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Matsuri Special 4

[Shonen/Shoujo] Matsuri Special 04

+ posted by Mel_Luvz_Anime as translation on Feb 29, 2008 14:37 | Go to Matsuri Special

-> RTS Page for Matsuri Special 4

Matsuri Special Chapter 4 by Mel_Luvz_Anime

Page 1

Left edge: Well, take me on anytime!!

Battle 4 : Who's sake is my strength for?

Page 2

*Hanyuu Matsuri, 17 years old. Her home is also her workplace...*
Banner above: Magokoro Pro Wrestling
Banner on right: Magokoro
Banner on left: Introduction to new applicants

-Last 10!!

*In the morning at Magokoro Pro Wresling*
*They start off with 200 squats*


Page 3

-Alright, next is 50 passive ones
-Hey, just a sec

-Ah? What's up Matsuri, you come into the ring too, come on

-Arata, do you have any experience in Judo?
-No, I don't

-Ok, then I'll show you how and then you try it


Page 4

-Wait a second!!
Why does Shigematsu have to do training with us?!!

-Since it's the morning anyone can come and go, what are you gonna do if someone sees?

-No-one's going to see anything
Right, Arata
-Yeah, you're right

*And yet I have all of this power*
*And I'm being so frantic*

Page 5

*And he even came...!!*
*Pupil who's got his eyes fixed on his idol*


*It's suffocating*
*The smell of sweat*
*Building up muscles*

Page 6

-No more muscles...

Please be quiet
*It's ok if you sleep too*

What is "muscles"?
-Hey, what did you mean
Are "muscles" the same as "kinniku"? [T/L: Matsuri said "muscles" in english which is "kinniku" in japanese]

*Why did I say just that word...*

*Did Wataru-kun
Hear me...?*

Page 7

*He looks cool today as well*

-Hey, what was that just now
-Don't you think that was suspicious?
Was it on purpose?

-Her eyes always staring at Wataru

-She's kind of
An eyesore, don't you think
-She's ugly

Page 8

Are you going to buy something?
-Yeah, to buy a lunch bread

-Matsuri-chan doesn't have a mother now, so
You always used to get packed lunch of bread, right
-Yeah, my mother left home 3 years ago

-So now you're living with your father who is a businessmen?

-The pastries will get sold-out so I'll just hurry and get it!!

Page 9

*Ah, that was close*
*If Tomoko-chan found out, everything would end*


You're always looking at Wataru-kun, right
-Do you by any chance, like him?

No way!!
-Do you want to go out with Wataru?

Page 10

-No umm
I just admire him, that's all
-Going out with him, those kinds of thoughts are...

-Today, we're going to karaoke with Wataru, but
-Wouldn't it be great if Hanyuu-san came as well?

Page 11

-Is it ok, if I go as well

-You know the Karaoke Place in front of the station, right
-We always use Room No. 22, so
At 5 ok

With Wataru-kun!?*
*Such happiness*

Page 12

*What should I do, what will I wear!!*
-I don't have any proper clothes
Not even a skirt

-What's this, where are you going?

-Just a sec
-Aah, I bought a cute outfit for that time

*This is the first time a person from school has invited me out*
*Wataru-kun is always surrounded by those girls' and their voices*


Page 13

-It's not strange is it

-Isn't that cute, Princess!!

-Really? I wonder if it's ok
-By any chance, do you have a da... date?


-No way, Masao!!

Page 14

-I'll be back
*Masao, hang in there*

-Where is she going in such a good mood
Arata, do you know
-It looks like she's going to hang out with some of her classmates


*Wh... what should I do
What should I sing

Page 15

-No, instead of singing I'll liven everybody up with these tambourines

I'm so nervous
-Even though my heartbeat has been fast at pro wrestling matches

*Hu... Huh*

Page 16

-Well, until now, thank you, I'll take my leave now
-Oh, come tomorrow too
Good work

-Hanyuu Matsuri is probably still waiting at the BOX
-She really is unbelievable

Page 17

-Hmm, I wonder what Wataru is doing today
-I called him before, he said he was meeting with a woman
Who is it, damn it

*I wonder if something happened...*

*I thought that I may have gotten the wrong room*
*I looked in all the rooms, but...*

Page 18


-Wh why are you here

Page 19

-Hey, if someone comes
-They're not coming

-No-one is coming
-You've been tricked
I just saw them in front of the station, the 2 girls that invited you

Morokado Wataru...
-They said that Morokado is with some girl

Page 20

-Ah so its that, I see
-I see...

-I thought there was an accident or something
-Or that there was another karaoke in front of the station
I might've gotten it wrong or something

-So it was that...

Page 21

-It's been 10 years since I've done karaoke


Page 22

-Quickly, you too. It's your turn!!

-I'll sing

*If Shingematsu hadn't come*
*It would have been different from a date, I would've been here alone*

-Are you tone-deaf or something?
Same to you
-Ah you!! I was even thinking about singing Dragon Ball!!

Page 23

-Look at the time, we sang for 2 hours
-Haah I feel refreshed
My throat hurts though


*That girl...*
*I went out with you once, I can't be serious with women who are easy* [T/L: Page 14 from chapter 2 should say this in the top frame, the translation is incorrect in the top frame that was released]
*At that time, the one Wataru-kun dumped was her*

Page 24

-Today after 11 o' clock, at the school
I called Morokado Wataru to be there
-He is to be beaten up

-Mickey D can fix him up real good, for dumping me
He's got guts, that guy

-Whatever methods you use, is up to you
-With the second time, he won't be able to see your face
-Makashi Tokina

Page 25

-That guy is a former boxer, so
There'd hardly be any bones in his nose left

-It's already 11 o' clock
Your father will be worried about you

Page 26

-I'm going back there
-You're going?

-I also saw those guys
-Morokado Wataru is a piece of crap

Page 27

-Are you an idiot?

Page 28

*Shigematsu is right*
*I got it wrong*
*I'm probably a fool*

*Rough girls are not my type*


*An eyesore, that's all that was in his eyes*
*Look at me*

Page 29

*His nose will broken*
*He'll be grovelling on the ground*

Page 30

*Now the question is for what reason do I have this strength?*

Page 31

*The answer is found in losing my way*
*It's to protect the person I love*

*Shaking off tears, she's running*

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#1. by Jinoh ()
Posted on Feb 29, 2008
thank you :)
#2. by emtelka ()
Posted on Feb 29, 2008
thankies :wtf
#3. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Mar 1, 2008
thanks mel!!! might scanlate this, if i have time.
#4. by chiresakura ()
Posted on Mar 2, 2008
I'm so glad you had time to do this!! It's getting cuter and cuter by the chapter, and I loved the karaoke :P Sorry I didn't see this thread earlier, but I'm glad it got scanlated!

Thanks so much! You're awesome :D
#5. by Mel_Luvz_Anime ()
Posted on Mar 2, 2008
Teehee yeah the karaoke part was fun, I enjoyed this chapter

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