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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

One Piece 556

Justice Will Prevail!!

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Sep 3, 2009 11:14 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 556: Justice Will Prevail!!
Nami's Weather Report
Conclusion: "The Weather Science of Weatheria"

[Insert text: Oars in sorrow!!]
Moria: Kishishishi!!! Observe carefully! // That's how you kill him properly!!!
Hancock: There certainly are large men in this wide ocean…
Pirates: Captain Oars!! // Dammitall!!! Those damned Shichibukai...!!!
Oars: *pant*... *pant*...
Ace: ............!!
Oars: Ace-gun...
Flashback!Oars: Dis hat... // ...I really like it~~~!!
Ace: OARS!!! // OAAAAAARS!!!
Doflamingo: Fuffuffuffuffu...!!! Oh, this is great, fuffuffu!!!
Pirates: What's so funny, Doflamingo?!!!

Whitebeard: Oars...
Lonz: You're wide open there, Whitebeard......!!!
Whitebeard: .........
Lonz: You don't have time to grieve over him!!! // !! // !! // Ungh... // !!!
Marines: Vice-Admiral Lonz!!! // He took out a giant like it was nothing!!

Whitebeard: Charge in over Oars' body!!!
Pirates: HAAAAHHHHH~~~~~~~!!!
Farmer: Hey - hey, wait up, you guys!! // There sure are a lot of earthquakes today......

Doflamingo: Fuffuffuffu!! What's so funny, you ask?! / Why, this feeling of standing right at the turning point of an age!! Fuffuffu!!
Pirates: ?!!
Doflamingo: Right now, this place is truly "neutral"!! Thirteenth Division Captain Water-Buffalo Atmos!!
Atmos: ...............!! // Oh, no.........!!
Marines: ?!
Atmos: Get away from me, you guys!!! // Aghh!!! / Stop this, Doflamingo!!!
Pirates: Guahhh!!! // Aghhh!!

Coby: *pant* / *pant*... *pant*... // (Aaahhh~!! // No!! No, no, no!! This is too terrifying... I can't do a thing!! All these outrageously strong people... // ...are collapsing all around me in pools of blood!!
Helmeppo: Wait for me, Coby~!
Akainu: Return to the battlefield!!!
Coby/Helmeppo: Ahh!!!
Marine: *pant*... *pant*... // ...P... Please, don't stop me...!!! I'm too scared to die! / When I think of my family... my legs just won't move properly......!!! Please...!
Coby: (A...... Admiral Akainu!!! What is he doing here...?!)
Akainu: If it is truly your family for whom you fear... / ...then do not disgrace them......!!!
Marines: ?!!!

Marine: Aaaaaghhhhhh......!!!
Helmeppo: !!!
Coby: ..................!!
Marines: Admiral Sakazuki!! // The necessary preparations have been made.
Atmos: Get away from me!! All of you!!
Pirates: Captain Atmos?!!
Doflamingo: Pirates are evil?!! / The Marines are Justice?!! // These labels have been passed around Heaven knows how many times...!!!

Doflamingo: Kids who have never known peace... // ...and kids who have never known war... / Their values are too different!!! // Whoever stands at the top can define right and wrong as they see fit!!! / Right now, we stand in neutral territory!!! // "Justice will prevail"?! Well, sure it will! // Whoever prevails... // ...is Justice!!!!

Pirates: Don't let them cut off the route Oars opened!!! Forge into the bay!!!
Marines: !! // !!! / An ice-breaker?!! // It's the Ice Witch, Whitey Bey!!!
Bey: This ice is nothing to me!
Marines: The bay has been penetrated in two separate spots!!
[LeftLabel: Oars]
[RightLabel: Bey]
Marines: They're pushing us back hard, Fleet Admiral Sengoku!
Sengoku: ......... // No matter. // Tsuru-san, it is time to begin the operation...
Pirates: We've been washed...
Tsuru: Excellent timing.
Piraties: And hung out to dry...
Tsuru: Notify all ships and all men!
Whitebeard: ............ // Gurarara... // You've got something up your sleeves, eh............?! // Great General... // "Sengoku the Buddha".........!!!

Ace: Gramps...
Sengoku: What are you doing here, Garp? / You have a complaint about my strategy?
Garp: ......No... those are pirates we're up against... / I have no pity for them...
Sengoku: Well, then......
Garp: Oh, be quiet! I can at least... stay here, can't I?!
Flashback!BabyAce?: Waahh! // Waahh!
Sengoku: I have no pity for these knaves...
Flashback!Ace: Don't you dare hit Luffy, old geezer!!
Garp: ...but I can't say the same for their families...!!!
Ace: !
Garp: What do you expect me to do.........?!!! / ...............!!!

Garp: Damn you, Ace......!!! / Why did you not live as I wanted you to?!!!
Flashback!Garp: Listen up. The two of you are going to be fine Marine soldiers!!!
Ace: Gramps......!!!
Sengoku: ......If you try anything at this point, I will show no mercy, even for you, Garp.
Garp: ...Hmph. If I meant to try anything, I would have done it long ago!!!
Coby: (D... Did you... hear that?! Helmeppo-san, that strategy...!!)
Helmeppo: (Yeah...)
Coby: Executing Ace without regard for the scheduled time...!!! / .........!! If they do a thing like that.........!!!
Helmeppo: I know, but...... Hm?
Coby: Huh?
Helmeppo: Something's falling... up there...

People: I told you you were going over the top!! // It's this idiot's wink that did it! // Vhat?! You mean to blame this on me, Croco?!!! // Who cares whose fault it was?!! We're dead meat!! It's all solid ice down there~~~~~!!!
Marines: ?! // What in the world is that...? Something's falling from the sky!!
Ace: ............ // Eh...?
Luffy: Aaaaaghhhhhhhhhh... oh! I'm rubber, so I'll be fine!!!
Mr3: That's nice for you, but what about the rest of us?!!! Do something, quickly~~!!!
Ivankov: I do not vish to die in this vay~!!! Somebody stop u~~~~~~~~~~~~s!!!!
Buggy: I should never have listened to an idea you came up with, Straw Hat!! Dammitall~!!!
[TN: They're here!!]

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#1. by zidane ()
Posted on Sep 3, 2009
Thanks a lot cnet, great like always. Only things I noticed during proofreading is that on 2-3 you missed a "Oars~~~~!!!" and on 12-13 the small text that says "Oars" and "Bey".
#2. by cnet128 ()
Posted on Sep 3, 2009
Fixed. (And a few other stupid mistakes... how the heck did I manage to misspell Iva's "vish" as "visa" twice?!)
#3. by zidane ()
Posted on Sep 3, 2009
Agh, and there I thought it was on purpose since it was there twice! I went like: oh wow, visa? *fixing*. Then saw it's there again, went back and fixed the fix back into the mistake ._.
This certainly deserves a ninja-v2. /me sneaks away to reupload.

Edit: Yeah, I know that my common sense is horrible these days, shush. And it's fixed. Hope you didn't fix anything else that's important. Else please make sure to mention it somehow...
#4. by cnet128 ()
Posted on Sep 4, 2009
Ah, there we go. Looks like that was OS X 10.6's new "Correct Spelling Automatically" feature correcting where it wasn't needed. I've turned it off now =p
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