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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 596


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Aug 30, 2010 14:22 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 596: Spectrum

[Insert text: A proper fuss above the clouds!!]
[Box: The small Sky Island of Weatheria]
Weatherians: This sneaky little cat-burglar... we cannot forgive her!! // We should take everything she has and evict her from the island at once!!
Nami: I'm very sorry for what I did...
Weatherians: As though we can trust that!!
Nami: As a sign of my repentance, I will throw myself from this island into the sea below...!! / I hope that you can find it in your hearts to forgive me in my next life... Farewell...
Weatherians: ?! // Aahhhhhh!! We made her cry!!! We shouldn't be so hasty... Now, now, girlie, we don't mean to be that hard on you!! / You must not throw your life away at such a young age!! We went too far!! We're sorry!!
Nami: Oh, all right!! I forgive you!! Well, then, I'd like to stay here for a bit and learn more about the weather!!
Weatherians: Eh?!
Nami: Oh - my name's Nami! Feel free to just call me Nami-san! Oh, and I'd like a place to stay, if you don't mind! / It'll be a pleasure working with you all!! // Now, off to work!!
Weatherians: Ehhhh~~?! How were we the ones who ended up being forgiven?! This doesn't make any sense!!! // I don't believe it...!! What on Earth just happened?!!

Haredas: This land of Weatheria drifts across the entire world as the winds carry it. / Occasionally, we descend to the Blue Sea to procure materials and information along the way.
Nami: Information?
Haredas: ...Well, records, essentially. Records of the world's weather. // Particularly in the Grand Line... we have found all kinds of heretofore unknown weather phenomena... / This world is certainly a big place!
Nami: "Rains of lightning"... This can't be real, surely?
Haredas: That was from an island in the New World. If you plan on travelling those seas... / ...then you should be prepared to find your common sense defied at every turn.
Nami: Tell me, Haredas-san! Teach me everything you know... / ...about the weather of the New World!!
Haredas: .........You certainly are a hasty one...
Nami: Well, of course I am!!

Nami: The lives of my entire crew are on the line!! / I'm their navigator!! When they're sailing across those waves, I have a huge responsibility to uphold!! // I have to be ready to take them anywhere the Captain decides to go!! / And Luffy is determined to become the Pirate King, so I can't be satisfied with staying at the level of just any old navigator, either!!
Haredas: That sounds like one fine captain you have there, to inspire such devotion from his crew......!!
Nami: ...I can't help it...
Haredas: You can't...?
Nami: I can't! I mean, he's always talking bigger than anyone, but he doesn't know a thing about actually sailing the ocean!! // He doesn't have any sense of danger!!
Flashback!Nami: Luffy...... // Help me...

Flashback!Luffy: OF COURSE I WILL!!!!
Nami: .................. // He always does the craziest things... // He'd die if I wasn't there to keep an eye on him... / He's not exactly bright... he can be such a handful...
Haredas: Hohoho... well, that must be quite the ordeal!
Nami: That's why I have to be able to help him! // (This time, I will!!) // Hey, could you teach me about those Weather Balls?!!
Haredas: Don't talk about them so casually! These are a great Weatherian invention, I'll have you know!! / If they fell into the wrong hands, they could plunge the world into chaos!!
Nami: ......Could they be used as a weapon?
Haredas: Now, now...!! Don't say such nasty things!!! That's out of the question!! // Wipe that grin off your face!!

[Box: Grand Line, Kenzan Island]
TenagaKidnappers: Roll up, roll up!! This is one spectacle you don't want to miss!!
[Box: Tena Gena Kingdom]
TenagaKidnappers: Witness this astounding body!! A skeleton through and through!! // And these ridiculous single-jointed arms!! / Could there possibly be a stranger creature in this whole wide world?!
TenagaCommoners: Hold it!! You're tryin' ter trick us, ain't ya, ya damn conmen!!
TenagaKidnappers: Excuse me?! Is there some kind of problem?!
TenagaCommoners: Well, look at it!! It's not moving at all!! // This is just an ordinary model or somethin'!!
TenagaKidnappers: What?!
Brooke: .................. // (Luffy-san has... made up his mind...!!)

Brooke: (In which case, I too must do something...)
TenagaKidnappers: (Hey!! Ya damn skeleton!! Stop screwing us around!!)
Brooke: I cannot afford to stay here doing nothing... // .........
TenagaKidnappers: (!! ...O... Oh, you get it, do ya?! That's right, you can't do nothing!! There's no spectacle unless ya start movin'!!)
Brooke: There has to be something I can to to help...
TenagaKidnappers: (Like we said, just move around a bit, that's all we need!! Just start moving!!)
Brooke: (You looked upon me without the slightest trace of fear, and invited me to join your crew...)
Flashback!Luffy: More importantly, join my crew!!!
Flashback!Brooke: Very well, then.
Flashback!Sanji: Hoooooold it!!!
Brooke: (You cannot imagine... how happy that made me after fifty long years of floating aimlessly upon those seas......)
Flashback!Brooke: My shadow was stolen from me by a certain man.
Flashback!Luffy: And what's the problem with that, then?!!! / I'll just go and get it back for you!!!
Brooke: (You have no idea how glorious the sight was to my eyes... The fifty years I had spent praying for a miracle had truly been answered...!!) // Haha...

