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Kurenai 10

Kure-Nai 10

+ posted by Mel_Luvz_Anime as translation on Oct 4, 2008 00:37 | Go to Kurenai

-> RTS Page for Kurenai 10

Kure-nai 10 by Mel_Luvz_Anime

[To be used exclusively by JAC]

Page 1

*Standing in line
The two great rivals...!?*

-I demand an explanation, Shinkurou
-Please tell me what's going on, Shinkurou-san


Page 2

*As a dignified woman, she...*

-I see
*Chapter 10 : The Difference*

Page 3

-So this is the work of Benika-san
-She's such a troublesome person

-Well anyway, about her
She left her in your custody with her full consent, yet...

-Even so...
-This is the first time I've met a "Kuhouin" person...

-It's also the first time for me to have met a "Houdzuki" person

-Yuuno-san, what you said... how should I put it
-What do you mean by that...

Page 4

-Hey Shinkurou, don't get too close to that woman!!
-You'll catch something from her!!

-Why'd you have to say something rude like that...!!
-It's ok, Shinkurou-san

-Apart from that
-Tomorrow, when school is over I'll be waiting for you at the dojo

The dojo?
-Exercise is the best way to get out your unhealthy urges

-"Unhealthy".. I don't really need-

Page 5

-What is your answer?
-... Ok I'll do it

-Murasaki-chan, you're welcome to come too
-I'll treat you to dinner


-Are you serious?
-I am a "Kuhouin" of the 3 public families

-3 public families?


Page 6


-The people of the Ura family are curious about everything

-Sorry to keep you waiting

-Well it's already late so
I'll return home for today
-Eh... You're not going to eat?
After you went through the trouble of making it and everything...

-Well if I'm around, Murasaki-chan will be constantly worried
-The two of you can eat as you wish tonight

-Ok then, Shinkurou-san

Page 7

I'll be waiting for you tomorrow

-This is bad...
Yuuno-san is angry...

-Hey Shinkurou

-You taste it first
-Listen here Murasaki...

Page 8

-Yuuno-san is the granddaughter of my master who taught me to fight

-There may be only 1 year difference between us but she's much stronger than I am...

-Hey are you ok?
If you're tired or sick then...

-I need to confirm something

Page 9

-Did you swear to protect me?

What's this all of a sudden...
-Even if the people of Houdzuki
That Yuuno woman for example were to be one of those people to protect me against

-Will you, Kurenai Shinkurou be on my side?

Page 10

-I will be on your side
-No matter who it is I vow to protect you

-Is that ok?

-I'm counting on you

-You now, if you hate it that much you don't really have to come you know

-I won't run away

Page 11

-If you run away from things you don't like, it's not going to disappear
-That's why, I accept

-I see

-Ok, let's go

Page 12

-Sorry for intruding
-It's me, Kurenai Shinkurou!

-Let's go

Page 13

-Just wait a bit
My shoes...
-Should I help?
-I'm ok


-Hello Chi-chan


Page 14

Welcome, come in

-You don't have to go so far as to be respectful, Chi-chan


-Hey Shinkurou
What's with that kid?

Page 15


-That's Yuuno-san's younger sister, Chizuru-chan

-Chi-chan, this girl is Kuhouin Murasaki
Please make good friends and get along with her

-If Onii-chan says so...
-Then let's be

-Your voice is too soft, I can't hear you

-They're about the same age but their personalities are completely different...

-What is it?
-Well, Onee-chan...

Page 16

-She wants you to go to the dojo alone...

-... Chi-chan
Can you take Murasaki to the living room...

-Hey where are you going Shinkurou!
-Leaving me alone...!!

Page 17

-No you can't...
You'll be getting in Onii-chan's way...

Let go of me you insolent girl!!
-Who do you think I am...!!

-H... Hey don't cry!!
Alright... I'll go with you ok so...


-I don't believe it
Are you really a Houdzuki of the "Ura's"...

Page 18

-Excuse me...

Page 19

-Come in

Yuuno-san, those clothes...?

-Actually I got a part time job at a friend's Shinto Shrine
-As a shrine-maiden

-I thought you'd like it so I changed into it quickly
-What do you think of it?

