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Berserk 299 (7 comments)
Berserk 299 by Mel_Luvz_Anime

[Reserved exlusively for Binktopia Scanlations]

Page 1

*Chapter 299: Millenium Falcon
The Falconia Section
Battlegrounds of the outcasts*

Page 2


Page 3


Page 4


Page 5


Page 6-7


Page 8-9


Page 10-11


Page 12-13


Page 14


-Th-The demon troops are...!!

Page 15


Page 16

-Demon troops...? They are...

-...They're not human...
-...It definitely feels that way...
There's no way... as much as this...!!

-...It's impossible
In a fight among demons...
-As people...
There is nothing we can do...!!

Page 17

How can he command those demons in that manner...!?
-What are
the... Read More " "
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Kurenai 13 (2 comments)
Kure-Nai 13 by Mel_Luvz_Anime

[Reserved for the JAC Group]

Page 1

*The two of them meeting will change each other's world...*

*Shinkurou and Murasaki's story starts here!*

Page 2

*Shinkurou is in a daze in the morning... after crying til he fell asleep!*




Page 3

*My days will always pass by together with you. Before I knew it that's what I thought*

*Chapter 13 : Collapse*

Page 4

-Calm down...
-I've gotta calm down...

-What happened yesterday must have been some kind of misunderstanding...
-That's right, my feelings were just muddled up...

-It was an illusion...


-That's right
My first kiss was in my 2nd year of middle school

-Mine was at 7 years old

Page 5

-Come on... Read More " "
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Kurenai 12 (8 comments)
Kure-Nai 12

Page 1

*I want to protect Murasaki*

*At that time-*
*That's definitely what I thought*

In some respects, I'm somewhat the same way now...*

*This way, if I disappear from the world, I'll be fine with it...*

*Despair and nothingness harbours within Shinkurou...*

Page 2

*These two change*
*As the wind blows*

*Chapter 12: Embrace*

Page 3


Sorry we can't go to the furo today [T/L: he refers to Furo as the public baths they went to last time]
-At this hour the Bathouse will already be cl...


-Are you upset?

-About what?

Page 4

-It's my fault...
That I kept you from fulfilling your orders...
-You got hurt...


-There's no way I could be angry

-You saw through the lies
I'm... Read More " "
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Berserk 298 (3 comments)
Berserk 298 by Mel_Luvz_Anime

[To be used exclusively by Binktopia Scanlations]

Page 01

*Chapter 298: Millenium Falcon*
*The Falconia Section*
*Release the Demons*

Page 2-3

This is...!!

Page 4



-*Hiiih... chomp*

Page 5

-*Hi... chew*

Page 6

A cluster of small monsters is gushing out...!
-They're moving towards us!

-It's the Hawks... [T/L: or Falcon]

Page 7

-Band of the Hawks
-The entire army, get into the Gankou formation [T/L: Gankou is referring to the flight formation of geese]

Page 8

-Many of you Midland Lords
-The men in the volunteer army all in formation, listen up

-Please guard the... Read More " "
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To-LOVE-Ru 121 (4 comments)
To-Love-Ru 121 by Mel_Luvz_Anime

Page 1

-Ok I have to go this way so... I'll see you again tomorrow k
-Huh? Mikan, was your house that way?

-I've got to buy the ingredients for dinner tonight
-Ah! I see, must be a lot of work

-Hey! Would you kind of be able to teach me about cooking next time!?
-Ah... me too!
-Sure, ok see ya

*School --> Dinner! Mikan is also very busy today!!*

Page 2

*School... is kinda boring. Being at home is much more stimulating!!*

*To-Love-Ru 121 : Metamorphose*

Page 3

-Please come again

-Now then!
-Should I make a fried meal that Rito likes


Page 4

-What are you doing in a place like this?

-I thought I would scan the people walking by, so that I can add to the data of... Read More " "
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To-LOVE-Ru 120 (4 comments)
To-Love-Ru 120 by Mel_Luvz_Anime

Page 1

-You've got the day shift today don't you...

