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Vampire Knight 35

Vampire Knight 35

+ posted by Mel_Luvz_Anime as translation on Dec 23, 2007 01:27 | Go to Vampire Knight

-> RTS Page for Vampire Knight 35

[T/L: Hey guys, here's the latest Vampire Knight Chapter and I have to say... It's the best chapter ever!!!! I absolutely loved it, I hope it'll be great to read as well. I'm soooo glad that Kaname is.... well I won't spoil it, you'll have to read it ^_^ I'm sos excited bout this chapter ^_^

Oh and by the way, this translation is only to be used by fan.service for scanlations... thank you ^_^]

Vampire Knight Chapter 35 by Mel_Luvz_Anime

Page 3-4

*The TV Anime starts this Spring!!!*

*The lovely girl, finally the forbidden fang is at the nape of her neck...!!*

Page 5

*At least*
*I confronted Kaname-senpai*
*I don't want to feel ashamed. I want to be like others...*

*...Very strong*

*These actions of mine*
*Has reached its end*

Page 6

*And I've hurt Zero many times*
*This is definitely my punishment*

I need to talk...

Page 7



Page 8

-...I see
You couldn't use my blood, could you?
-That's right

Page 9

-Well that's ok...
Whichever way it happens, that girl
-Willhave Kuran's blood in her, which is ok

-...So then Rido-sama, I will get you a coffin that suits your tastes
-Yes...I will fulfill your wish
Until I was resurrected, you've been working really well

The ones who brought about Shizuka's death will die

Page 10

-That's why I've worked for this honorable body of yours, Rido-sama
-From the bottom of my heart
I beg of you...


*Is there no other way...?*
*I've gotta give up on searching for you*

Page 11

*It's always been like that hasn't it...?*

Page 12

*It's cold...*

*Somehow warm...*

Page 13




Page 14


*My neck*
*Is overflowing with*

Page 15



*What's happening...?*

Page 16


Page 17


-Somehow or the other...
You're the only one...

Page 18


Page 19


Page 20




Page 21


Page 22

-Have you awakened...?

-Do you know who I am...?

Page 23


Page 24

-...I knew it, Yuuki's...

-Blood, I recognised the smell...



Page 25

-The presence of "two" vampires...!!

-You... to Yuki...

-Stop it Zero!!

Page 26

-He is my


Page 27


*All of my*
-...I'm Sorry...

*Memories were hidden*
*A thick mist*
*Has been cleared...*

*Lived with my mother: Kuran Juri and my father: Kuran Haruka*

Page 27a

*Kuran Yuuki*
*That's the name my parents gave to me*


-Oniisama has come home [T/L: Oniisama is a respectable word for brother]

-Welcome home Kaname-oniisama!

Page 27c

-I'm back
Yuuki's body is really warm

-...Oniisama's body is really cold...
-Yeah, because it's snowing outside

-Snow is white and beautiful and cold
But Yuuki is like the sun, because you're warm
-It's not cold anymore

-The real Yuuki, which is so much like sunshine is far from the "outside" world
I haven't seen it even once in person*
*There's not even one window. This room in the basement is my whole world*

Page 27d

Did you enjoy yourself fully with Takuma-kun?

-Err... yeah
Thank you very much for letting me go play...

-Really... I'm so glad

-Yeah but it's strange, isn't it...

-My strategy was for Takuma-kun to have a great influence on you
Frankly come home somewhat changed. They were just plans though...
*This kid, doesn't seem to be the old man's grandchild. He liked him*

-He hasn't changed, right?

Page 28

-Again, you were all strangely stiff now you've calmed down. Did grandfather say something to upset you
You definitely take after your grandfather
-Grandfather, upset me...
-Mummy don't tease oniisama

-I'm not teasing at all, Yuuki
It's cute isn't it

-In 10 years I've only seen a rose bloom once, Yuuki
But I couldn't pluck it and preserve it, I couldn't bring it home with me

-The next time it blooms, I'll solidify it with resin...

Page 29

-Is that pretty?

Yuuki is excellent
-Since you want to go and see outside, I'll definitely not tell you...

Yuuki always wan't to go above ground, won't you let her?
-We have to hide Yuuki's existence from the other Vampires, so for that sake, no...

-...Lately the senate
Wants to use the Purebloods for the value of our existence and the power of our blood...

-Ofcourse we can oppose them...but
-Yuuki is still young...
The likes of them wouldn't want anything to do with her

Page 30

-A parent's selfish way of doing is but... I'm going to protect Yuuki

-Yuuki is just fine, ok? [T/L: Yuuki talks about herself in 3rd person]
-So don't make such a scary face oniisama

-I'll always be with you...

If Kaname-oniisama is with me, no matter what happens I'll be ok
-Even scary dreams...

Page 31

I've had these scary dreams...
-Crimson and blue, different coloured eyes that were here for a long time...

-Looking at me for a long time...

-Well then...
*And then, the warm days have...*
*Suddenly come to an end, after being informed*
-It'll be good if you'll become my sacrifice...

Page 32

-...You're under the senate's surveillance and yet you've come out...


-You guys are hiding something precious...
I'm come to take the "princess"...

-Again my child

Page 33

-Mother is really angry...
-Dad too...

-It's ok because... I'm here, ok

-I can smell lot of blood...
Something scary is coming

-...The smell of
-Father's blood...

Page 34

-I'm sorry for giving you scary thoughts...

-When I'm happy, I may get a little intoxicated...but
But I've already decided...

-I'm definitely going to make sure
-So that when Yuuki is scared I will always be there wherever you are



Page 35

Where's father!?
-Take care of Yuuki...

-...Excuse me
About Rido... if I won't be able to finish him off, it couldn't be helped...

-...Thank you...

-Please take care of Yuuki from now on, ok...

Page 36


-Yuuki...I'm going to put the part of you that has anything to do with vampires, asleep
-You'll be just a normal "Human"

Page 37

-Mother, Oniisama is!
Something scary is coming from outside
-I'll have to put an end to it with this technique
To make up for the fact that I can't be with you any longer, but

-Your mother...
You've made me extremely happy
-You can do whatever you decide to do. I don't resent that. I would like to be able to do that but...

-The next time you wake up, you won't remember anything

Page 38

-I'm sorry...

Page 39


Page 40


-...I would have really liked it if I was born as her "older brother"
-I'm very happy...

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#1. by ChaosCloud ()
Posted on Dec 23, 2007
thanks mel luvz anime
#2. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Dec 23, 2007
wao wao waooo!!!! thanks so much mel!!! been looking forward to this chapter!!!
#3. by Ariadne chan ()
Posted on Dec 26, 2007
thanks for the translation then kaname is not her sibiling they where raised like but don't???
#4. by Mel_Luvz_Anime ()
Posted on Dec 29, 2007
I'm not so sure myself. This was a big revelation in itself, but still a lot more needs to be revealed to be completely understood. We'll just have to wait till the next chapter, although maybe someone else may translate it from there.

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