Brooke: Forty degrees!! / Ahh, that's difficult!!
TenagaKidnappers: Ehhhhhhhh~~~~~~?!!
TenagaCommoners: It moved!! It really started talking and moving!!! // That's so creepy!! // What is that thing...?!!
Brooke: I just can't stop myself from slipping over if I try to do angles smaller than forty-five...!!
TenagaCommoners: It's a moving skeleton~~~~!! // Aaaghhhh~~!!
Brooke: (Yet when I have overcome this trial...!! I will surely be able to be of more use to Luffy-san...!! // ......Actually... perhaps I should try some other method...)
TenagaCommoners: ......!! He brought out a guitar!! // What's he gonna do now?!
Brooke: A spectacle?! So be it...!! Call me what you wish!! / For the word "loneliness" no longer exists in my dictionary!! // Now, my friends, are you not bored of merely observing? // Listen and be amazed!! This is my new single!!! // "Bone To Be Wild"!!!

[Box: East Blue, a mighty bridge]
Revolutionaries: ...What brought about this sudden change of heart...? / I mean, this is certainly good news as far as we are concerned...
Announcement: We are now setting sail with Nico Robin on board...
Revolutionaries: Dragon-san has been wanting to meet you for a long time, after all!
Announcement: Our destination, Baltigo!
Robin: ...If there were such admirable people as yourselves out there, I would have liked you to come for me earlier...
Revolutionaries: ! // ...W... We must apologise! We were unable to uncover the information that you were working for Crocodile, and...
Announcement: NOW SETTING SAIL!!
Robin: Ahaha... Don't worry, I was only joking. / I'm afraid I couldn't be happier that things turned out the way they did.
Flashback!People: Kill that girl!!! / She shouldn't be allowed to live!!! // She's a survivor of the Demons of Ohara!!!

Flashback!People: Die, demon!! // How much cash do you think that kid is worth?
Robin: ..................
Flashback!Robin: Why do you insist on coming to save me?! / All I want now is to die!!!!
Flashback!Spandam: Are you all insane?!!! // You can't possibly think you can make an enemy of the whole world and live!!!
Luffy: BRING IT ON~~~~~~~~~!!!!
Robin: ..................

Revolutionaries: Please come inside, Robin-san! You'll catch a cold out here...
Robin: ......! // ...No, I'll stay where I am. I am a pirate, and you are revolutionaries... / It is not my place to trust you completely... I cannot go below decks, and put myself utterly at your mercy...
Revolutionaries: Oh, we would never...!! We don't harbour any bad feeling towards you whatsoever......!!
Robin: Please. / This is how I always lived when I was on my own...
Revolutionaries: .....Ah......!! // My apologies... As you wish. // Hey!! Bring as many blankets as you can find!! Get some hot drinks and food up here!! // What...? But everything's ready inside... // Just do it!!
Robin: (Luffy... If I hurl myself into the wide world under your father's guidance... perhaps I can become stronger...) // ........................... // (I had never before considered the desire to grow stronger... // ...for the sake of another......!!)
Revolutionaries: Bring some wind-guards, too...!! // And a sofa...!!

[Box: Grand Line, Karakuri Island]
Marines: Indeed. // It would be no exaggeration to call this... / ...the disaster of the century.
[Box: The Future Land of Balgimoa]
Marines: Tell me anything you know.
People: Well, I heard that a man built like a gorilla had infiltrated the laboratory, and the next thing I knew, it had gone up in flames...
Marines: In order to reach this island... / ...any intruder would have to be in possession of a large icebreaker vessel, or he would be unable to land... // Nobody appears to have seen such a vessel...
Gorilla: According to the Marines stationed here... / ...the intruder seems to be a member of the infamous Straw Hat Crew, namely Cyborg Franky... // ...but there are a number of cyborg gorillas on this island, so they could easily be mistaken... / The man in question was sighted under a month previously in the Shabondy Archipelago... // ...and his means and route from there to Balgimoa are a mystery.
Marines: Captain Gorilla!! We're dispatching a search party to investigate the mountain regions!!
Gorilla: Understood. I will accompany them.

People: The entrance was exposed by that explosion... // I can hardly believe it... To think that there was a second laboratory... // ...right here under our noses, and we never had the slightest idea...
Franky: This seems to be... the place where he manufactured the Cyborg Animals he used to carry out the manual labour. / The stuff over in the lab that exploded was all related to his more "culturally" incredible inventions... // ...but to be honest, I'm more interested in the military-type inventions hidden away in this one. / This is incredible... there's research on everything from battleships to human cells... Just what is this guy's brain made of? // Right! / I've decided... I'm gonna live here!!
People: What?!! Live here?!
Franky: I'll come down the mountain from time to time to stock up on cola, but you can handle that for me, right?!! // As long as you two keep quiet, nobody'll even know that I'm here, so there won't be any......
People: Aaaarghhhhhh!! Don't look this way!!! // Too scary!! That face is too scary!!!
Franky: Don't get so worked up just by looking at my face!!