-What do I think...

-You don't feel anything about it?

Page 20


Does it... turn you on?


-It doesnt!!?
You're not turned on by it!!?
-Why not!!
-I.. I am!!
I am somewhat!!

-I'm so glad!
You've finally returned to your right place... Shinkurou-san

-Now then, let's start practice...
Before that, can I ask you something!?

Page 21

-Sure what is it?
Assistant No. 8, Shinkurou-san

-What you said yesterday, about the "public" and the "Ura's", what was that about...?

-Mum, I'll help too...
-Oh my
Thank you Chi-chan

-Oh that's right
It's about time you come to know about it too, Shinkurou-san

Page 22

-They are 3 public families
-Even now in public society, they are descended from 3 families who have completely seized power

-They are "Kirinzuka", "Kuhouin" and "Kouganomiya"
-Yeah, I know their names at least...

-And "Houdzuki" consists of the 13 Ura Families. They were a lineage which was proud of their power, in the previous Ura society

-It stands to reason that most of the Ura's have ceased to exist now
Or otherwise have shut down their businesses...

-Even now, the public family is cautious toward the Ura family so any form of contact is forbidden

Page 23

-We, Houdzuki's are a lineage of killers

-If we were to be pregnant with one who's blood is stained with theirs, then
Our blood is also stained
-That already terrible isn't it


-If you think about it
Murasaki-chan is obviously in our home without discrimination

Page 24

-Th... that's...

-Just one thing
Please don't forget it
You are a person of Houdzuki...

-No, a warrior of "Houdzuki"
-You're already a part of the 13 Ura families

-And your "right hand" at that


Page 25

-Being a part of it and such, don't say such sad things
-This right hand is my pride

-It's no use
You've already used it in combat

-If you use it now, you won't know how much damage is done to your body
-In the worst situation, it's possible that it will shorten your lifespan...

-Well it's not like I have any intentions of having a long life...

-You can't say things like that!

Page 26

-I want Shinkurou-san to live on, now and forever

-That kind of sounds you're proposing


Page 27

-I'm not!!!

-That kind of thing is just like you guys...
-You can't be like a gentlemen..

-A-anyway! Your diligent everyday so don't surprised me with any wicked thoughts please!
-Well then, let's start training...


Page 28

-Sorry to keep you waiting

-Did you have fun training?


-It was a very long time, I was starting to think you had forgotten about me
-I'm sorry

Page 29

-...Now then

-It doesn't seem like you're dissatisfied with needing to have the drink taste-tested first, you're drinking it quite steadily

-So... what are your impressions of the Houdzuki residence?

-They're not as scary as I expected
-I've heard about them from books and from what people have said, but in didn't actually know what they were really like

-I see

-I'm sorry Yuuno-san, we should get going soon...

Ok then... I'll see you off

Page 30

-I'm sorry to make you see us off all this way...
-It's alright


-Do you hate us now, the Houdzuki's?
-About that conversation today...

-I like you, Yuuno-san

Page 31

-I like everyone in the Houdzuki family

-Stuff like family lineage, public families, Ura families etc...
That doesn't matter to me


-P... please say it one more time!!
-What you said just now!!


-Just now...?
*Like siblings
Like lovers...*
-S.. so... Shinkurou-san does that mean you... towards me...!!
-Ah nevermind!!

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#1. by ShyGuy ()
Posted on Oct 4, 2008
cant wait to read the finished chapter

thanks for the trans!!!!
#2. by Shunran ()
Posted on Oct 4, 2008
I do not mean to sound rude - and I really appreciate your work - but your Kure-Nai translations (at least, the ones I've read) are sometimes confusing and wrong, showing a not so perfect knowledge of japanese. If you think it might help, I can point you out some of the mistakes I've found in some chapters . As I said, please don't take my words as an attempt to bring discredit on you. I'm just trying to be objective, since your translations are being used on scanlations.
#3. by Mel_Luvz_Anime ()
Posted on Oct 7, 2008
PM-ed you.
#4. by thsv ()
Posted on Nov 6, 2008
Thanks Mel. I'd have finished this earlier but all that hent... I mean manga doesn't read itself you know.

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