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Video Game News Monthly Digest #7

+ posted by riki in Game News on Mar 4, 2012 00:20

Game reprints, remakes, and more were announced last month. Here are the details:

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations Added More Story Lines

CyberConnect2's Naruto fighting game already has story lines for Kakashi, Sasuke, and Itachi, and now there will be two more. Minato Namikaze (the 4th Hokage) and Madara Uchiha will have their own storylines as well. Besides this information, Kurenai (Team 8 leader), Anko Mitarashi (chunnin exam practitioner), Yamato, and Asuma will be in the game as well. The first two will be support players while the last two are playable.

Europe will have a collector's edition. The "Card Edition" will contain a starter deck of Naruto card game cards (50 cards), a booster pack with an extra eight cards, and a poster with a message from Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto. The cards will have codes on them, which allow you to unlock artworks for profile cards and mini-battles. Winning the mini-battles will beget you skills, which can be useful for online battles.

The game will be out in Japan on Feb. 23rd and in N. America on March 13th.

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One Piece Musuo Introduced More Characters

Portgas D. Ace, Brook, Boa Hancock, Whitebeard, Magellan, Pacifista, and Aokiji will be joining the fighting game. Jinbei will one of the playable characters. Another gameplay detail has been provided too. After you complete a level, you will receive a coin bounty, which can be used to upgrade the characters' stats (vitality, offense, and defense).

The game will support online play as well. One or two players can play online though it is unknown whether it is cooperative play or versus play. One thing that is known for sure is that the game will have an online leader board. After finishing a level, a player will get a score based on your clear time and the damage that you've taken. The score will then be posted online.

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Europe Will Have One Piece: Unlimited Cruise Special Edition

The special edition

Even though the European version of One Piece: Unlimited Cruise Special (a 3DS remake of the Wii game) will not have Episode 2 unlike the Japanese version, it will have a special edition. The special edition will include the game and a Portgas D. Ace figurine.

Original Source

Dragon Ball Z Game Coming to Kinect

They're heading to the Kinect

Namco Bandai are developing a Dragon Ball Z game for the Kinect. Not much is known about the game except it is called DragonballZ for KINECT. Based on a rating board in Britain, it looks like the game will be heading West as well.

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Eureka Seven Video Game Project Announced

The game project

Namco Bandai is quite busy. It will develop and publish a video game based off the anime, Eureka Seven AO. While not much is known about the game, the video game developer has open a teaser site.

Original Source, 1

Bakemonogatari Is Converted to PSP

The special edition

Namco Bandai is also working on Bakemonogatari PSP remake. Bakemonogatari Portable will have 3D polygon characters, recreations of scenes from the anime, and two-players support via ad-hoc. The game's genre is "Under Investigation". The game will have a limited edition, which will contain a specially-made pouch, booklet, a special content DVD, a special voice CD, a custom theme, and a special box.

The game will available in Japan on August 23rd.

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US Patents Revealed More Details on Wii U Controller

A patent for a Wii U peripheral

Some more US patents have revealed interesting details about the Wii U controller. While it is known that the controller will have built-in microphone, a patent revealed that it may have a voice recognition software, which allows players to use voice commands. Nintendo is also considering having microphones in the front and back of the controller. Another patent is a face recognition feature; players can take pictures of their faces, which will be stored in the Wii U's memory. 

While it is confirmed that the Wii U can use the internet and have parental controls, it is also revealed that the Wii U controller may be used as a video phone. Some new peripherals have been detailed as well. One is a gun-shaped controller and another is an input device (e.g. keyboard). 3D and HD displays may be available for the controller too. However is not certain if all of these patents will be in the finalized product.

Original Source

Sony Unveiled PlayMemories

Sony has provided details on its upcoming PlayMemories, a service that manage your media through the PS3, smart phone, tablet, etc. It will have a cloud service (PlayMemories Online) and three applications (PlayMemories Home, PlayMemories Studio and Play Memories Mobile). Anything that is uploaded to PlayMemories Online can be viewed on your PC, smart phone, and other devices. Sony also added that users will have 5 GB for free. The application, PlayMemories Studio, is a PS3 program which allows you to edit and manage your photos and videos on your camera and external hard drive. Both Home and Mobile are free media management apps. The former is a PC program that is included in Sony still and video cameras while the latter can be downloaded to your iOS and Android phones. The cloud service and PlayMemories Studio will be available in the spring.

Original Source

N. America Won't Have Vita UMD Passport Program

Sony's newest handheld

Unlike Japan, North America will not have the Vita UMD Passport Program, which allows users to buy discounted PSP games on the Playstation Store so they can download them into the new handheld. Sony has confirmed that the program will not be available.

Original Source

Sony Stopped PSP Comic Download Service

Sony has announced that they will discontinue the PSP comic download service at the end of September. Starting on March 15th, it will stop adding new content to this program, but you can still redownload previously purchased comic contents through the end of the year. The Comic Reader app will still be around through the end of the year. Sony has suggested to use Media Go program if you want to back up your downloaded content.