-Can you give these handouts to Kotegawa after school, she's out with a cold
-I've got a map from Honekawa-sensei so...

*Yui is absent!?*

-That's rare, Kotegawa staying away from school...

Page 2

*No matter how much time passes, he's slutty! You're occasionally called a "bishie", right Onii-chan!!*

*To-Love-Ru 120 : Wonder Drug*

Page 3


-It seems my terrible fever has come down a lot

*I need to get better soon...*
*Or I'll fall behind in class*

-Yui~~! I brought you your food and medicine
Even thought it was one of those ready-made instant meals
-Ah Thank you Onii-chan

Page 4

-Onii-chan,... Read More " "
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To-LOVE-Ru 119 (8 comments)
To-Love-Ru 119 by Mel_Luvz_Anime

[Anyone who intends to use this translation, even as a reference for another translation, please put credit where credit is due]

Page 1

*To-Love-Ru 119 The First Step In Falling In Love*

*A confession from Haruna...*

-I am also...
-In love with Yuuki-kun...!

Page 2

*I... I said it!*

*W... what should I do*
*I didn't mean for it to come out that way...*

*Our friendship is...*


Page 3

-You are in love with Rito...!? That...
-S... so that's what this is about!?

*Since when? Since the beginning?*
*Then all this time she never said anything...!?*

-U... umm

Page 4



-Go ahead Lala-san!!
-No you go ahead, Haruna


Page 5

-Ah...... Read More " "
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To-LOVE-Ru 118 (6 comments)
To-Love-Ru 118 by Mel_Luvz_Anime

Page 1

Blue text at the top:
-The one in the limelight of the magnificent Grand Prix is this impressively beautiful costume!!

Middle text:
-They've changed their form to prepare for the battle of love

Purple text:
*To-Love-Ru : The Power of Love*

Page 3

*Hiding your real feelings...*
*Is that what a real friend is...!?*

*Telling her the truth*


-I should tell Lala-san after all...

*... I'm kinda scared...*

*Just a little scary*

Page 4


-Good morning!!

-Hey he's within the school grounds again, that stray dog
-It's true

-A Dog----!!

Page 5

-Oh my

-I-I'm sorry! You really scared me for a sec, and invoked my... Read More " "
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Kurenai 10 (4 comments)
Kure-nai 10 by Mel_Luvz_Anime

[To be used exclusively by JAC]

Page 1

*Standing in line
The two great rivals...!?*

-I demand an explanation, Shinkurou
-Please tell me what's going on, Shinkurou-san


Page 2

*As a dignified woman, she...*

-I see
*Chapter 10 : The Difference*

Page 3

-So this is the work of Benika-san
-She's such a troublesome person

-Well anyway, about her
She left her in your custody with her full consent, yet...

-Even so...
-This is the first time I've met a "Kuhouin" person...

-It's also the first time for me to have met a "Houdzuki" person

-Yuuno-san, what you said... how should I put it
-What do you mean by that...

Page 4

-Hey Shinkurou, don't get too close to... Read More " "
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To-LOVE-Ru 117 (12 comments)
To Love Ru 117 by Mel_Luvz_Anime

Page 1


SFX: Shaaa...

*That was unexpected...*
*Haruna... likes Yuuki Rito...*

*Nana, who knows about Haruna's feelings...*

Page 2

*Plays around with countless tigers and dragons just to kill time!!*

*To-Love-Ru 117 : Predicting Love*

Page 3

-I'm so glad!
-My clothes from ages ago is still so pretty!


-The clothes you were wearing before is in the wash right now ok
-Ah ok...
-Make yourself at home! I'll get you something to drink

Page 4

-I feel kinda bad...
-What are you talking about!
You saved Maron and brought him back home, it's the least we can do!


-...Who are you?
-My older sister

-I'm Akiho
-Pleased to meet you, Nana-chan

Page 5


-This sure is... Read More " "
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Berserk 297 (5 comments)
Berserk 297 by Mel_Luvz_Anime

[Reserved for Binktopia]

Page 1

*Chapter 297 : Millenium Falcon*
*A chapter of Falconia* [T/L: i.e. a part of a story of Falconia]
*The blindness of the great Lord*

Page 8


-It's flowers
-Red flowers
-The insects are getting crushed and
-The red flowers are blossoming

-Your Majestyyyy!

