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Biohazard Umbrella Chronicles: Hōkai he no Jokyoku 2

Biohazard 2


-> RTS Page for Biohazard Umbrella Chronicles: Hōkai he no Jokyoku 2

[Hey guys, well this chapter was completed about 4-5 weeks ago, but I didn't post it coz the original scanlator was supposed to scan it and requested not to. But it turns out that he has not scanlated it yet, so for anyone else who was interested in this chapter, feel free to use the translation here]

Biohazard 02 by Mel_Luvz_Anime

Page 0

*Capcom Official!*

*The man who knows everything. The man who is pulling strings in the shadows of the story.
Wesker appears.*

Umbrella Chronicles
Prelude to the Collapse
Part 2*

Page 1
-It's you isn't it
*Wesker appears, in the place where the virus is!! Will they kill him!?*

-With all the tragedy that's befallen this village
What could you possible be planning to do!?

Page 2

-Don't get the wrong idea
*Albert Wesker
Former Commanding Officer of S.T.A.R.S. although
He's involved in the development of the T-virus,
A Biotechnologist.
Involved in secret manoeuvering of the circulation of the virus,
An enigmatic man*
-The night this village was contaminated by the virus that leaked out, was an "accident"
This kind of thing occurring repeatedly on countless occasions is the same as making a foolish mistake

-Then why are you here...!?

-That has nothing to do with you guys

-After all
-"This village is cursed", sounds like a scandal


Page 3


-Guuh... What's this!?

-The ground is... caving in...!?

-Hmm... the explosion of the silo has led to this...

Page 4

-Umbrella's biological weapon...!!

Page 5

-I see, the unknown whereabouts of Hunter Delta...
In a place like this...
-However, the cave-in just now, it's almost as it from "inside" the ground

-What's the meaning of this, Wesker?
Why is something like this in the underground of this village?

-The plans have changed, I have no business here anymore
-This time I'll leave the rest to you, Chris

-Wait Wesker!!


-Cheh... What kind of weapon is this?

Page 6

-Chris, get the car!!

-What in the world is going on with this village!?
-I don't know!! At any rate, catching up with Wesker somewhow is a burden to us and is pushing it
He's always like that, using people

-Cursed village... Does Wesker know somthing about it?

Page 7

-Take that

-This guy, into the village
-Gotcha, grab on and hang in there

Page 8

-Wesker is involved with Umbrella, and this kind of dangerous being...
-We can't just ignore this...!


*It'll be ok, so hide!!*

*It's no use any more. This village is cursed*
*Before things like that happen... I have to quickly...*

*You're the only one Papa can protect*
*Take this*

*If there's a time when bad guys come*
*This pendant will protect you!*

Page 9

-...Hmph... Just as I thought, it's definitely this house...

-The vault!

-That's as far as you'll go!!

Page 10

-You really are stubborn aren't you...

-It's already over, Wesker
-What in the world was your reason for coming to this village!?

-Umbrella constructs "hangars" in remote area's of many countries
The company's assets is concealed, in order to distribute
-A development is underway here of an antibody for BOW's which is dormant. [T/L: "BOW" is an abbreviated form of "Biological Weapon"]

Page 11

-Underneath the silo... is a "hangar"...!?
-That's right, the people of this village were mangaging that place together

-And, the one who was controlling it is the owner of this house
Umbrella's company employee

-He personally managed the research data here
-The cave-in from before was my objective, obtaining research materials would've been impossible otherwise
Which means the treasure is still left behind...!

-Chris... but this is
-I know

-The talk is over. Now then, what are you trying to do?
-If you don't put down those guns, would you like to see what'll happen?

Page 12

-The thing you want
Is it this...?

-Anna, don't come in here!!

-It's ok
-This... is my house...

-How interesting

-You bastard
-If you come any closer, I'll shoot the girl

Page 13

-I see now, this girl has the "Key"...?

-Quickly, let's see what it can do



-Assisting Umbrella in destroying the village
-That treasure is in here

Page 14

-Anna!! Don't go

-It's useless...


Page 15

*"This pendant will protect you"*

Page 16

*"There are traps set in the safe. The bomb will be set off when you trigger the switch and there will be an explosion"
*"If you get a chance, use this and run away"

-Papa... protected me
-Until the last moment...


Page 17

-It's done isn't it
-With this, the research data will also disappear into ashes...

-How annoying...!

Page 18

-Though it is unfortunate
-That wasn't the only hidden treasure in that house

-A rough sketch of the "the usual place"...
It'll be freely put to practical use...!

Page 19

-...It looks like a snow storm

-And Anna?
-She's completely tired out, so she's sleeping... as expected

-I've had more than enough!
With all this tragedy

-The disposal of the village is going to be taken care of by the local army unit
-Also... Anna's father was guarding the chemical plant from before

-Eh... But as a company employee, Wesker is...

-Now way, that plant

-Aah... perhaps it was Umbrella's base
From now on, it's all a game...!

Page 20

*Umbrella... we'll definitely put an end to it...!!*

*Everything at the plant, with the "key"...!? With this, perhaps that man as well...!!!!*

*To be continued in the game where it will be made clear...!!
Wii Software "Biohazard -
Umbrella Chronicles"
On sale today!!*

*Biohazard - Umbrella Chronicles
Prelude to the Collapse
The End*

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#1. by ZAOTAKU ()
Posted on Feb 25, 2008
#2. by squirrellord ()
Posted on Feb 25, 2008
Go Mel-chan~!
Thanks :D
#3. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on Feb 25, 2008
Thx a lot!

#4. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Feb 25, 2008
thanks for the trans mel!!!
#5. by emtelka ()
Posted on Feb 26, 2008
thankies :wtf
#6. by Tendou88 ()
Posted on Feb 27, 2008
wow a biohazard/resident evil manga

How does the drawing look like ?
#7. by Mel_Luvz_Anime ()
Posted on Feb 28, 2008
DL the first part to find out, here:


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