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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

One Piece 556

Justice Will Prevail!!

+ posted by Svg as translation on Sep 3, 2009 07:14 | Go to One Piece

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You may use my translation for scanlations, but please give me credit if you do so.


One Piece chapter 556:

Justice Will Prevail!!

Nami's Weather Report

Final volume: Weather science on Weatheria

2. - 3.

Opening line: Oars in despair!!

Moria: Kishishishi!! Behold!! This is how to kill /

In a smart fashion!!!

Boa: What huge men exist on this vast ocean.

Crew: Captain Oars!!

Damn those Shichibukai!!!

Oars: Hah... Hah...


Eye /

Kinda like dis!!

Ace: Oars!!!


SFX: Rustle Rustle Rustle

Moria: Ki~~~sshisshisshisshi!!!

Doflamingo: Fuffuffuffuffu...!!! I can't get enough of this!!!

Atmos: What's so funny, Doflamingo!!?

4. - 5.

WB: Oars...

Marine: Caught you off guard, Whitebeard...!!!

You shouldn't have mourned in the middle of a war!!!

SFX: Buzzz

Marine: Uhh

SFX: Zuzuzuzu...

Marines: Vice Admiral Ronse!!!

Even a giant's fodder for him!!


WB: Get past Oars and push forward!!!

Pirates: YEAAAAAH~~~!!!

SFX: Bark Bark Bark!!

Niiihaha... !!

Dude: Hey, hey, wait up guys!!

SFX: Cockadoodle!!

Snort Snort

Dude: Lots of earthquakes today...


Doflamingo: Fuffuffuffu!! What's so funny, you ask?!

Being in the core of this era cracks me up... Fuffuffu!!

We're standing on neutral ground, 13th Division Commander 'Water Buffalo' Atmos!!

SFX: Wiggle

Atmos: Damn it...!!

Get away from me, guys!!!


Stop this, Doflamingo!!

Pirates: GUWAA!!



Coby: Hah

Hah... Hah...


No way!! No way, no way, no way!! I'm so scared, I can't do anything!! All those strong people /

Get covered in blood and fall one after the other!!

Helmeppo: Wait, Coby!

Akainu: Back to your post!!!

Cobymeppo: Uhh!!!

SFX: Glare!!

Marine: Hah... Hah...

P... Please let me go...!!! I don't want to die!!

When I think of my family... My legs won't move...!!! Please...

Coby: A... Admiral Akainu!!! What's he doing here?

Akainu: If you really care for your family /

Don't let them live in disgrace...!!!


Marine: GYAAAA...!!!

Someone: Admiral Sakazuki!!

Preparations for the plan are complete.

Atmos: Don't come near me, guys!!

Pirates: Commander Atmos?!

Doflamingo: Pirates are evil!!?

The Marines are righteous!!?

These terms have always changed throughout the course of history... !!!

10. - 11.

Doflamingo: Kids who have never seen peace /

And kids who have never seen war /

Have different values!!!

Those who stand at the top determine what's wrong and what's right!!!

This very place is neutral ground!!!

Justice will prevail, you say!? But of course it will!!!

Whoever wins this war /

Becomes justice!!!

12. - 13.

Pirate: Don't let them close off the path Oars opened!!! To the bay!!!

Marine: An ice breaker?!

It's 'Ice Witch' Whitey Bay!!!

Bay: An iceberg like that is nothing to us!!

Marine: The bay has been breached in two places!!

Left: Oars; Right: Bay

Marine: We are being invaded, Fleet Admiral Sengoku!!

Sengoku: It matters not.

Denden: Otsuru-san, we're putting the plan in motion...

Pirates: We were washed...

And dried...

Tsuru: Perfect timing.

Send out the order to all forces!

WB: Gurarara

Ya have some kind of plan...!?

Strategist /

Sengoku the Buddha...!!!


Ace: Gramps...

Sengoku: Why are you here, Garp?

Do you have a problem with the plan?

SFX: Step Step...

Garp: No... He's a pirate...

I feel no pity for him...

Sengoku: Well, then...

Garp: Quiet! I'll just stay here.



Garp: I have no pity for villains...

Ace: Don't you hit Luffy again you old piece of shit!!

Garp: But family is different...!!!

What am I supposed to do...!!?



Why didn't you live like I told you to!!?

I'll make you two into fine Marines!!!

Ace: Gramps...!!!

Sengoku: If you do something foolish, I will not hold back on you, Garp.

Garp: Humph... If I could've, I would've!!!

Coby: D... D... Did you hear what the plan is, Helmeppo-san!?

Helmeppo: Yeah

Coby: They're going to ignore the schedule and execute Ace-san...!!!

But if that happens...!!!

Helmeppo: I kno... Huh?

Coby: Hm?

Helmeppo: Something's coming from the sky.

16. - 17.

Buggy: I'm telling you you overdid it!!

Croc: It's his wink's fault.

Ivankov: Don't blame me, Croc!!!

Luffy: Doesn't matter, we're all gonna die!! It's solid ice below us~~~!!!

Marines: What the hell is that...?! Somethings falling towards us!!

Ace: Huh?

Luffy: AAAAAAAAAA... Oh! I'm made of rubber, so I'll be fine!!!

Mr. 3: Do you want to be the only survivor?! No?! Then DO SOMETHING!!!

Ivankov: I do not vish to die like zis!!! Somebody stop us~~~~!!!

Buggy: We should never have listened to you, Straw Hat!! Dammit!!!

End line: They're joining the war!!

The End

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#1. by zidane ()
Posted on Sep 3, 2009
thanks a lot buddy
#2. by rukori ()
Posted on Sep 3, 2009
Thanks!! seems like a great chapter!
#3. by dens-09 ()
Posted on Sep 3, 2009
thanks ^^
#4. by v3g374 ()
Posted on Sep 3, 2009
Aaaww what a great chapter. Thanks svg.
#5. by zidane ()
Posted on Sep 3, 2009
No mistakes btw, other then:
Mr. 3: Do you want to be the only surviver?! No?! Then DO SOMETHING!!!
It's "survivor", and I noticed that only after releasing... big enough to release a v2? If you told me to, I would. But I got the feeling that most leechers couldn't tell the mistake to begin with. :P
#6. by Svg ()
Posted on Sep 3, 2009
Yeah, not only that, but I missed the y at the end of the newly introduced female pirate. She's Whitey Bay, not White.

If I ever translate a chapter without making any mistakes, I'm gonna order a cake to celebrate the occasion. Seriously.

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