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Winter 2013 Anime Preview: Vividred Operation and Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?

+ posted by Kaiten in Anime News on Jan 14, 2013 16:18

Vividred Operation
Genre: Magical Girl, Science Fiction, Action
Producers: A-1 Pictures
Director, Series Composition, and Character Design: Takamura Kazuhiro
Series Composition: Yoshino Hiroyuki

The story is set in a futuristic and peaceful world made possible thanks to the invention of the Manifestation Engine, which solved an energy crisis five years prior. On the island of Ima Oshima, Akane Isshiki lives a peaceful life with her family. When the world is threatened by an alien force known as the Alone, Akane takes up a special battle suit created by her grandfather known as the Vivid System to face against the threat.

New From the Creator of Strike Witches
  • Preview by Doraku: Vividred sets in an utopian future, where science has greatly increased the prosperity of people due to the existence of energy gathered from the sky. The Anime starts with lighthearted scenes, a small amount of fanservices here and there. The plot progresses into a more thrilling story around halfway through; where our main character, has to face (possibly) an alien named “Alone”. With the help of his granddad, who is happened to be an incredible scientist who invented the new form of energy, our main character tried to stop Alone from destroying the main energy sources. Almost all the animation of this Anime is good, but unfortunately I’m still doubting myself whether I have to watch the next episode of Vividred or not.

    Magical girls combined with science-fiction might be a new, unique combination of genres. The problem with this Anime is I’m still unsure how the execution of the whole magical girls versus evil would work; would it go into the straight path or it is going to be full of surprises. I would recommend every one to at least watch the first episode by yourself, so you could make your own decision.

  • Preview by Monsterguy: Well, I think animation studio has done some awesome job with what they got, why in my opinion everything, even backgrounds look graphically extremely good. Nonetheless, I must still point out one thing, and this would be that "I didn't quite buy it", because nothing else beside good quality animation really attracted me in this anime (frustration):

    First of all there is NO main character that would be a BOY (not an old man, but a boy of the same age as those girls), although there are so many main female characters here. (I was hoping to see at least one main character as perverted young boy here, than this would be at least funny :XD). Secondly I only get attracted by girls that look a little more like "grown up people", not those that look and behave like children or kids, why those I have always "only" seen in my mind as a younger sister for who you need to take care of/watch for, and nothing else. (one cute single 5 years older sister from some of those "kids looking like girls in the show" would do just fine, but then I would also want for her to have a little more screen time). Third and most important thing is the storyline which on top of everything doesn't seem fascinating to me at all, not even a little (excluding the fact that I simply want to know from "where" can such a massive energy come from). (storyline is nothing special to me and I'm not really interested in what may or will happen, I guess my standards are just put too high, after I witnessed so many masterpieces). Fourth would be the fact that it reminds me of series "Sailor Moon", which I hate so much, because when I was still little my relative was watching or rewatching that show, and that show alone, again and again, always when I wanted to look at something else (at that time we only had one TV).

    Ok, considering that animation is done really well, and that my first impression might be wrong, right now what I'm hoping is that everything can still turn around and correct itself, like further in the story, and then I could regret it, if I would have given up on this show to soon. With this last thought in my mind, I will probably look at the next episode, with my hands/fists/fingers crossed, and in case if even untill than nothing changes, or if I still don't find anything to my liking, I will most probably stop watching this anime and drop it !!!

  • Preview by Farfalla: I think that Vivid Red Operation has an interesting plot, but I confess that I was more impressed when the episode started. By the end it gave me a Card Captor Sakura feeling while Akane was transforming and the idea that they were making things happen faster so they could move forward. Still, the first episode had a lot of action, and that's a great thing, imo! I kinda missed that in the other series I watched this month.
    During the episode, the OST reminded me of video games OSTs, and I kinda like that as well for an action anime. Something that I noticed is that their names are based on colors. Could it be a reference to something? If I'm not mistaken, Akane is related to "red", while Aoi is related to "blue" and Momo to "peach". Those are the colors of the characters hair.
    Now, about the fanservices... I hate when the characters look 13 and they keep focusing on their lower parts, and Vivid Red Operation has too much of that for my taste.
    Now I'm curious to know who's the black haired girl that shows up when the episode starts (and if her name is any how similar to "Kuro", hehe) and if someone checked the pilots that were in the same as Aoi later, haha.

  • Preview by Sai_the_Shaman: SciFi, Mahou Shoujo and Mecha all combined into one. Really enjoyed it overall and look forward into seeing how the story develops. There is plenty of action throughout the episode as well as plenty of fan service (for ass lovers and back shot camel tow lovers) and it managed to create enough of an interesting world steeped in mystery and future tech. The first ep was good enough to get me interested in the characters and set up the overarching plot as well as keep me interested in seeing what happens next. The only thing I hope for next is a big ass robot to appear and I'll be content (I'm very easy to please...throw in a big ass robot with a rocket punch and I'll probably stick through till the end).

Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?
Genre: Fantasy, Supernatural
Producers: Diomedea
Director: Yamamoto Yasutaka
Series Composition: Kimura Noboru
Original Character Design: Ide Naomi
Original Creator: Tarou Tatsunoko

Izayoi Sakamaki, Asuka Kudou, and You Kasugabe have tremendous psychic powers and are bored with the regular world. An envelope arrives for each person, and when each opens their envelope, they are stunned to see the scenery around them change to a world they had never encountered before. They've been summoned by the Black Rabbit to help the community "No Name" to overthrow the Devil King.
  • Preview by Monsterguy: What disturbed me with this anime was definitly the title "Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?", that is incredibly long, complicated to write, memorize or even difficult to understand for me(I really have no clue what it means :XD). Other than that I definitly found no other flaw in this series, why it just seems so incredibly good to me.

    Really, to tell you the truth, I became interested into this anime right after I watched the trailer, because even back than the animation looked really impressive to me. But when I have gone and started watching it today, I immediately knew that "this was it for me", I like it, I love it, and I will definitly watch it from now on, why to me animation was of a much higher quality what means better than I initially expected, on top of surprisingly better story that I also imagined. Without telling to much and spoiling you, I will only say this:

    If you like good animation, if you like plain "decent" interaction between main characters being good looking females along with male characters, if you like strong people (with beautiful supernatural powers), if you want that something is happening in the story (that the storyline is moving somewhere), and many more things. Than all I can say is that this anime might as well be a dream come true for you.

    All that I'm hoping for, would be that this show would NOT have a bad ending, why god Lord forbid that something like this would ever happen. What I was trying to say with that was that in case if there would be NO bad ending, my gut feeling tells me that this series CAN become really popular, if advertised enough !!!

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