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To-LOVE-Ru 121

To-Love-Ru 121

+ posted by Mel_Luvz_Anime as translation on Oct 22, 2008 22:26 | Go to To-LOVE-Ru

-> RTS Page for To-LOVE-Ru 121

To-Love-Ru 121 by Mel_Luvz_Anime

Page 1

-Ok I have to go this way so... I'll see you again tomorrow k
-Huh? Mikan, was your house that way?

-I've got to buy the ingredients for dinner tonight
-Ah! I see, must be a lot of work

-Hey! Would you kind of be able to teach me about cooking next time!?
-Ah... me too!
-Sure, ok see ya

*School --> Dinner! Mikan is also very busy today!!*

Page 2

*School... is kinda boring. Being at home is much more stimulating!!*

*To-Love-Ru 121 : Metamorphose*

Page 3

-Please come again

-Now then!
-Should I make a fried meal that Rito likes


Page 4

-What are you doing in a place like this?

-I thought I would scan the people walking by, so that I can add to the data of Lala-sama's clothing

-Heeh you can do that?
-Yes, soon the time will come to change clothes for the new season

-So where's Lala-san?

-At the house, watching Magical Kyouko

Page 5

-I'm done here, would you like to back together?
-Ok sure

-Eh... no way

-A purse snatcher!?

Page 6


-Damn... lost sight of him!
-Aw man, I put my wallet in there!!

-Then let's search for him from the sky!
-Eh but how...

-What am I here for!

Page 7

*Dress Form!!*

Page 8

-It's really embarrassing though...

-There he is! Mikan-san, over there!!

-A-Alri---ght! Since it's come to this, for the sake of my wallet and the ingredients!!
-You there, wait up!!!

Page 9

-But you know Mikan is really amazing don't you think
-She's cute and smart and can do housework

-She's also popular with the boys
-How nice... I also want to be like Mikan-chan


-J-just now, did Mikan just fly wearing a weird outfit!?

Page 10

-Mikan-chan... can fly through the air too... how cool...

-Return what you stole from me!!

-Ah you...
-My disguise!!


Page 11

-Damn it




Page 12

-Sorry, with the impact I unintentionally changed your clothing
-I know...
-Whatever just hurry and change it back!!

-That was a ... space alien wasn't it
-Yes... he's from the famous planet of compulsive thievery
-That's terrible...

-What should I do, can I catch him
-Since our opponent is a space alien... I have a good idea!!

Page 13

-She sure is a persistent kid

-Fuhihihi however earthlings are not very wary when it comes to being careful about their food
-Absolutely right, she was on her way home


-T..That black uniform...!!

Page 14

-This is embarrassing~~
-I am the Golden Darkness
-I...if you value your life, return what you stole!

*... Golden Darkness!?*
*That legendary assassin!!?*

Page 15

-...Are you trying to trick me!!
Aren't you supposed to have blonde hair!!
-Hyah I knew it wasn't gonna work, Peke!!

-Damn you, you nearly scared me half to death...
-You're gonna pay for that!!

-Pe-Peke! Trans--!!
-There's nothing you can do!!

Page 16

-What are you doing to a people's little sisters!!


-Are you ok, Mikam!?
-What are you doing here!?
-Dad aksed me to go out and buy some painting stuff for him and then I heard your voice...

-So, why are you cosplaying Yami?
-Haha... for some reason...

Page 17

-Uh... guh...

-Damn you...


-You sure have some nerve pointing a gun at my friend...

Page 18


-Ah i was obviously referring to Mikan, not you
-I... I know

-So... what should we do with him?
-I called Zastin-dono, we're gonna hand him over to the galaxy police

Page 19

-Are you ok? He didn't choke the life out of you...
-...I'm fine, I've gotten my stuff back now

*A supergirl at school!!*

-You saved me, Yami-san

-Ah that's right...
-By the way, Mikan...

-We're matching? ...How nice...

*There's another little sister at home*

*To-Love-Ry 121/ End*

*Next time, an inside story into the world of show business, drawing nearer to the Lala/Rito pairing!*

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#1. by juUnior ()
Posted on Oct 23, 2008
Big THX Mel ! :wtf
#2. by Mel_Luvz_Anime ()
Posted on Oct 24, 2008
Np, but this will be my last translation of To-Love-Ru. The group I'm translating it for decided to drop it. So enjoy.
#3. by hissatsu ()
Posted on Oct 24, 2008
Quote by Mel_Luvz_Anime;1081365:
Np, but this will be my last translation of To-Love-Ru. The group I'm translating it for decided to drop it. So enjoy.
Can you check your PM. Dont drop it yet :p but check your PM first
#4. by Mel_Luvz_Anime ()
Posted on Oct 25, 2008
Quote by hissatsu;1082721:
Can you check your PM. Dont drop it yet :p but check your PM first

Uh yeah I can't send a reply back to you because apparently you have your account set so u can't receive PM's.

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