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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

One Piece 596


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Aug 19, 2010 09:07 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 596

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tl by molokidan

1: The small sky island of Weatheria
white: A huge uproar in the sky!!
2: This thieving girl must not be forgiven!!
3: We must strip her of all she has and extradite her from the country!!
4: I'm sorry...I feel really bad about what I did.
5: Like we'd trust you now!!
6(2b): And so, to prove my feelings...I'm going to jump into the ocean...!! I only hope that you can come to forgive me in the next world. Farewell.
7: plip plop...
8: suuu...
9(2b): Uooohhhh!! We made her cry!!! No need to be so hasty, my dear, we have no intentions of incriminating you that much!! You're too young to be choosing death like that!! We're sorry for saying too much, as well!!
10: Okay then, I forgive you!! I guess I'll stay here and study for a bit, then!!
11: Huh?!
12(2b): Oh yeah, my name is Nami! Feel free to call me Nami-san! Also, I want a house to live in! I look forward to getting along with you, sky grandpas!!
13: Alright, I'm gonna do my best!!
14: Huuuuh?! Why were we forgiven?! That makes no sense!!!
15: Curses! What happened just now!!?

1(2b): This island "Weatheria" floats in the sky by the will of the wind. We are ever journeying, sometimes dropping down to the blue sea to stock up on supplies and "information."
2: Information?
3: --well, on records, that is. Records of the world's weather.
4(2b): Centering around the "Grand Line"...there are still unknown weather phenomenons happening that you wouldn't believe! Our world is truly a large one!
5: "Lightning rain"...is this some kind of joke?
6(2b): That happens at an island in the "New World." If you plan on navigating your way there...then you'll have use your imagination even more than you already do!
7: Haredas-san! Teach me about the "New World"'s weather!
8: Everything you know!!
9: zuzuuuu
10: ...you're mighty desperate...
11: Well of course I am!!

1(2b): The lives of all my crew members depends on this!! I'm their "navigator!!" When we're out on the sea, I bear great responsibility!!
2(2b): I have to be able to take my Captain to any location he wants to go, no matter where it may be!! If Luffy says he's going to become the Pirate King, then I can't just go on being a run-of-the-mill navigator!!
3: Your Captain must be really happy to be thought of like that...!!
4: ...I've got no choice.
5: no choice...?
6: That's right! He always talks big, but when it comes down to it, he knows nothing about the sea!!
7: He's severely lacking in the "sense of danger" area!!
8: Luffy...
9: Help me...

1: Of course!!!!
2: And he always overdoes it...
3(2b): If I let him go, he'll die. And he's stupid, so I have to take care of him.
4: Ho ho ho...sounds like a troublesome Captain, alright!
5: That's why I'm gonna help him!
6: This time, It's my turn!
7: Hey, teach me about the Weather Ball!!
8(2b): Don't make it sound so easy! This invention is the pride and joy of Weatheria!! If its power was abused, it could plunge the entire world into chaos!!
9: ...could it be turned into a weapon?
10: Woah, woah!! Don't say such dangerous things!!! No way!!
11: And no smirking!!

1: "Grand Line" - Kenzan Island (*tl note: Kenzans are tools used in ikebana, or flower arranging, where branches of flowers are pushed onto upward-protruding needles.
2: C'mon over and take a gander!
3: "Teena Geena Kingdom"
4: His appearance!! Just like a skeleton!!
5(2b): With only a single joint on his arms!! Could a more rare specimen possibly exist in this world?!
6: Heeey!! Don't you go tryin' to cheat us, you carnies!!
7: Eh?! Don't tell me you have some kind of complaint?!
8: He ain't movin' a bit!!
9: That thing's just some doll!!
10: Ehh?!
11: Luffy-san...has made his decision...!!

1: Therefore I must also do something...
2: Hey!! You stupid skeleton!! You gotta be kidding me!!
3: I can't possibly...stay still...
4: !! O-ohhh!! So you know what's going on?! That's it, it won't be a show unless you do something like that!!
5: There must be some way I can help...
6: All you need to do is move, that's it! Just move!!
7: Despite laying eyes on me, you showed not the least bit of fear and allowed me to join your crew.
8: Who cares about that, just join my crew!!
9: Alright then.
10: Heeeeeeeyy!!!
11: After 50 years...of sailing over the dark sea. Can you imagine what a joy what was to me...?
12: My shadow was stolen by a certain man.
13(2b): What are you acting so formal for?! I'll just get it back for you then!!!
14: How bright you shined to me...Retribution at last after fifty years of having no choice but to wait for some miracle to come by!
15: Fufu...