-I beg you to calm down!!
Your Majesty!!

-Why did you do that to the imperial soldiers...?
-Have we arrived!? Your pace is...!?

Page 9


-There's a noisy little insect
-Close to my ear...


Page 11

-What's that...

-Your Majesty's true self has...

-... Now become
Lord Ganishka the Great Emperor
-... So...
With this it's as though...

Page 12-13

-He can... Read More " "
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Kurenai 7 (2 comments)
Kure-nai 07 by Mel_Luvz_Anime

[Reserved for Binktopia Scanlatons]

Page 1

*Chapter 7 : A Chance Meeting*

*Going into the future, together*

Page 2

*The scars this girl has been bearing in her heart*

*Shinkurou sees a smile of purity...*

*When will the time come for them to heal?*

Page 3



-What's the matter?
You've been spacing out for some time now

-Ah... no it's just...

-The "coffee jelly" that you wanted will melt
Coffee Jelly won't melt

-Although it is an unusual thing to eat
-It's pitch black...

Is it really edible?


Page 4


-How is it, Murasaki?



-It doesn't taste good at all, Shinkurou!!
-Ah sorry
I forgot to add the syrup
-This... Read More " "
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Ahiru no Sora 9 (1 comments)
Ahiru Sora 09 by Mel_Luvz_Anime

[Reserved for ryColaa Scanlations]

Page 92

-She'll come
-She won't come
SFX: Cawww
-She'll come
-She won't come

-She'll come...
SFX: Pluck

-Shshshshshsh wowoowon...
-I don't wanna say it!!

-Out of all my 100 mail friends, Yuu-chan
SFX: It's no use, there's no more petals*
-You were the only one I believed that would come...

-Lately those guys have only been obsessing over basketball
SFX: Paah
SFX: Sits
-I'm... kinda lonely

-Pretty soon
-The first quarter will be over huh...

Page 93

*Chapter 9 : One More Weakness*

Page 94

SFX: Daaaah

-10 mins is plenty, it'll be over in the blink of an eye
-After this we'll have 3 more right?

-Basketball really isn't that big of a deal after all!!
SFX:... Read More " "
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Kurenai 6 (1 comments)
Kure-nai 06 by Mel_Luvz_Anime

[Reserved for Binktopia Scanlations]

Page 1


*In the darkness of the night, a bitter scream resounds*

Page 2

*Embracing the sake while sleeping, indulging in inactivity. This is when I am at supreme bliss.*

*TV Anime "Kure-nai"
Lots of raving reviews of the broadcasting!!*

*Chapter 6 : Mutou Tamaki

Page 3

-See, they're not anywhere
-There's no way I could've stolen Tamaki-san's underwear...

-So... if you're done looking can you make sure to properly tidy up
-My room


-Wh~what is it!? No way...!!

Page 4

-Look, look Yuuno-san. Shinkurou-kun wears this kind of thing
-Oh, I miss the times when I used to wash them at our house...

-Look,... Read More " "
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Ahiru no Sora 8 (3 comments)
Ahiru no Sora 08 by Mel_Luvz_Anime

[Reserved for ryColaa Scanlations]

[Feel free to proofread it, it should be fine in general, but grammar-wise I'm not sure]

Page 72

*Chapter 8 : First Flight*

Page 73

-Hey Kuzu High!! Can you really play basketball!?
-Ooh... he's even bigger than Chiaki...
-You do know with the difference in height, you guys can't win, right!? No matter what you do!!
-What do these guys eat everyday?
-It's like adults and kids!! Gyahaha

-And it's "that guy" isn't it!?
-Playing with a primary schooler!?
SFX: Chew Chew

-It's him right? The "Omame-san" guy!! [T/L: Omame refers to beans/peas, implying he's tiny]
-Oh man...he's gonna play after all

-It'll... Read More " "
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Kurenai 5 (2 comments)
Kure-nai 05 by Mel_Luvz_Anime

[Reserved for Binktopia scanlations]

Page 1

*I was unable to catch him.*

*The long-awaited TV Anime
Starts on Thursday 3rd April!!
--> details on page 7!!* [T/L: I don't think there's actually any details in this chapter]

*Chapter 5 : Murakami Ginko - Recollection*

Page 2

*The 2 of them are searching for the dog however!?*


-Man this is bad...
-It seems like he's not in the park either...