Franky: How's that? // It's a tiger mat.
People: Yes, that's much better.........
Franky: It's pretty cold in here... I'd better light this fireplace over here.
People: You could try putting on some trousers...
Flashback!Franky: You guys... Would you like... // ...to sail the world... // ...in the ship that I've made?!!!
Flashback!StrawHats: Huh?
Flashback!Luffy: If you want your trunks back... // ...then you'll have to join our crew!!!!
Flashback!Iceburg: ...Is it not time you lived... for your own dream......?
Franky: .........
Flashback!Franky: When it arrives at the very end of the ocean...!! // Only then will it truly be my dream ship!!
Franky: (Luffy...!! You haven't even seen half of what the Sunny can do yet! You're the only Captain who can make the Sunny into a dream ship...!!! // I'll hone my skills... to make sure that the ship can survive even the roughest of adventures!!! So, Luffy...)
People: Hey!! The tiger is on fire!!!
Franky: Huh?

People: .........
Franky: Aaaaarghhhh!!! Hothothothothothothot~~~!!!
Gorilla: ?!! // What's this?! Some kind of foul beast?!!
Marines: ?!!
Franky: AAAARRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHH~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Marines: There it is~~~~~~!!!
Marines: AAAAAGHHHHHHHHH~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Franky: (So, Luffy... // Let's surpass them together!!! Even the harsh waves of the New World!!!)
[Box: This is the incident that would go down in the Grand Line's history... // ...as the "Legend of the Blazing Phantom Beast of Balgimoa"...]

[Box: Grand Line, Boin Archipelago]
Heraclesun: What is it nowun, Usoppun?!!
Usopp: *pant* // *pant* // I've gotta lose weight!! / Gotta build muscles!!
Heraclesun: Yes...!! That would indeed be a good idea...!!
Usopp: And I've gotta get strong!!
Heraclesun: Indeed...!! If you do not... / ...then you will never escape this islandun!!!
Usopp: And then I'll get even stronger!!
Heraclesun: A good idea alsoun!!
Usopp: And then I'll get even stronger than that!!!
Heraclesun: Oh... Oh my... As strong as all thatun...?!!! // What on Earth did you read in that newspaper... // ...to inspire this sudden burst of passionun?!!!

Usopp: *pant*... *pant*... *pant*... *pant*... / It was a message from our Captain...!!!
Heraclesun: ......?! A message......?
Usopp: *pant*... *pant*.........!! // *pant*......
Flashback!Luffy: Hurry up and get on. // You're one of us now, right?
Flashback!Usopp: He really won!!! // What do you think you're doing?!!! // Get up~~~~~!!! Luffy~~~~~!!!
Flashback!Luffy: This fight... is our... // ...VICTORY!!!!
Usopp: Somewhere... // Somewhere in my heart.........
Heraclesun: ?!

Usopp: Just by looking at Luffy... somehow I always felt... // ...that this was a guy who could really just end up becoming the Pirate King...!!
Flashback!Luffy: Just one more time, halfway around the world... / ...and we'll be seeing this wall again. And that's when... // ...I'll be the Pirate King!!!
Usopp: ...But I was wrong... / There are plenty of enemies out there that even he can't deal with...............!!! // Even Luffy can lose sometimes.........!!!
Heraclesun: .........
Usopp: ......He's pushing himself too hard......!! / He's screaming out.........!!! And that's why... // ...he needs my strength on his side!!! // *pant*... *pant*... Heraclesun.........!!! I want to become strong!!!
Heraclesun: .........

Usopp: Hey, Heraclesun-sensei!!! / I've been wondering about that weapon of yours for ages now...
Heraclesun: Eh?! ......S... Senseiun?!
Usopp: Yeah. You've lived for so long on this dangerous island, and you've got amazing skills... / There are so many things that I can learn from you!!
Heraclesun: Amazing skills?! I... I am your Sensei of Amazing Skillsun?!
Usopp: Yeah, that's who you are!!
Heraclesun: And my name is Heraclesun!!
Usopp: It sure is an awesome name!!
Heraclesun: Listen well, my student Usoppun! / In this forest grows a plant known as Pop Green. / This fearsome plant grows in great numbers here, and regularly undergoes sudden and highly aggressive growth spurts. / These are the seeds of that plant.
Usopp: ...Pop Green...?! // (You just wait, Luffy...!!!)
Heraclesun: Each type has its own effective usesun...
Usopp: I see... // (I'll make sure you become the Pirate King...)
Heraclesun: Run!!! This forest will make you strongun!!
Usopp: (...by becoming the true King of Snipers!!!)
[Insert text: Each of their individual dreams is on the move!!]

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So glad to see your translation. Been waiting for it. Great stuff. Thanks.
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