1(2b): 40 degrees!! Ah!! This is a hard one!!
2: doteh!!
3: Ehhhhhhh?!
4: he moved!! He's really moving and talking!!!
5: Ewwwww!!
6: What is this creature...?!
7: After dropping down from 45 degrees...I really do slip after all...!!
8: The bones moved!!
9: Gyaaah!!
10: --But this is my moment of conquest!! Perhaps this will allow me to be of more use to Luffy-san...
11: ...nah...I guess I need to think of something else after all.
12: ...!! He's holding a guitar!!
13: What's he gonna do?!
14(2b): So this is a freak show, eh...?! Go on, give me your worst! The word "alone" no longer exists in my dictionary!!
15: Jaaaan jaka-jaka
16: But everyone, isn't it boring just to sit there and watch?
17: Please, listen!! To my NEW SINGLE!!!
18: "Bone to be wild"!!!

1: "East Blue" - The Giant Bridge--
2: --what made you change your mind?
3: We're thankful,
4: Please board the ship. We will now escort Nico Robin
5: for Dragon-san has always wanted to meet with you.
6: to Baltigo!
7: --if I had known there were people this benevolent out there, I'd have wanted you to come sooner.
8: --O-our apologies. We had no idea that you were working with Crocodile...
9: Shove off--!!
10(2b): Fufu..that was a joke. I was just playing around with him. Sorry, but I'm glad things worked out this way...
11(2b): Kill that girl!!! She must not be allowed to live!!!
12: She's a survivor of the demons of Ohara!!!
1: Hey, monster!!
2: How much do you think that kid's head is worth?
3(2b): Why did you come to save me?! As of now...I want to die!!!
4: Have you all lost your marbles?!!
5: You think you can survive with the ENTIRE WORLD as your enemy?!!!

1: Robin-san, please come inside! It's cold out there...
2(2b): --I'm fine here. I'm a pirate...and you're revolutionaries. I can't trust you that easily...and walk into a room just like I'm invited to, leaving me with no route of escape...
3: But!! We have bear no malice toward you...!!
4(2b): Just let me do as I please. This is how I lived the entire time I was alone...
5: ...ah...!!
6: Excuse me...I understand.
7: Hey!! Bring a bunch of blankets out here!! And warm food and drink!!
8: Eh...but we've already prepared things inside...
9: On the double!!
10: Luffy...if I turn myself over to the tides of the world under your father...--will I become a little stronger?
11: snicker
12: I've never thought of
13: Bring something to block the wind...!!
14: and a sofa...!!
15: becoming strong for someone else before...!!

1: "Grand Line" - Karakuri Island
2: Yes sir.
3(2b): Calling it the greatest loss of this century would not be an exaggeration.
4: Future Kingdom "Baldimore"--
5: You know anything?
6: I heard that something resembling a gorilla snuck into the lab, and then there was an explosion.
7(2b): But reaching this island would be impossible without a fairly large ship capable of breaking through ice.
8: --and there haven't been any witnesses of such a thing yet.
9(2b): According to the Marines stationed here, the invader was "Cyborg Franky," a member of "Straw Hat Pirates," who have been rather infamous lately.
10(2b): There are many cyborg gorillas on this island, however, so it's rather possible that they might have mistaken one for him. The man in question was last seen less than a month ago at the Sabaody Archipelago, and has yet to be witnessed on this island...
11: His means and route in coming to Baldimore would also be anyone's guess.
12: Captain Gorilla!! The search party is leaving for the mountains!!
13: Alright, I'll go too, uho.

1: That explosion exposed the entrance.
2: What a surprise...we didn't know about this either.
3: To think there was another laboratory...
4(2b): Looks like this--is the place where the labor-oriented "cyborg animals" were created. The one I blew up had some really insane "cultural" creations...
5(2b): But the ones I'm really interested are the "weapon-related" ones here! This is crazy...research on everything from battleships to human cells...what's going on inside this guy's brain?!
6(2b): Alright, I've decided. I'm gonna live here!!
7: Ehh!!? Live?
8: I'll leave the mountain once in a while to go get cola, so let me stock it at your houses!!
9: As long as you guys stay quiet, I'll be able to stay here, and I promise not to cause trouble....
10: Gyaaaah, don't look this way!!!
11: Scary! Your face is scary!!!
12: Why do you have to make such a commotion every time you see my face?!

1: How's this?
2: It's a tiger rug.
3: Ahh, that might work...
4: It sure is cold...there's a fireplace, let's light one up.
5: bobo!!
6: Why aren't you wearing pants...
7: This is my ship, guy guys!!
8: Would you
9: ride on it!!?
10: Eh?
11: If you want this pair of underwear back,
12: then join my crew!!!
13: ...it's about time...you lived for your own dreams, isn't it...?
14: When it reaches the "end of the ocean"...!!
15: then we'll call it a "ship of dreams!!"
16: Hey, Luffy...!! The Sunny hasn't even gotten serious yet! You're the Captain that can make it into the "ship of dreams"...!!!
17: I'm gonna learn about technology that'll allow me to train it even harder than I have already!!! So Luffy...
18: Hey, the tiger's burning!!!
19: Eh?