Page 3

-I'm sorry, Shinkurou
-It's my fault that he...

-He's not here after searching for him, then I...


-It's alright Murasaki
-It's him, so we'll definitely...

-What if something happened to Murakurou...!!

Page 4


-That's the dog's... Read More " "
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Ahiru no Sora 7 (4 comments)
Ahiru no Sora 07 by Mel_Luvz_Anime

Reserved for Crayola Scanlations

Page 53

*Ahiru no Sora*
*Chapter 7 : The Shrimp's Pride*

Page 54

-That's the end of practice!!

-Now then...


-Should we play the usual people?
SFX: Squeak

SFX: Bounce

-What's going on?

-After practice is a free throw showdown

Page 55

-Using the 3 people, decided from just now
SFX: Pops in
-At the end the reserved players mop the court, but they play the next day

-Sorry but I'll be going ahead...
-Hurry up and beat!! You little shrimp!!!!

-Lately we've been playing everyday
-It seems that Momoharu-kun has been losing everyday

That looks kinda fun, doesn't it
-Isn't it? They used to play something like... Read More " "
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Kurenai 4 (7 comments)
Kure-Nai 04 by Mel_Luvz_Anime

[Reserved for Binktopia Scanlations]

Page 1

-Good morning, Ginko

-You're first today too
-You're fast as usual

*Murakami Ginko*
*In the classroom is a little...
No, quite a frivolous classmate*

*Maintaining a reasonable distance, an unsociable back...*

Page 2

*The "Murakami Ginko" I know*

*Ever since kindergarten we've been childhood friends*

*Both her parents managed a ramen shop "Maple Flavour Restaurant" and she was the pretty daughter who attracted customers...*

-The settlement profit is 15 million...
My my

*As tradition the information bureau is said to be the inherited intelligence network from her grandfather Murakami Ginji*
*A 2nd... Read More " "
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Matsuri Special 4 (5 comments)
Matsuri Special Chapter 4 by Mel_Luvz_Anime

Page 1

Left edge: Well, take me on anytime!!

Battle 4 : Who's sake is my strength for?

Page 2

*Hanyuu Matsuri, 17 years old. Her home is also her workplace...*
Banner above: Magokoro Pro Wrestling
Banner on right: Magokoro
Banner on left: Introduction to new applicants

-Last 10!!

*In the morning at Magokoro Pro Wresling*
*They start off with 200 squats*


Page 3

-Alright, next is 50 passive ones
-Hey, just a sec

-Ah? What's up Matsuri, you come into the ring too, come on

-Arata, do you have any experience in Judo?
-No, I don't

-Ok, then I'll show you how and then you try it


Page 4

-Wait a second!!
Why does Shigematsu have to do training with... Read More " "
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Biohazard Umbrella Chronicles: Hōkai he no Jokyoku 2 (7 comments)
[Hey guys, well this chapter was completed about 4-5 weeks ago, but I didn't post it coz the original scanlator was supposed to scan it and requested not to. But it turns out that he has not scanlated it yet, so for anyone else who was interested in this chapter, feel free to use the translation here]

Biohazard 02 by Mel_Luvz_Anime

Page 0

*Capcom Official!*

*The man who knows everything. The man who is pulling strings in the shadows of the story.
Wesker appears.*

Umbrella Chronicles
Prelude to the Collapse
Part 2*

Page 1
-It's you isn't it
*Wesker appears, in the place where the virus is!! Will they kill him!?*

-With all the tragedy that's befallen this village
What could you... Read More " "
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Ahiru no Sora 6 (8 comments)
Ahiru no Sora 06

[This translation is reserved for Crayola's scanlations only]

Page 25

*All the senpai's are full of really nice people*
*So please don't worry at all about me

-Se.. Sensei...!! Kurumatani-san ___!!!