Original Source

Sony: No PS4 Reveal This Year

Sony's US Chief Jack Tretton stated that the company will not reveal Playstation 4 because it will be too distracting. He stated that they want to focus on the PS3 and Vita; he also refuted the rumors that the next-gen console will be revealed at this year's E3.

Original Source

Tales of Graces f's Preorder Bonus At Gamestop and EB Games

If you preorder Tales of Graces f from either Gamestop or EB Games, you will receive some bonuses. You can dress Asbel, Sophie, and Richard in costumes based off Tales of Destiny characters (Kyle, Rutee, and Judas respectively). Wearing these costumes will change the battle music as well. Another bonus is a XMB theme for your PS3.

The game will be out in N. America on March 13th.

Original Source

Atus Reprinting Radiant Historia

Because of popular demands, Atlus has announced that they are reprinting the JRPG game and sending copies to retail stores by late March. The game will cost $35 and will not have the bonus CD like the first print.

Original Source

The Last Guardian's Progress Has Been Updated

A work in progress

Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuehi Yoshida has provided an update on the PS3 game. The project is still very important to them, but the progress has been very slow unfortunately. He admitted that director Fumito Ueda's vision is causing the developers difficulty so there are a repetition of scrapping and rebuilding.

Yoshida also added that Ueda's employment status with Sony. Even though he is no longer working for the company, Ueda is still working as a freelancer. In spite of this, he still work very hard to complete the game.

Original Source, 1

Gravity Rush's Director Wants to Make Sequel

In one of his tweets, Gravity Rush director Keiichiro Toyama mentioned that he hopes to make a sequel with the same staff. He also added that DLCs is in the work for the first game.

Original Source

The World of Tron Included in Kingdom Hearts 3D

A new world called "The Grid" has been revealed for the Kingdom Hearts 3DS game. This time it is based off of Tron: Legacy and characters from that movie (Kevin Flynn, Sam Flynn and Quorra) will appear in the game. Besides these new characters, Organization XIII members Axel, Zexion, and Lexaeus will make their appearances as well. However they will appear as Lea, Ienzo, and Aeleus. Square Enix also provided more information about the game play. You can create new Dream Eaters by collecting materials called "Dream Pieces" and combining them in a recipe.

While the game hasn't been out in Japan or overseas yet, some of the English voice actors have commented that they are about finished recording their lines.

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Ni no Kuni Out in N. America and Europe This Winter

Namco Bandai will release Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch this winter in N. America and Europe. Both versions will have English and Japanese languages. While the N. American version only have English subtitles, the European one will have English, French, Italian, German and Spanish subtitles as well.

Original Source, 1

Grow a Garden in Persona 4: The Golden

A scene from the new OP

In the Vita remake, you can go skiing and visit a beach; now you can grow a garden as well. Your character and your cousin, Nanako, can plant seedlings and the full-grown plants can sprout items, which be used in the dungeons (e.g. Makaracone which can block magical spells). Besides this revelation, another character has a new ultimate persona. Kanji's new persona is now Take-jizaiten.

The game will have a special package as well. The Famitsu DX Pack will have these goodies: a multi-pouch that looks like Marie's, a set of ten postcards, and six A3 posters, five featuring original artwork from Shigenori Soejima, Shuji Sogabe, Mad House, Studio Hibari, and Hiroyuki Maeda.

Persona 4: The Golden will be out on June 14th in Japan.

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Persona 4 Fighting Game Is Coming to N. America

Atlus USA has confirmed that they will be bringing the Persona 4 fighting game to N. America. Renamed Persona 4: Arena, the game will be available for the Xbox and PS3 this summer. They also added that they are trying to get the original voice actors to reprise their roles. While the game is currently available in arcade throughout Japan, the console versions will have a new console-exclusive story and online modes.

The newest challenger

A new character has been announced as well. Labrys is an original character who is voiced by Ayana Taketatsu (Azusa in [K-On!!). A mecha similar to Aegis, she is the student council president at Yasogami High School (the school where the Persona 4 characters attend) and tries to prevent Teddie's tournament.

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Persona 2: Eternal Punishment Getting PSP Remake

A PSP conversion planned

Persona 4 isn't the only Persona game getting all of the attention. Persona 2: Eternal Punishment is getting a PSP remake just like its other half, Persona 2: Innocent Sin. The game will have new scenarios written by original writer Tadashi Satomi, a new opening animation from Madhouse Inc., improved load times, and both the original and updated versions of the game music. The new scenarios will focus on Tatsuya and what happened to him.

The game will be out in Japan on May 17th.

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XSeed Is Bringing The Last Story to N. America

It looks like Operation Rainfall has another success. This time the JRPG game, The Last Story, will be brought over to N. America by XSeed. The Wii game will be out this summer.

Original Source, 1

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