1: Gyaaaaaah! Hothothothothottt!!!
2: What's that?! A wild animal!!?
3: Gyaaaaaaahhhhh!!!
4(2b): Gyaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!! Here it coooomes!!!
5: Guooooohhhhhh!!!
6: Gyaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!
7: So, Luffy...
8: --And so this became the "Legend of the Sacred Burning Beast of Baldimore,"
9: let's cross over!!! Into the wild waves of the "New World!!!"
10: passed down through generations on the "Grand Line"--

1: "Grand Line" -- Booing Archipelago
2: Now what?! Usoppnn!!
3-4: Haa
5(2b): First I need to lose weight!! And gain muscle!!
6: Yes...!! That'd be a good idea...!!
7: Then get stronger!!
8(2b): Yes...!! Without that, you'll never be able to leave the islandnn!!!
9: Then I'll get even stronger!!
10: Yes, that's a fine idea as wellnn!!
11: And then get even more stronger!!!
12: Ohh...t...that muchnn...?!?!
13: He's become all roused up so suddenly...just what was in that newspaper?
14: What was written in therenn?!?!

1(2b): Haa...haa...zeh...zeh...I got a message from our Captain!!!
2: ...!? A message...?
3: Haa...haa...!!
4: Hurry up and get on.
5: Haa...
6: We're already crew members!
7: He won!!!
8: What are you doing?!?!
9: Wake up!!! Luffy!!!
10: This fight!! We
11: won it!!!!
12: I...
13: somewhere in my heart...

1: thought that all I had to do was watch...
2: --and that Luffy would go and become the Pirate King all by himself...!!
3(2b): Once we get halfway around the world, we'll see this wall again...and by that time,
4: I'll be the Pirate King!!!
5(2b): --But I was wrong...there's a ton of enemies that not even he can beat...!!!
6: Even Luffy loses sometimes...!!!
7(2b): he's overdoing it...!! He's screaming...!!! That's why
8: he needs my almighty power!!!
9: Haa...haa...Heraclesnn...!!! I wanna get stronger!!!

1: kacha
2(2b): Please, Heraclesnn-sensei!!! Your weapon's always bugged me...
3: Eh!? ...Se!! ...Senseinn?!
4(2b): Yeah, you're an amazing warrior who's lived on this dangerous island for such a long time! There's a ton of things I want to learn from you!!
5:Amazing warrior!? Me...I'm an amazing teacher?!
6: And my name is Heraclesnn!!
7: Yeah, you're an amazing warrior teacher!!
8: What a cool name!!
9(2b): Listen up, pupil Usoppnn! In this forest there are things called "Pop Greens." Hostile plants that possess instantaneous growth exist in abundant numbers! And these Pop Greens are their seeds!
10: tap!!
11: ...Pop Greens?!
12: Wait for me, Luffy...!!!
13: They have various usesnn...
14: Okay.
15: In order for you to become Pirate King!!
16: Run!! This forest will make you stronger!!
17: I'm going to become a true "King of Sniping!!!"
white: Everyone's emotions begin to move!!

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#1. by igetownd ()
Posted on Aug 19, 2010
5(2b): Without a single joint on his arms!! Could a more rare specimen possibly exist in this world?!

I believe there was a misunderstanding between the text and it's intended meaning. Brook has 1 joint in each of his arms. Perhaps "With only a single joint on his arms!" is more correct?

10: passed down through generations on the "Grand Line"--

I've seen another translation say "Baltigo" rather than "Grand Line". It would make more sense because Baltigo is relatively isolated due to the entrance difficulty, as noted in the chapter.
#2. by molokidan (Hidden Boss ΣΣ(゚Д゚;)ナヌッ)
Posted on Aug 19, 2010
Thanks for catching that typo on page 6, it's been fixed.

As for Baltigo, it doesn't say Baltigo in that bubble, it says Grand Line. Go ahead and check the raw. Anyone who can read katakana can see that.
#3. by isrnick ()
Posted on Aug 20, 2010
Obviously couldn't be written Baltigo (or Vertigo) there, after all how could something that happened in Baldimore become a legend only passed down through generations in the revolutionaries' headquarters island? hahaha :D

In fact the other translation, that he was referring to, says that the legend was passed down through generations in Baldimore.
#4. by molokidan (Hidden Boss ΣΣ(゚Д゚;)ナヌッ)
Posted on Aug 20, 2010
The name of Baldimore appears within the [] marks, because it's referring to a Legend OF Baldimore that was passed down ON the Grand Line. Hope that clears things up.
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