, and are drawn to each other in spite of their contrasting personalities. Though initially hesitant, they form a strong connection. However, they both have secrets - and in an empty world, two girls fight: Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master. A strange being, Black Gold Saw, watches their mysterious battle with amusement. This is the story of two girls, in two worlds, entangled by the threads of fate.

Synopsis by: MAL


Smile Precure!

Type: TV
Release date: Feb 5, 2012
Genres: Magic
Producers: Toei Animation
Official website: Here.

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom of fairy tales called "Märchenland", where many fairy tale characters live together in joy. Suddenly, the evil emperor Pierrot made an invasion on Märchenland, sealing its Queen in the process. In order to revive the Queen, the symbol of happiness called Cure Decor, something like the queen's scattered light is required. To collect that, a fairy named Candy searches for the Pretty Cures on Earth. There, Candy meets a girl, who decides to collect the Cure Decor. Now, will the world be changed ?

Synopsis by: MAL


Negima! Anime Final – Akamatsu Ken’s Cut
魔法先生ネギま! ANIME FINAL

Type: Movie
Release date: Feb 7, 2012
Genres: Adventure, Magic, Supernatural
Producers: Shaft, Studio Pastoral
Official website: Here.

Maho Sensei Negima creator Ken Akamatsu revealed that an extended cut of the Maho Sensei Negima: Anime Final motion picture will be released with limited edition copies of the 37th collected volume of the Negima manga on February 17. The “Negima Movie: Supervisor Ken Akamatsu’s Cut” will run 84 minutes, almost double the length of the theatrical cut released last August. In addition to new scenes, it will also feature rewritten dialogue that makes the characters seem a bit smarter.

The feature film, produced by Shaft, presents an alternate ending to the Negima story, different from the manga story ending. The movie was released as a double-feature with the Hayate no Gotoku movie. Animation studio Shaft has developed a reputation for just barely finishing its anime productions by initial release date and finishing productions for later home video release.

Synopsis by: AN

Check out this anime's manga and add it into your favorites for updates in the Announcements box!


Yuri Seijin Naoko-san (2012)

Release date: Feb 15, 2012 to ?
Genres: Comedy
Producers: ufotable
Official website: Here.

One day, an alien dressed as a maid, Naoka, suddenly appears. Naoka starts living with Misuzu, but she is actually on a mission of world domination.

Synopsis by: MAL

Check out this anime's manga and add it into your favorites for updates in the Announcements box!


Minori Scramble!

Type: OVA
Episodes: 1
Release date: Feb 15, 2012
Genres: Comedy
Producers: ufotable
Official website: Here.

Tamaki is an elementary school girl. Her father Dr. Yagiyama loves penguins and his excessive lectures about penguins makes Tamaki hate them. In order to get rid of her hatred of penguins, he engineers the penguin-roid "Minori". Tamaki and Minori run about the neighborhood to solve troubles caused by her father.

Synopsis by: MAL



Type: OVA
Release date: Feb 15, 2012
Genres: Horror
Producers: ufotable
Official website: Here.

Something in Okinawa reeks, and it isn't long before Tadashi and his girlfriend Kaori realize that the smell is coming from dead fish, which are walking out of the sea. The fish are fused to metal legs and are infected with a disease contractable by humans that was invented as a weapon by the Japanese government. After Kaori is infected, Tadashi goes to find a solution to this putrid takeover, if there even is an answer to be found.

Synopsis by: MAL


Hellsing IX (OVA)

Type: OVA
Release date: Feb 15, 2012
Genres: Action, Horror, Vampire, Supernatural, Military, Seinen
Official website: Here.

Hellsing, a secret organization of the British government, has long been battling supernatural threats to keep the people safe from creatures of the night. The current leader, Integra Wingates Hellsing controls her own personal army to eliminate the undead beings, but even her highly trained soldiers pale in comparison to her most trusted vampire exterminator, a man by the name of Alucard, who is actually a powerful vampire himself. Along with Integra's mysterious butler and Alucard's new vampire minion, Seras Victoria, The Hellsing Organization must face not only regular ghouls and vampires, but a rivaling secret organization from the Vatican, and Millennium, an enigmatic group of madmen spawned by a certain war over 50 years ago...

A bloody battle between monsters is about to begin, the dead are dancing, and all hell is singing...

Synopsis by: MAL

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To Heart 2: Dungeon Travelers

Type: OVA
Release date: Feb 22, 2012
Genres:Adventure, Fantasy, Seinen
Official website: Here

According to Amazon Japan, a two-volume OVA series "ToHeart 2 Dungeon Travelers" was announced. "ToHeart 2 Dungeon Travelers" is an RPG game on PlayStaion Portable released in 2011.

Synopsis by: MAL


Fairy Tail OVA 3
フェアリーテイル OVA

Type: OVA
Release date: Feb 17, 2012
Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Magic, Shounen
Producers: Satelight, A-1 Pictures
Official website: Here.

An all-new original story storyboarded by Hiro Mashima, the author of Fairy Tail. Will be released on 17 February 2012. Titled "Memory Days".

Check out this anime's manga and add it into your favorites for updates in the Announcements box!


Scryed Alteration II: Quan
スクライド オルタレイション 前編 Q U A N

Type: Movie
Release date: Mar 10, 2012
Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Shounen, Super Power
Producers: Sunrise
Official website: here.

Second part of the Scryed Alteration recap.


Ikoku Meiro no Croisée: Yune & Alice (SP)
異国迷路のクロワーゼ 「湯音&アリス」

Type: Special
Release date: Feb 22, 2012
Genres: Historical, Slice of Life, Seinen
Producers: Satelight
Official website: Here.


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benelori, Tiranofrome

#1. by benelori (The Hero MH Deserves)
Posted on Jan 27, 2012
All Berserk trailers make me fangasm....mostly about the great animation, and then again about the story...if I understood the trailer correctly, then the movie will show Guts' departure as well...

Oh...and there's a Dragon Age trailer, it looks more CGI than not, but despite that it looks great....I like that franchise as well, and I'm looking forward to it

Thanks man!!
#2. by Shinsatsu (MH's Most Fashionable Member)
Posted on Jan 28, 2012
Berserk + Hellsing = I'm probably going to die this February.

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