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Kurenai 13

Kure-Nai 13

+ posted by Mel_Luvz_Anime as translation on Nov 13, 2008 06:57 | Go to Kurenai

-> RTS Page for Kurenai 13

Kure-Nai 13 by Mel_Luvz_Anime

[Reserved for the JAC Group]

Page 1

*The two of them meeting will change each other's world...*

*Shinkurou and Murasaki's story starts here!*

Page 2

*Shinkurou is in a daze in the morning... after crying til he fell asleep!*




Page 3

*My days will always pass by together with you. Before I knew it that's what I thought*

*Chapter 13 : Collapse*

Page 4

-Calm down...
-I've gotta calm down...

-What happened yesterday must have been some kind of misunderstanding...
-That's right, my feelings were just muddled up...

-It was an illusion...


-That's right
My first kiss was in my 2nd year of middle school

-Mine was at 7 years old

Page 5

-Come on Shinkurou

-Drink some of this and cool down a bit

Yeah ok...

-Thanks for the meal
Well then, I should get started

-Start what?

Page 6

-Making an obentou for Shinkurou! [T/L: obentou means a packed lunch/meal]

You came
Ah yeah...


Page 7

-...What is that
-Is it food?
-Yeah just in case...

-Ah if you like, Ginko you can have a bite...
-I don't want to

-You will get sick
If you eat that...

-Now, here's this

-What's this?

Page 8

-Have you forgotten your own request?
-It's the information on the Kuhouin family



-You really helped me out by looking into it this much
-Feel free to display your gratitude with remuneration

With this I will probably know all there is to know about Murasaki*

*Who is targeting Murasaki*
*And who am I guarding her from...*


Page 9


This is wrong

-In the section of the Kuhouin family's children
It's says they have 2 boys
-Their daughter has been left out

-They don't have a daughter

-The Kuhouin family don't have a daughter

Page 10

*What is the meaning of this*

*Is Murasaki not part of the Kuhouin family?*

*But Murasaki called herself "Kuhouin Murasaki"*
*She won't let herself feel anything like weakness
And behaves in a dignified manner*

*No way...*
*Did Murasaki lie...?*

*She couldn't have...*
-Welcome back Shinkurou!

Page 11

-I got an interesting outfit from Tamaki!

-Does it suit me?
Tamaki-san gave it to you?

-Yep she said this was a Pachinko gift too... [T/L: Pachinko explanation: [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pachinko][url]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pachinko]
-Would they even have a gift like that!?

-Do you not like these kinds of clothes, Shinkurou?

-Although I heard that you would be happy if I were to wear this...
-No it's not like that...

I knew it...

Page 12

-It's because my chest is flat that you don't like it...

-Tamaki said as much!!
You're always nice to Yamie and Yuuno and Benika who are women with large chest areas...!
-Am i wrong in saying you like huge breasts!?

-I hate it...

-Me being a kid

-I can't do anything great
-I can't say anything great either
-That's why it's painful being the kid right now...

Page 13

-You know, I
-Have some things I want to say to you

-It's like...
-I want to tell you everything I'm feeling inside

-But I don't know how

-I don't know what I should say to let you know...

-I guess...
-When I grow older I'll know how...

Page 14

-H-However I will not be crushed!
-I think I will just do what I can!

-Give me your hand

*I don't get it...*

Page 15

*Why does Murasaki*
*Have such straight-looking eyes*

*Why does she have such pure determination*
*Why is she speaking with such straight-forward words*



Page 16

*Her smile and*

*And her small warm hand*
*To me they're the most important thing to me*

*I wanted to protect Murasaki*
*And I thought I was strong*

Page 17

*The next day*

-What should we do tonight...

-What do you feel like eating, Murasaki?

-As long as I'm with you it doesn't matter what I eat, it'll be delicious

-Even bell-peppers?
-Y-You don't...
Have to go to all that trouble...

Page 18


-A luxury car at a place like this?

-What's the matter, Murasaki?

Page 19

-Well now

-To think you were in a place like this...


Page 20


-Who are you?

-Kuhouin Ryuuji


Page 21

-In fact, to Murasaki over there...
I am her older brother


*Kuhouin Ryuuji...*
*There was definitely something in the documents I got from Ginko about...*

-What I, your brother has said is true isn't it?


Page 22

-Ok then, let's go home


-Wait a minute!!
-I've been entrusted to be her bodyguard!!

-Even if you guys are siblings, you can't just simply...!!

-Shut up, kidnapper


Page 23

-I-it's not like that Ryuuji-niisama!!!
I haven't been kidnapped!!

-I came here out of my own will!!



-Because if was one of your whims?
*What on earth is going on...*

Really now
-So that's what's been going on


Page 24

*What the?*

Page 25

*What did this guy just do?*

*He kicked... Murasaki?*
*Did he just kick his little sister?*

-Who do you belong to?


-Answer me, Murasaki
-Who do you belong to?


Page 26

-Belong to the men of the Kuhouin family...

-What do you take pleasure in?
-In serving the...
Men of the Kuhouin family...

-And your freedom?

-It is...

Page 27

-That's right
You really do understand

-Your precious nii-san isn't worried anymore

-But you know, Murasaki...
Since that's the case...

-Why the hell did you do such a stupid thing!!

Page 28

-Stop it!!

-Tetsuwan [T/L: That's his name, it literally means "Strong arm"]


Page 29


Page 30

-Kill that guy

-Please don't nii-sama!!

-Please I beg you, just Shinkurou!!
-Please just save Shinkurou!!

-I'll listen to anything you say!!

-I'll never disobey you again so please!!


Page 31

-How nice
-Such an obedient attitude

-I'll save this guy
Ok then, let's go Murasaki
*Don't go...*

*Don't go with him...

-I'm sorry Shinkurou
-Thanks for everything

Page 32

-I really had a lot of fun...

-I really...

*Move, this body of mine...!*

-...to save her...
-Hurry and...


*Lost and defeated and...*

*Kure-Nai continues in January's issue*

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#1. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on Nov 13, 2008
That was fast MLA. Thanks. Well...off to clean KN 13.
#2. by paolo12 ()
Posted on Nov 14, 2008

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