*Ahiru no Sora
Chapter 6 : Small Rebellious Person Enters* [T/L: Alternatively "A Small Rebel Enters", but it's the former in the previous chapter, whichever you think sounds better]

Page 26

SFX: Bounce


-Hey hey, play seriously man
The match is next week
SFX: Bounce off
SFX: Bounce Bounce
-You too, don't talk about people like that!
-Even though you're experienced!!
How many have you missed already since before!!

-Man, Why do we have to do these kinds of... Read More " "
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Kurenai 3 (4 comments)
Kure-Nai 03 by Mel_Luvz_Anime

[This translation is reserved for Binktopia only]

Page 1

*The previous villa of the "Tateyama family"*
*Since before the war, they've established a fortune from marine transportation and became a distinguished family*

*Assembling only close friends for "modest" parties*

*It's like I'm living in a different world...*
-Aah you
Can I get one glass?

Yes right away!!
*Shinkurou's part time job!?*

Page 2

SFX: Push

SFX: Crash

-Sor... Sorry...!

-That looks troublesome, should I help out?
SFX: Swish
-Ah...I'll be ok...

Now that the expensive looking dress is stained, it's a disaster...
SFX: Sigh...

-Murasaki is always wearing guy's clothes... Read More " "
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Matsuri Special 3 (4 comments)
Matsuri Special 03 by Mel_Luvz_Anime


Page 1

*Matsuri Special*

*Before I knew it*
*I was already wearing a Judo uniform*

*When I was in Primary School, I beat the crap out of the big bully who was three years older than me.*

*Several people from class witnessed it*

-She's scary
-Hanyuu is amazing
-A Monster
-With just a touch and she blew them away
-No way, so scary. Even though she's a girl and all

*Strong echoing of expressions of gratitude! Kamio Youko-sensei's newest work!!*

Left edge:
*A High School girl wrestler! Hanyuu Matsuri's traumatic past...*

Page 2

*I could never forget the face of Shimamoto-kun*
SFX: Scary
*Who I liked very much*

*He knows who I really... Read More " "
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Ahiru no Sora 5 (6 comments)
[This translation is to be used only by Crayola in scanlations.]

[by the way, this is by me, The heading was on Autocomplete and I didn't realize that FireOz was still on there]

[sorry about the lateness. Xmas and New Years for me, and probably most people, is a very busy and heavy time for me. I'm surprised I got it done at all really. But here you are, I hope you can scan it quickly and in time. I've already celebrated New Years a couple of hours ago, so I don't know if you have already but Happy New Years !!! and enjoy]

Ahiru no Sora - Chapter 5

Page 3

*Ahiru no Sora*
*Hinata Takeshi*

Page 4


Chapter 5 : The Ducks' Determination
Chapter 6 : Small Rebellious Person Enters
Chapter 7 : The... Read More " "
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Vampire Knight 35 (4 comments)
[T/L: Hey guys, here's the latest Vampire Knight Chapter and I have to say... It's the best chapter ever!!!! I absolutely loved it, I hope it'll be great to read as well. I'm soooo glad that Kaname is.... well I won't spoil it, you'll have to read it ^_^ I'm sos excited bout this chapter ^_^

Oh and by the way, this translation is only to be used by fan.service for scanlations... thank you ^_^]

Vampire Knight Chapter 35 by Mel_Luvz_Anime

Page 3-4

*The TV Anime starts this Spring!!!*

*The lovely girl, finally the forbidden fang is at the nape of her neck...!!*

Page 5

*At least*
*I confronted Kaname-senpai*
*I don't want to feel ashamed. I want to be like others...*

*...Very strong*

*These actions of... Read More " "
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